Why dont Infil's get C4

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by UnluckyFriedKitten, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. TheAntiFish

    I'm starting to actively dislike you. If you don't like infil don't play it. It's not an AV class, it doesn't need AV.

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  2. Stinneyt

    Pretty much this.
  3. Vaphell

    that's, like, your opinion, man
    It needs AV because cloak and sniper rifles don't offset being shut down completely by anything mechanical (and MAXes too).
  4. m44v

    You got that wrong, there's no way he will spend so much time arguing here and playing infiltrator because he doesn't like it. What he doesn't like is the current state of the class, the infiltrator cannot hold a candle to the other classes. If you're satisfied with the mediocrity of the class that's fine, but don't obstruct players that want something better.

    Neither is the medic, but guess what?
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  5. Dr. Euthanasia

    "The infiltrator needs significant changes to its design, including improvements in a variety of areas it already struggles in."

    "It's not an AV class."

    Yes, thank you for paying attention, that's one of the problems I was mentioning. If you don't like me, tough. I'd rather become the bad guy of this entire subforum than ignore or make light of the weaknesses of our class.
  6. Astraka

    Didn't I tell you? Just drop it, and let the thread lose steam and die on its own. You've got three people here (The Terrible Trio) that keep these threads alive, and only through arguing with people like you and I who actually know what they're doing. Stop arguing with them, and stop adding fuel to the fire. You can't win. Stats, videos, and expert testimonial cannot compete with their feelings. Just let it go.
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  7. TheAntiFish

    Fair enough. Some things just get to me i suppose. Back to my pointless infiltrating i guess ;)
  8. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    Actually ( please don't shoot me ) but I agree to a point with them.


    they are right, don't mistake that, infis do have a LOT against them; compared to other classes, mechanics of the game (nano), and mechanics of the cloak it self - supposedly our main ****.

    Now the point where I disagree with them and agree with you is this. Even though infi have so much against them, they can seem like such a strong class, that a r***** developer would see them play and think "LOL YEAH NERF THAT **** K?".
    And they will disagree no matter what you show them. There are many infis that make vids, mustarde,koolaid guy [ non of you seen theantifish long range silencer shots...jesus that guy is a right cu*t when he makes a nest with a silencer 200m away...] and many many more who I play with - and they all show what infi class is capable of EVEN with all this ********.

    problem is, this class then requires long time commitment and compromises to play effectively where other classes can just be LOLOLOLOL I SHOOT U K THX FOR CERTS , it takes time to LEARN, and once you LEARNED, it then takes time to just play it instinctively.

    So in a sense you are both two sides of the same coin.

    If we ever get bumped up to be on par naturally with other classes.. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D , ceres might as well go play on another server when "some" infis log on :D

    oh and ....here some fire....


    Can't we all just get along :( and fight....

    for the right.....


    How most TR on ceres remember me :D
  9. Vaphell

    the main difference is in the levels of abstraction you operate on when talking about inf.
    You see inf and think "it is able to farm in the right hands so it's ok"

    Others see inf and think "who the F thought its a brilliant idea to have advanced cloaking (pro) which farts (con), is upredictable in appearance (con) and all that potential blown on killing utterly disposable peons but with caveats like NW (con) while having nothing for situations when **** gets serious and there is mech air and maxes everywhere (con)". If you have a theorycrafting mind it's almost insulting seeing something like this.
    Having inf in this form is like playing chess but for some reason one kind of pieces is unable to threaten the king because of some supposed earthshaking advantage that's not even there.
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  10. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    No, I see many infi players show again and again and again them kicking vanus in situations SHOULDN'T permit them to kill anything while still under so many cons. And I'm not saying infi class is "okay" in the "right hands" - well maybe I am, idk how to say it :/ lbgwshgjbfdkgh

    fact remains, there are many infi's that show what it can do with all the cons, and no matter how much people deny it, it's still there.

    Point remains that a class, shouldn't force you to LEARN and GRIND play this class so much so you just play on instinct to START to compete with other classes. And to learn even more to be better than those classes.

    IF the brain dead devs ever change the mechanics for the better, like I said, I feel sorry for every server that has a pro infi atm :D
  11. Vaphell

    yes, it can FARM pretty well in right circumstances, but PTFO is debatable and situational at best. In youtube clips I mostly see epic farming and people ignoring enemy beacons because that would reduce the inflow of fresh meat to the killstreak. And all the serious **** is usually done by other classes, inf as a opportunistic predator lacks sustainability and staying power for that. Sure, inf squad of BWC does cool things... but how many are like them?

    Not that i know much about the game theory but my gut feeling is it would say inf is bound to be underutilized as using the class extensively would make the army too vulnerable to uncounterable stuff the opposite side can pull (mech/air/maxes) and occasional advantage is not worth it at the cost of general weakness.


    darwinism at work, infs have to deal with so much crap that these environmental pressures breed them into superhumans :)
  12. deggy

    Infiltrators don't get C4 because they have a cloak. I could stand Infiltrators getting C4 if it disabled the cloak.
  13. m44v

    Only If we could equip C4 in our ability slot...
  14. IIXianderII

    The reason you see those clips is because those are usually the most note worthy and entertaining. I consider myself a decent sniper, and I am not afraid to get up close and personal, but I would much rather record me going on a 20+ kill streak with crazy headshots than me capping a point and killing 3 people. I am not saying playing the objective is not fun, but its not the kind of noteworthy thing that you usually want to record.
  15. Anvildude

    The cloak is only as good as those who aren't looking at you, though. People say "The cloak can't be complete invisibility because that would be OP- It's not meant to keep you hidden in plain sight, it's meant to make it so people don't see you out of the corner of their eye and go hunting for you!"

    Well guess what. That's also what jetpacks do. They let you get above people, where they don't look. And then you can lob C4 down on their heads with near impunity. And the Light Assault doesn't even have a health penalty! It wouldn't be nearly so infuriating if we had access to a Utility that other classes couldn't get (not a tool or anything- a utility- like, say, a placable sensor? Or maybe some sort of explosive that we could trigger ourselves at an opportune moment?) and the LIGHT ASSAULT, the class that has "LIGHT" in its name, was as 'light' as we are in shields or health. Heck, even giving us Adrenaline Pump would be nice.

    And note what the majority of infiltrators are asking for: Not "I want a sniperz that OHK tanks" or whatever- just something that lets us inconvenience a vehicle when they're being obtuse enough to let us get close- which is, arguably, the entire point of a class called an 'Infiltrator'. Whether it be a sniper that deals a little damage to tanks, so we can 'convince' the drivers to get out and repair, or a single brick of C4 so we can play vulture or alpha-strike or even set up ambush points in chokepoints, or letting the EMP grenade immobilize or slow tanks for a few seconds, or hacking vehicles that have no passengers so we can sow confusion among the enemy ranks.

    The outcry about a lack of C4 isn't just Infiltrators wanting to be able to destroy tanks- it's about Infiltrators wanting Equality with EVERY OTHER CLASS AND VEHICLE IN THE GAME.
  16. deggy

    The issue with cloak+C4 is that cloaked Infiltrators are totally invisible on NV and Thermal optics, which are what vehicles rely on to spot that ONE C4 DUDE that they'd miss otherwise.

    It's really, really hard to see a cloaker from a tank's cockpit.
  17. Vaphell

    so how do tank people spot LAs landing on the roof of their ride? They don't?
  18. deggy

    That would be why there was a big stink about LA and C4 a while back :p

    The only way for a tanker to avoid someone with C4 is to simply establish a perimeter and watch it with Thermals. Infiltrators getting C4 would totally negate the way tanks have been playing for a while now.

    I think C4 in general is bad design, and I don't want it spread any further. It should be given to Engineer, and ONLY Engineer. Other classes should get their own AV options, including Infltrators. You should be able to EMP guidance systems, hack people out of their vehicles, and set a vehicle to self-destruct if given the chance. C4 is just horrible to begin with.
  19. MrMurdok

  20. Scienta

    Not making friends here are you? Well you have one, or at least one who actually sees eye to eye with what you are saying. We are broke, and we have made do, but some of us see us as working as intended just because they get a couple flashy kills and then switch out to something that can actually affect the flow of battle, like LA.

    Point is, is that the infil has one role, and that is AI, and that is fun and all, but will not win us a fight. The big plays, made by real men and women, like the LA, HA, Medics, Engis, and MAX players with their ability to adapt, and see a situation and say "I know how to handle this", but wait a second, why do all of those classes get to have so much freedom and the infil has to be cornered into a singular AI role (which it performs well)?

    1. Cloak is OP - Contrary to common belief, the Cloak is not the epitome of stealth technology, that place is still held by the human mind. We can duck and weave, twist and bend, and this gets us much farther than the cloak would. Also contrary to common belief it is not completely useless, at least right now. I am able to use it as a supplement to my regular flanking routine as added cover, and allows me to dodge snipers, enterprising carbiners, and rifle touting grunts at a distance, as well as a tool to incite confusion in my enemy. But its not perfect, and it never has been, and it is not as bad as you think, it is rough I know, but we must adapt.
    Lets look at it this way. The other C4 baddie that everyone hates, the LA, has a certain thing on his back that allows him to be so annoying, his jetpack, it is a mode of transportation at the first glance, at a second it is the key to massive flanks, and ambushes. With it he or she is able to circumvent defences and get that C4 on that tank, and get that C4 on that AMS, but then let us look at the Cloak. It does a similar job to the Jetpack, yet it is more direct in its intentions of misdirection. Arguably they serve the same role to flank, and ambush, of course at different paces. They also could serve the same exact role in circumventing the enemies defenses and planting that game changing C4, but alas we are doomed to be IFF, and kill ****** because people see the cloak as something it is not, when it is actually the player making use of the tools at hand they should be worried about.

    2. We are have a Specialized AI role - Only because we are broken. We picked up the scraps, and used what we could. We could kill people, and that is it, when the rest of the class roster fit just about every combat role AI-AA-AV in some way. WE GOT STUCK WITH ONE. Doesn't that seem a little off to you? A HA, LA, Medic, Engi comes up against a tank? C4. MAX? Do I need to explain? Why are we the only one with a specialization? Why can't HA have only a rocket launcher, a pistol, and a sack full of C4 while we are "specializing", why does a medic have a gun, and acess to C4 if we are "specializing"?. Not only this, but we are not particularly better at AI than others, most have access to our more lethal tools, and stop with snipers turning the tide of battle, they help if suppression and taking out medics ya, but I don't see their sundie up in flames oh look at that they are right back on the front lines. This is the dumbest argument I am sorry.

    3. We play fine already - True, but we are not shining at all. This class has the most controversy around it as being nigh useless in most situations. Ya you can get a shiny kill streak, but is the tank dead? what about the Sundie? The tank is still firing, those suckers you just merced are respawning, or being rezzed. Kills do not dictate the flow of the battle, logistics do. You remove the enemies points of entry, and respawn capability to win fights, not shoot them till they stop coming, because they won't. We are strong, and we adapt, but that does not make the situation a good one. WE ARE BROKEN

    I'm done tehehehe. I have long left behind the hope that PS1 infils will come back, but at least make the one class I play viable, I don't like any of the others
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