Miller v Woodman v Cobalt\Ceres on PTR - It's On!

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  1. Unclematos7

    I have an alt on Woodman(Vanu). Am I eligible to participate in this event?
  2. ScottishRoss

    On the Miller side, myself and PsychoZander of VCBC have volunteered ourselves as pub platoon leader, but we don't think it's quite needed due to the amount of small squads provided by large outfits. But that is something that will happen on the day if anything.

    But as people have mentioned, if individuals want to get involved please join the least populated factions. We want this as equal as possible. Also, only join if you can follow orders.
  3. Cougarbrit

    COBT had invite privileges for everyone so I see no reason CELT would be different, I haven't checked since the change though.
  4. Bvenged

    I think OP should be edited to make this clear to new eyes: If you're not from one of the battling EU servers but want to participate in this event, join the PTS Vanu (Cobalt/Ceres) [CELT] as they're going to be shortest on numbers; they're recruiting with open arms.

    In other news, WASP is also recruiting for NC on Miller - we're awesome and you should totally join us because we have wasps... as our logos...

    ...and we're aWASPsome! Yeah... Wooo... I said it. I'll go now and never return.

    Now, does that qualify this thread to go back to the outfit recruitment sub-forums? :p
  5. PoisonedAl

    That's easy. If you play on Woodman you're in.

    EDIT: As mentioned before, every member of [WOOD] can invite. Just ask any member.
  6. IamDH

  7. PoisonedAl

    BTW if you want to join [WOOD] you will need:
    • The PTS client (dur)
    • A new TR character (you will get 100,000 certs to play with instead of the old 10k)
    • Teamspeak 3 (as the in game VOIP sucks knobs)
    TS server address is in the [WOOD] message of the day and again, and member of [WOOD] can invite you to the outfit.

    Can non-Miller/Woodman players join in? Not Outfits mind you, just players.
  9. Cougarbrit

    Ceres/Cobalt will be playing VS, it's recommended Americans who want to join either (preferably) join up with us on VS, or join Woodman on TR. Miller, as one of the biggest servers overall, has enough people already.

    Basically, join whoever has the lowest pop (currently VS I think).
  10. JudgeDeath

    How about just getting us a Server specific subforums like "Cobalt" , "Miller" etc etc ... It is somewhat odd that those dont exist yet.
  11. ValorousBob

    Are you really implying the quality of Miller posts would improve if we moved to the official forums?
  12. BaptistsK90

    Ulysees is a she, her real name is Amanda
  13. LordMondando

    No, the readership might.
  14. YamiNoTenshi

    That explains all the anger when I forgot to put the seat down in the Vanguard...
  15. Ulysees

    Thanks Luperza I think for now the only change I need is to update the time so can you change it from TBC to 17:00 UTC (18:00 BST 19:00 CEST) please as I will do a final confirmation of all details in PM to all outfits and put a post up on the miller reddit.
  16. Ulysees

  17. Itzhaki

    Hello everyone. We, the event organizers, feel that the current state of the new ESF weapons are a bit too powerful. Lacking resource, it would be hard to counter them with AA MAXs and skyguards. Although it is a test server, I request all of you to focus on testing Hossin and not the new weapons during the entire duration of the event.
    **Please do not use any new ESF weapons on the EU Hossin event**
    Please pass this info to all your outfitmembers.

    Reminder: Hossin event Sunday the 11th, 17:00 UTC PTS Event&iso=20130811T17&p1=1440&ah=4

    Official posts: PS2 forums
    Miller ? (could not find anything official on reddit ulysees)
    Planetside reddit:
  18. Ulysees

    Final update post coming for Miller on Thursday as i have some other things to get done. I did make an info post as per my OP here but for some reason while the thread exists it is not visible hence me making a new one tomorrow.

    EDIT* I must be breaking some kinda reddit rule cos the post has been removed which is odd given that it is the same as other peoples posts.
  19. ValorousBob

    About the new ESF weapons, that sounds good to me. After discussing the new weapons with some other Miller pilots I'm pretty sure the rest of Miller will be fine with this as well.
  20. Canaris

    Woodman vs Miller, my prediction: TIMBER!!! :D