Dec 3, 2012
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    Player of the Month May 2013 (yes, srsly )

    SOE Community Council member 2013/14

    Banging that drum again, what PS2 needs ASAP.

    Old rants on Lattice and the necessity of Logistics:

    Metagame, in my PS2?!? Its more plausible and simple than you think!
    Lattice, wot I think.


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    • Miller (EU)
    Lerd Munbongo

    As i've been asked to for bug reports and such.
    Fx 8350 @ 4.1
    Asus M5A78L-M LX V2
    EVGA 650 GTX SC @ 1.2
    8 GIG DDR3 1333

    My wishlist of features in game and in the community as a whole.

    - Outfit tag in /leader and /order messages.
    - More per message in /leader and /order its too short atm.
    - Better communication over the forums.
    - Better engagement with European community, we don't run of PST sillies.
    - Free server transfers, much as you want. Log into a server with your character. Totally doable, don't pretend otherwise SoE. Monetizing an issue with population imbalance is a bad idea.

    More abstract game development stuff:
    -'Meta game' is a game about the game. Not some magical existential payoff to playing.
    -That being said, more lateral stategy is a good thing. Areas for explortion here, would be some sort of supply line concept a la Gw2's caravans in WvWvW and indeed PS1's ant's system (indeed one thing from PS1 that might be salvagable). To wit, territory should next resources in a strategic sense, then the meta-game becomes about protecting a logistical distribution network. Maybe give people xp for just driving trucks full of nanites around, or protecting nanite pipelines. Nannites after all being the fundamental of this space war effort.

    Generally speaking - game needs to preserve as much capacity for lateral strategy as possible.

    Some sort of capacity for artillery, thats not easy to just spam, would also be good for 'crown like' situations, where enemy puts itself in a unassailable position.

    Meta game, in my PS2?!?! Its more likely than you think.