Miller v Woodman v Cobalt\Ceres on PTR - It's On!

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  1. RF404

    I can't help but feel that 17:00 UTC is waaay too early.

    I don't know about the rest of the outfits, but I know a bunch of our squad/platoon leads are people with families and may find it difficult to leave family chores aside to get online that early... which essentially means the 252V may not be able to have a functional command structure for the event.
  2. PoisonedAl

    Yeah I think it's too early BUT that's because I'm in the UK. You do have the rest of Europe and Russia to think about on the EU servers. Also you have to remember that this will probably go on all night.
  3. Sparrow

    I think that 5 days is enough time to plan your week it a way to have 2-3 hours free on Sunday afternoon. I also think that every other outfit out there has leaders/members with families. Some of them live in different time zones and its very difficult to set a date and time that will be suitable for absolutely everyone.

    PS. Main goal of this event is to test out Hossin. Lets have some fun and don't let people with over competitive nature ruin it.
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  4. Ulysees

    With regards to the time I agree that 7pm start time for whatever timezone you are in would be pretty much ideal, however as this is a Europe wide event we cannot set that for everyone so a compromise has to be agreed and 17:00 UTC. 18:00 BST 19:00 CEST is a fair compromise in my opinion.

    This is a one off event so cash in those brownie points, re-arrange commitments where you can and get yourselves ready for a wild ride because this event is going to be epic so rejuggling time commitments is something some of us are going to have to do to be here from the start.
  5. reubenator97

    I know that it's kind of a gentleman's agreement not to use those weapons, but you are still going to get the kind of people show up and use those new ESF weapons just because you don't want it unfortunately, maybe even outfits that want to cause caos, what could be done about that?
  6. YamiNoTenshi

    They will most likely get zerged and destroyed before they can cause too much damage.
  7. VSMars

    Just kill them, no matter if they're on your side or the enemy's. They'll run out of resources soon enough.
  8. Chyper

    17:00 UTC = 19:00 CEST isn't that early tbh, but maybe that's just me. What the arrangers also have to consider is that those same players with/without families have work the day after (one reason why I feel Sunday is a bad day to hold any kind of event, really). Any later and you won't get the "required" length for a good PS2 session/event, which, for me at least, normally is 2h+. As an example, last time FU had an event, we spent almost an hour filming for Hadoukens post-op video, and then spent 1h-1h30min fighting, leaving a few of us with the feeling of the op ending before it even got started.

    And as Sparrow mentioned in the post above, 5 days notice should give them enough time to plan 2-3 hours of freetime on a Sunday.
  9. Ulysees

    Housten we have a problem! Since everyone has now replied and updated the Miller attendance document I am working on my agreed battleplan and organisation document and if I limit outfits to 2 squads maximum for their attendance and take everyones minimum attendance as the figure we are working off it comes to 55 squads total or 708 players + an air platoon = 756/15 platoons

    Now I know that for some outfits what they have said will be their attendance figure they won't hit and there will be others who will not make the start time due to it being set at 17:00 UTC so there is some leeway in the numbers but even so this is going to be a tight fight so I am going to ask that all outfits are committed to bringing their lowest expected numbers and no outfit tries to bring more than 2 squads initially then once the platoons are assembled we can see what else we can fit in on the night.
  10. RF404

    Maybe we could try to agree on a secondary continent, where any "left-over" players from the different servers can be skirmishing while they wait are waiting to be able to join on Hossin?
  11. Ulysees

    Sounds like a good plan will take it to the other event organisers.
  12. Ulysees

    Continent: Hossin on PTS (Download the PTS client here
    Date: 11-8-2013
    Time: Event starts at 17:00 UTC (18:00 BST. 19:00 CEST)
    Faction: NC

    Force Size: Each Outfit will be limited to providing 2 squads maximum for the event to try and ensure all outfits can take part, where an outfit has said it will bring 1-2 squads I have assumed 1 squad

    Comms: Will be hosted on NCTO TS all outfit reps who have confirmed their outfit attendance will be receiving a PM via the SOE website with details how to connect

    Naming Convention: Please use your in game live server name but add your outfit tag in capitals to the end of your name, so for example I will be UlyseesWASP

    Test Server Outfit Name: MIller Server MILR Most Outfit reps have been invited into the outfit (those that have not will be sorted on the night during the 1 hour setup time) and will sort out invites to their own outfit members as well as squad invites, so if you are not in the outfit already do not worry just speak to your outfit rep on the night and they will get you sorted out.

    All participants are being asked to refrain from using the new ESF weapons. We feel they would hurt the current event.

    If current estimates of attendance are correct then even assuming a 2 squad maximum if all attend who say they will we get 16 platoons in attendance which simply will not fit. We will get some leeway due to the start time meaning some players won't be there from the start but I ask all outfits to try and get on the PTR 1 hour before the event starts and start getting your guys platooned up to get as many outfitted squads up as possible.

    Outfit Reps will receive a PM on the SOE forums with confirmation of TS details for NCTO TS for their outfit reps and a google doc with the baseline battleplan and outfit assignments.

    During the 1 hour preparation time I will be setting an NC starting territory, it is ok to cap this territory if we do not already own it but no territories outside the starting ones specified in the outfit PM's should be attacked. I know 1 hour of standing in a WG is boring so players are free to go out into the map and find skirmshes just do not attack any bases other than the ones I deem our "starting" bases please.
  13. irewolf

    "Wahh, mummy they brought more friends to the fight and I have no friends!!!"

    Also, I don't remember you 'winning' at any stage. Look, don't blame us just because we can organize for people to turn up. I hope you bring more next time.

    (Btw this trash talking is meant in the best possible taste just for a bit of fun. Please don't take real offense to it. Look forward to the fight:D )
  14. Bvenged

    For those who can't get on Hossin:

    How about a tertiary objective to hold The Ascent on Amerish by the events end?

    What if the developers could kickstart an alert on the 3 core continents for those who cant' fit on Hossin to fight over as a tertiary objective?
  15. Ulysees

    TBH about a secondary continent to fight on that only works if Woodman and Cobalt/Ceres get more players than can fit on their faction allowance as well so Miller players might end up with no-one to fight even on the official backup continent but not a lot we can do about that I think. Have asked for opinions from the other event organisers.
  16. Chyper

    We did say at some point that some Miller outfits could go TR/VS if Woodman/Ceres/Cobalt got too few players. Can't we do the same if we get too many to fit on Hossin? Would suck for those who has to change faction, though...
  17. Ulysees

    I don't want MIller outfits fighting for the other servers from the start of the event as it is billed as a server showdown, however we have agreed that if Miller does over pop and warpgate the other servers quickly due to a massive population advantage we can sort out sending some outfits to the other servers and balance the fight up and then do it again. Just not from the start though.
  18. lilleAllan

    I certaintly hope you're better at planetside than trash talking!
  19. PoisonedAl

    Well this thing has snowballed. Because the Miller and Woodman subreddit is pretty much even, we thought we were going to get roughly equal numbers of high quality players. However we underestimated the try-hardness of Miller so Woodman had to run about trying to get the cannon fodder Miller had. Not trash talking here but the Cobalt guys had their best on show. Miller... had numbers. Now Miller has good players, you can't deny that but I didn't see them. Just hordes of button mashing shotgun ***s, which kinda missed the point of the event IMO.

    Now SOE is interested... which means everyone is interested.

    I think the fact that nothing like this is done by SOE (especially in Europe) meant that a casual 2v2v2 platoon romp around the new map has been jumped upon so enthusiastically and turned into a big thing.
  20. IamDH

    Lol i wasnt even there but Woodman are pretty skilled and smart (except NC ofcourse)
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