Miller v Woodman v Cobalt\Ceres on PTR - It's On!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ulysees, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. IamDH

    Woodman has got this by far
  2. Notiz

    but it was also in your official FNO that there are events organized and advertized through the outfit recruiting sub-forums. why not make a EVENTS subforum? for all or like been said here for US, EU, Australian so the events are more public and one can find them on the official forum rather than on reddit and at least categorized in regions so that on the front-page there is enough place for the events.
  3. PoisonedAl

    Hey SOE? Any chance of those ridiculous ESF weapons being removed for the event?
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  4. Brohak

    Yes ! You are a wise man. The event would be much better without those weapons. Or at least with a bit of balancing for them.
  5. Ulysees

    Event Organisers have been asked to let their respective servers know that we DO NOT want air players using the new ESF weapons due to their current OP status so we are asking for a gentlemens agreement that players who pul ESF's do not use the new ESF weaponry for the duration of the event.

    I will be sending this around to all my Miller outfit reps in my final info message on Thursday but just a heads up that those concerns have been noted.
  6. irewolf

    Ye, that's why you got donkey punched on Sunday :rolleyes:
  7. PoisonedAl

    Actually until you dumped numbers on us we were winning.
  8. Klyka

    I see that you seem to have a severe case of the "butthurts". As a doctor, I'd advise you to "stop being mad" for the next 2-3 days. If the butthurts persist, call me.
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  9. EvilJollyT

    MCY have noted this and will not be using new ESF weapons.
  10. PoisonedAl

    Yeah that's all well and good but my worry is that we're going to get randoms one-clipping gals with the bloody Locusts.
  11. Luperza Community Manager

    Yeah, sorry Ulysees. (I know you can't edit it now. I can make updates for you for the time being if necessary.)

    I put in a request for an Events forum and it seems my superiors are allowing it, so you may be seeing that in a few days. ;)
  12. Itzhaki

    Yes please. Event starts at 17:00 UTC.

    Also, all participants are being asked to refraing from using the new ESF weapons. We feel they would hurt the current event.
  13. Cougarbrit

    Don't suppose you could edit the title to include Cobalt/Ceres as well?
  14. Luperza Community Manager

    How would you like that worded because currently it says "Woodman V Miller"?

    Also, I'll wait until Ulysees approves since it's his/her thread. ;)
  15. Messaiga

    I come from Waterson as NC, I wish to get in on this event and join up with one of your platoons, is this permitted (I am just a single person, not a large group)?
  16. PoisonedAl

    Humm, I dunno. I mean we can't stop you joining in but it's up to the leaders if you can join the server outfits. (Note: I might be the owner of [WOOD] but I'm more the mascot then a leader)
  17. Bvenged

    I'm actually curious if the outfits are going to run a couple of open squads between then to soak up all the stray players who want in.

    EDIT: HellJump3r, below, speaks the truth. It would only be fair anyway.
  18. Helljump3r

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  19. Cougarbrit

    Woodman v Miller v Cobalt/Ceres (or Cobalt & Ceres, whatever looks better) should work fine.

    All the EU servers are participating and seeing as this is now on the main forums it might grab more publicity from Cobalt and Ceres players, publicity which we could do with on Cobalt/Ceres >_>

    If it's alright with Ulysees then slotting in the Cobalt reddit thread with details for the Cobalt/Ceres players would help out the guys who check out the thread once the title is changed:

    Many thanks to both of you if this is alright.
  20. Ganelon

    Honestly, single players are permitted to join up.

    Just contact any of the outfits (probably WOOD or CELT, as Miller really doesn't need more players) and they'll toss you an invite and give you the voip info.
    I know for a fact that WOOD gave everyone the ability to invite, so it shouldn't be hard. I have no insight on CELT, however.