Miller v Woodman v Cobalt\Ceres on PTR - It's On!

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  1. Ulysees


    So Woodman want to come and play with the big boys and have asked for us to put aside our faction loyalty and unite as a server to take on a foe from another EU server. For one night only we will invade the test server and try out the new continent as allies rather than enemies and crush the hated foe from that inferior backwater that is Woodman and prove once and for all which server has the best players because there can be only 1!!

    Or maybe not, either way this sounds like a cool idea and as a one off I'd love to see some Miller enthusaism for regular foes to become friends for the duration of an event and wage war on Hossin.

    No date is set and no faction has been specified yet so at the moment this seems to be an interest guage to see if people are willing to take part, the event is being discussed here but I suggest we sort out the enthusiasm in our own reddit forum first and if we know we are going to represent we sort out the actual details like date and faction.

    Command chat may never be the same again and I promise not to TK too many of my new allies on the field of combat!

    Info Post:
    Continent: Hossin on PTS (Download the PTS client here
    Date: 11-8-2013
    Time: Event starts at 17:00 UTC (18:00 BST. 19:00 CEST)
    Faction: NC

    Force Size: Each Outfit will be limited to providing 2 squads maximum for the event to try and ensure all outfits can take part, where an outfit has said it will bring 1-2 squads I have assumed 1 squad

    Comms: Will be hosted on NCTO TS all outfit reps who have confirmed their outfit attendance will be receiving a PM via the SOE website with details how to connect

    Naming Convention: Please use your in game live server name but add your outfit tag in capitals to the end of your name, so for example I will be UlyseesWASP

    Test Server Outfit Name: MIller Server MILR Most Outfit reps have been invited into the outfit (those that have not will be sorted on the night during the 1 hour setup time) and will sort out invites to their own outfit members as well as squad invites, so if you are not in the outfit already do not worry just speak to your outfit rep on the night and they will get you sorted out.

    All participants are being asked to refrain from using the new ESF weapons. We feel they would hurt the current event.

    If current estimates of attendance are correct then even assuming a 2 squad maximum if all attend who say they will we get 16 platoons in attendance which simply will not fit. We will get some leeway due to the start time meaning some players won't be there from the start but I ask all outfits to try and get on the PTR 1 hour before the event starts and start getting your guys platooned up to get as many outfitted squads up as possible.

    Outfit Reps will receive a PM on the SOE forums with confirmation of TS details for NCTO TS for their outfit reps and a google doc with the baseline battleplan and outfit assignments.

    During the 1 hour preparation time I will be setting an NC starting territory, it is ok to cap this territory if we do not already own it but no territories outside the starting ones specified in the outfit PM's should be attacked. I know 1 hour of standing in a WG is boring so players are free to go out into the map and find skirmshes just do not attack any bases other than the ones I deem our "starting" bases please.


    Air Platoon will be hosted on the ABTF TS their details are below:
    TeamSpeak 3
    No password

    Miller Outfits Expected to Attend

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  2. Mordus

    Sounds like a cool idea!

    Everyone knows TR is the pride of Miller so we should definitly play as TR against the Woodmen. ;)
  3. Ulysees

    TBH it would be nice to play EZ mode for a change :cool: but I don't care what faction as long as I get a fight
  4. Ulysees

  5. Mordus

    Why would you want to play as VS? :D
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  6. Ulysees

  7. YamiNoTenshi

    FUN! I'm in as long as I don't have to play the spandex worshipping fish heads!
  8. MajorZbug

    Sounds like a fun challenge. Count us in, any faction (would actually like to play something else than TR. We play VS on woodman).
  9. Ulysees

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  10. RedCat

    Very exciting!

    This needs to happen and this needs to be done properly. How about getting another EU server involved and making this the most epic battle ever recorded in PlanetSide? 600vs600vs600 - we can even get Jimmy Wizzlehunt to host.
  11. Ulysees

    There is talk of asking Ceres to take part and I believe the organiser from Woodman is making the proposal to them and yes if this comes off it will be the most EPIC event in planetside 2 history to date in my opinion.
  12. MajorZbug

  13. Emitz Devil

    Might be easier to ask an SoE Mod to pin this thread but try and allow access to update the attending list?
  14. SirIBON

    Me personal want to join the event.
    I dont know how my Outfitstaff thinks about this atm.

    Let the Woodman first chose their Fraction. Then we take one of the two left.
    I think they will chose Vanu, because they have a very good Outfit, Iron Pulse with many skillfull players.
    I have an Alt, NC on Woodman, and Iron Pulse does the most problems to me :)
    They play very tactical and this is not typical on Woodman.

    Please take this not as an affront, it is only my perception on Woodman.
    However Iron Pulse you can feel flattered and cajoled
    (and maybe stop shooting on my little NC alt in the Air).

    Hehe I see, that IP starts this, there will be good and hard fights. that will be nice.
  15. Ulysees

    Think I'd rather stay under the radar. I know most of the major outfit reps visit the board regular and we already have 5 outfits of my 10 target to make this viable our side.

    One thing could a TRAM and VNA or whatever the Vanu alliance is post a link it up on your boards as I know some of the major outfits are not too bothered about the official recruitment boards and the more the merrier I guess.
  16. Ulysees

    For Players outside of outfits make sure you keep an eye on the miller subreddit as I will post the deails in it's own thread once we have them all worked out and I daresay outfits will probably be able to spare at least 1 squad in their platoons to accomodate outfitless players that want to take part.
  17. Mordus

    I can confirm that The Freelancers Union will participate in the Hossin challenge. Preferrably as TR or NC.
  18. freeze

    guess I'm game :)

    I'll ask my outfit too, but if not many want to attend I'm sure someone will give me a temporary home, right? :D
  19. Arch

    MoX will be taking part, and as I see our sisters over in SoV will be too, I think we can throw a platoon together for this, what say you RedCat?
  20. BaptistsK90

    suggest you change this post to a MILLER OUTFIT recruiting thread, to keep it alive.