Miller v Woodman v Cobalt\Ceres on PTR - It's On!

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  1. LordMondando

    An argument for a centralized server community board and offical. I would argue.
  2. Ganelon

    Indeed. So far we only have subreddit's to go on, which is 80% of Cobalt's and Ceres' issues because their subreddits are empty.

    Woodman's subreddit caught some steam though and is now more active than Miller's (I think the server crash proves that Woodman's turnout was the least of our worries).
  3. LordMondando

    If the major argument against it is moderation (which has been posed in the past). I'll do it for miller, have experience of moderating forums. Anyone want to take woodmans?
  4. Arquin

    I was looking forward to this event for over a week :(

    I hope next time we have the entire Hossin to play with. There's this really badass base called Ascension point. I will crown myself as the king of that base and sit there and command lowly Millerites to shoot things.
  5. Ganelon

    There will be a next time, just much later for organisation's sake. The organisers are burnt-out as the event seems to have been blown out of proportions (ProSieben advertising the event, SOE staff announcing to stream).

    It's great and all, but organising this with 2 guys from each server.... yeah...
  6. Ulysees

    Firstly thank you to everyone who turned out for an event so Epic the damn test server saht itself and died.

    Secondly this will happen and it will work, Luperza was in Miller leader comms and she talked to those of us that hung around after everything was called so we now know from the community stand point how we should go about getting SOE involved and if we had have done so then I am pretty sure we could have gotten some good advice about how to make the event work, such as don't go viral.

    Miller was due to have 720 people show up for this event and only 300 managed to get into the MILR outfit for the event start with multiple outfits reporting that there were unable to get their people logged in so as much as this was billed as a battle of the EU servers since it was a public server we all got a lot of public support and that was just too much.

    Next time Mondo say hey guys lets invade Woodman as lvl1 NC it will be fun I'll get Emitz to shoot him for you all (though I may be a bit of a masochist but I was enjoying the challenge).

    Itzhaki wants a few days to recover from his efforts then I will get in touch with Miller outfits again to see about organising the rematch. Luperza has given us a way to make this work if we can get the community to respond to what is needed to make it happen so I hope to have more info for the Miller participants later this week.
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  7. LordMondando

  8. Ganelon

    I'd suggest a meeting between event coordinators and SOE on a TeamSpeak server (don't give a damn on which one, as long as we get that meeting).

    Usually works way better than just typing to eachother.
  9. Chyper

    Well, I bought a Decimator like 5 seconds before the PTS server crashed :confused: Dat thing so powerfull, it cause servers to collapse!
  10. Ulysees

    Yep am fine with that.
  11. Bvenged


    That's fantastic, I'm never gonna live this down. My awesome outfit leader has a theme tune! XD
  12. Redshift

    ulysses 31 was awesome, I used to watch that before school, that and Jayce and the wheeled warriors
  13. freeze

    go for it please :)

    I was surprised to see maggy in our teamspeak to begin with.
    make it happen... the amount of organization that we witnessed speaks for you guys :)
  14. Hazzaslagga

  15. Bvenged

    I got some footage of our endeavours over at the Woodman server, but I didn't want the Hossin footage to go to waste. It just shows how organised the Planetside 2 community, especially the EU servers, can really be.

    Here's all the footage I could scrape together of our time on Hossin: :p