Miller v Woodman v Cobalt\Ceres on PTR - It's On!

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  1. Qaz

    I believe that number needs to be corrected down. There's no way in hell e.g. RPS (my outfit) will bring 4-5 squads, it'll be more like two. On average, i wouldn't assume more than 1-2 squads per attending outfit. We had 230 people online for the test event, with 350 or so on the outfit. Maybe we hit 400 for the live event, but i'd doubt that, really.
  2. Ulysees

    Can only go off what people say they are expecting Qazz but between 40 outfits I fully expect us to be able to field close to server capacity if we just go FFA on who can attend. NCTO alone usually fields 8 Platoons for events across 12 or so outfits.
  3. YamiNoTenshi

    If things get too imbalanced with the pops we can always do Miller vs the other servers :p
  4. Justicia

    Yeah DIG/DIGT is promising a platoon, but much like RPS it might turn out we'll have fewer people than that. I'm constantly badgering my outfit mates though :).
  5. MajorZbug

    Problem is last time we had 60% pop, so we could mathematically take on everyone at once. If we get as low as 45%, we're golden, no one can win and it'll be a good fight. Unless COBT and WOOD insist on fighting each other which would be a huge mistake.
  6. RedCat

    Is anyone else contacting SOE/Pro7? I heard someone say that in the meeting. I've contacted Luperza and Tim from Pro7 and it looks like Pro7 is willing to do something, al though unclear what at the moment.

    The other servers really need to step it up.


  7. Luperza Community Manager

    Moved this to the General Gameplay Discussion forum. Outfit Recruitment section is for outfit recruiting.

    I will definitely be taking part in this event and helping get some really awesome shots with the dev cam. ;)
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  8. Oreo202

    Can we have a server specific section then? Please :)
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  9. Nariquo

    for woodman.
    just let kotv and ip on the pts. these vanu outfit shell fight for woodman.
    because hopefully then they will see what happens if they fight against an even pop or and higher pop and then they will see that the sentence: well you have to better organise. is just ********
  10. Ganelon

    Shut up. It's a fun event with many outfits willing to participate. I see no use in screwing IP and KotV over.
  11. Nariquo

    and i see it so what do you want to do against it ha?
  12. Luperza Community Manager

    Sorry. There's not enough demand for server specific event forums. While it may seem like there is, more forums dilutes feedback and requires more moderation.

    You're welcome to post events in the Gameplay Discussion or Off Topic forums though! :)
  13. LordMondando

    As per the Miller meeting and my SOECC post, is there any chance of anyone outside of SOE or PSS1 getting access to the dev cam for this event.

    I disagree, Miller has about 3 attempts at other forums right now. The subreddit for example is useful,

    however its readership is simply not as good as it could be and this has really shown in this even. Furthermore, woodman and cobalt have been having a nightmare getting the word out. If we'd had more central resources that would been far easier.

    Using GD and OT is a nice idea, but in reality in tends to be dominate (and indeed stuff pushed off the front page in favour of) threads whining about this that or the other, or there are prehaps a few threads about Miller or Matherson about now and again, but i've seen loads of threads about EU server matters, posted at a time appropriate for PS2 playing (that is late evening EU) then get pushed off the front page (and loosing any chance at exposure) by several threads about the latest whine-du-jour by american players when everyone here goes to bed.

    How about a EU, west coast, east coast, Australia, sub forum? threads keep getting closed in the miller recruitment forum because we've been trying to use it for this purpose.
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  14. Ulysees

    I will be sending all outfit reps a final update post with the link to outfit assignments and explaining comms procedure as requested at the meeting on Thursday. If outfits have any particular preferences with who they would like to be paired up with when forming the platoons please PM me ASAP as the german outfits have asked to be paired up across factions and I will do my best to do so.
  15. LordMondando

    Just did, sorry I know I said i'd do this in the meeting. Have a lot on atm. I apologize. 5 more weeks of B.S then i'll be back to my hyperactive self, in /yell and the PS2 wider community, don't you worry.
  16. LordMondando

    Has the time changed to 5 UTC some confusion over this.
  17. Ganelon

    EU would be a nightmare to do, because of the split between SOE's EU customers and ProSieben's.
  18. LordMondando

    Like it or not, PS2's main forum has the largest amount of traffic for EU players as well, and thus the most visability, were there a single centralised source of Miller to communicate on, this would have been a lot easier, as well as a single source for the EU to communicate on.

    So I think an PS2 general EU resource, we could get to the same level of popularity as General dicussion is here, would be a good thing for the EU community (its strange, sometimes I think ,we are not accomidated more, we are the large majority, hey ho).

    I'm looking into this.

    this certaintly has potential, as well as the miller reddit

    Though the envisioned future of these events to my mind, would move to include US east coast servers soon. So sectioning us off into SOE and PSS1 communities does not serve that purpose.
  19. Ulysees

    Yes just had final confirmation that the time is 17:00 UTC (18:00 BST 19:00 CEST) will be updating the OP and confirming it in my final info post to all outfit reps.
  20. Ulysees

    oh cool now the post has been moved I cannot edit the opening post - thanks for that :mad: