Why dont Infil's get C4

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by UnluckyFriedKitten, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. TheAntiFish

    All utterly dependent on your playstyle, I'm a lot more effective with my bolt action. Apparently remarkably so as nobody else seems to realise how amazing the infiltrator already is at AI. Which is the most effective ranged class the game has. The way i play it anyway. Infiltrators don't get pump actions.

    Nanoweave is a non-issue. Hit him in the head, he doesn't die? Oh well shoot him again.

    ....Also it was in response to "You can sugar-coat the issue all you like by calling it a specialized anti-infantry class, but given how we're not even significantly better at that than any of the others, the statement doesn't have meaning. " Just pointing out that we do in fact have something that is significantly better at AI than the other classes. Context is everything.
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  2. Get2dachoppa


    • Proximity Radar now detects cloaked infiltrators, like the recon tool
    • Proximity Radar now only detects moving players, like the recon tool
    • Scout Radar now detects cloaked infiltrators, like the recon tool
    • Scout Radar now only functions if the vehicle is occupied
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  3. m44v

    Being the most effective ranged class in the game is worthless because all the objectives are in close quarters, and players respawn fast enough that a sniper is just an annoyance at most.

    Or they will just take cover and use a medkit before the second shoot. But even if you get the kill, so what? he will respawn and return to battle soon enough, your sniping isn't going to capture a point.

    Sniping isn't relevant enough for denying us the chance to do significant actions like destroying a sunder. And really, when you want a class for AI role, the last class you will pick is an infiltrator.

    @Get2dachoppa, aw man :(
  4. Kociboss

    Why are you so aggressive mate? Judging from his posts, that Euthanasia bloke clearly doesn't know how to play his class (which is fine, we all learn) so I was just trying to be helpful and gave him a video link with a really nice guide ^^

    Here is a second part if you want to check it out too:

    Have fun and I hope it will help newbies practice and become much better at this game :)
  5. TheAntiFish

    Okay you all win. Infiltrator sucks. Give him all the explosives. and nuclear weaponry, and TANKS FOR ARMS!
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  6. Withnail

    Cloakers used to be able to hack vehicles in PS1 if they sat still for a long enough amount of time. Much better idea!
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  7. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    Let them think infi suck :D

    Less god mode infis around , less I have to worry about dying the second I uncloak.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. M44v talks about objectives and infis aren't effective . Well if you alone are shooting then he's right. Infi don't really give anything in terms of capping bases. Then infis have to be in large grps to help out or go Rambo mode.

    Also this is planetaide 2. And quite a large proportion don't even care about capping is self. They only cap because that's where the fight is. It's a big Zerg fest. And me personally I have more fun when I kill people in Lola ways than "capping" a base. Especially with this dying population that is covered by lattice system and alerts, I don't let the game dictate how I should play or where or what I should cap. I simply enjoy killing people - and if you look at infi from killing people perspective , it's one of the most fun/ rewarding class due to all the handicaps this class has
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  8. [HH]Mered4

    I have recently started playing infil extensively.....and MAN.

    I have learned a ton, and it has helped my overall infantry gameplay as other classes.
    Its also fun to be that bird pooping on the enemies windshield. :D
  9. UnluckyFriedKitten

    Personnally I still think it makes sense to give infils C4. Even if you had to swap it for a primary weapon or make C4 alot less effective against infantry for example.. Infils are made to take out key objectives and a tank rush ... well .. what you going to fight that with? engies with vehicle turrets? Air attack when they have a few skyguards?

    The reverse is .. people would actually have to protect their assets and repair them .. rather than just thinking im in a tank I can pwnz those fools and go off alone with no infantry, it would make some use the scout radar.

    I dont want to make things overpowered but I do want to promote teamwork, different builds, and sensible tools for the class that were made to use them. As someone said previously, people would adapt. I dont think its any more overpowered than the vehicle turret for example.

    If not c4 then tank mines might be a sensible solution to the problem. That way its less likely to be abused to take out infantry ... or a timed c4 .. with a beep ..

    Im pro anything that makes peope work as a team to overcome things
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  10. m44v

    And judging from your posts you're just trolling.
  11. Kociboss

    You know that calling other people "trolls" is against forum TOS? It's just another form of trolling.

    I was just trying to be nice to inexperienced infiltrator players like you and Euthanasia. Personally I found the videos to be very helpful.

    I saw your "why I hate the infiltrator's cloak" thread and Euthanasia's posts and I realized that you need some help and guidance. That is all.

    You can remain on your low skill level and don't take my help but at least don't be an @ssh0le and don't call me a "troll".
  12. Vaphell

    dude, do we tell you how you are supposed to play medic/engineer with their utterly predictable class specific abilities?
    Some people take the BS without many complaints, some complain and no matter how you slice it the cloak is flawed, as is the whole class.
  13. Kociboss

    You can keep on trying to revive allies as an infiltrator it's your business ^^ (ir whatever that is you're doing).

    I was just rying to be helpful.

    Infil community is really, really hostile towards friendly people it seems :(
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  14. Get2dachoppa

    Yes, we are all aware of your "helpful, friendly" stance towards the Infiltrator community...

    Drop the act, you aren't fooling anyone.

    And I highly doubt Dr. Euthanasia needs any Infiltrator advice as a quick look at his player stats shows he has over 270 hours experience with the class. Suffice to say, he knows far more about playing Infiltrators than you. I suspect you already knew he was an experienced player, so I give you 2/10 for the troll attempt.
  15. Vaphell

    you forget that written messages without malicious intent can be easily perceived badly due to the lack of non-verbal portion of information you convey in face-to-face communications. Is it hard to see that by posting "it's easy it's just that you are doing it wrong, watch this pro inf" you might look like a smug condescending a-hole?

    Either way it's not as simple as copying playstyles of top players. Not everybody is able to pull crutch hail mary headshots or to own with pistols and knives in cqc to save their skin in close call situations and that's what's required in large amounts in pro inf play. Other classes don't have to jump through the flaming hoops to such a degree to be viable.
    Besides copying playstyles means "this is how you farm and this is how you exploit available features" but what if you have a different visions of the INFILTRATING class? You are SOL?
    And what if being shut down by a single vehicle or a MAX put on cap point rustles your jimmies and make you feel incomplete? How does farming make that feeling go away?
  16. Dr. Euthanasia

    It amuses me, probably more than it should, that guys like this are now rising up to defend the infiltrator's status quo. Dunno why the rest of you are still responding to him, though. Thread's dead, troll wins. I'll see you all the next time an idiot tries to argue this position with nothing but anecdotes backing it up.

    ...Probably be about two days from now, give or take.
  17. Kociboss

    Yeah I used to be more hostile but then I started thinking - Why are some ifiltrators so good (Like Itzmurda or Koolaid) and the others are constantly moaning (no pointing fingers there).
    It occured to me that this must be because of their lack of skill/experience and more time spend on forums rather than in game ^^

    So I decided to change my stance and post some guide-videos to help them hone their skill. What is wrong with that?

    I have no idea if Euthanasia knows more or less about infiltratos than I do. I haven't met him in game, I only saw his depressive posts so I decided to cast some light on them.

    Take it or leave it, you're the one biting...Or trolling?

    I did write some quite offensive stuff as you quoted and I *do apologize* for that.
    That wasn't the way...Or was it? Seems like posting advice instead only led to troll accuastions, overall anger and name calling.

    It looks like majority of this community (not all of it) is all about patting on each other's back. If you disagree *even slightly*, you will be looked down upon and labeled as a troll.

    Sad state of affairs but this is unfortunately the case.
  18. Jogido

    (not going to read all of this so sorry for repeating anything)

    c4 for infil just won't fly.

    In the PS1 days players could hack and take ownership of a non moving vehicle and that was the closest think that a cloaker could do to be AV. Maybe they can add hacking a vehicle to sabotage it in some way. Like always be on radar, takes more damage....performs crappy.

    or an EMP charge that disable the vehicle until it is "repaired"...so you can try to assassinate drivers/gunners.
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  19. Nocturn0l

    I don't think C4 would be a good idea, however some kind of explosive device to kill vehicles would still be nice.

    Let's call it TIMEBOMB!

    It would need 10 seconds to be set up in place with the infiltrator being uncloaked.

    When set up it ticks down for 15 seconds and makes a slight ticking noise. Can be disabled within 5 seconds.

    I imagine this to create nice interactions between vehicle drivers and infiltrators. Infiltrators can force drivers out of their vehicles allowing to engage them on somewhat equal terms. The driver must identify and kill the infiltrator before the bomb goes of in order to disarm it either from inside or from outside his vehicle. Unaware or lone vehicles can be blown up. Aware drivers will probably notice the decloaking sound so the move is pretty risky for infiltrators.
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  20. Topher

    Read up my post on an armor option that doesn't destroy armor.