Why dont Infil's get C4

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by UnluckyFriedKitten, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Get2dachoppa

    Designed? More like a negligent oversight.

    And invisibility? Hardly, unless you play on low settings these days. I've been picked off by tanks from some pretty long ranges so they clearly don't have that difficult of a time seeing me. Want extra insurance against Infiltrators? Cert proximity radar as it will pick us up while cloaked. Really, these people who act like "OMG cloaked Infiltrators with AV would be OP!" seem to be forgetting all the counters that already exist against us: limited cloak duration, loud cloaking noise, scout radar, proximity radar, recon darts, the fact the cloak is NOT actually invisible...

    And wtf does AI specialization even mean? Every class can kill infantry easily so that doesn't mean anything. Remember, this was a class that didn't even have SMG's in the early days. But I'm sure that was all part of their brilliant AI specialization plan. :rolleyes: What it boils down to is every class BUT infiltrators has counter play options available to them against vehicles but Infiltrators don't, and that's poor game design.

    That out of the way, I actually DON'T want Infiltrators to have C4 but rather some unique and class specific way to deal with vehicles. I've heard hacking vehicles won't be an option, but there are plenty of other good ideas out there.
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  2. MrMurdok

    C4 on Infils would be so stupidly OP that the forumside uproar will just invalidate this class.

    Infils, even the bad ones, will always be able to make the mark, stealth up and make a beeline for a Sundy. I play Infil 90% of the time, and if I had access to C4, I would just be as OP as hell, because in all the fire and confusion, people will never notice Mr Stealth Suit that just ran up to the AMS and took it out.

    Give me a way to sabotage vehicles, sure, but outright faceroll them? No thanks, I'd play LA if I wanted that.
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  3. Lucidius134

    @cloak soundJet packs are loud and la's still manage to c4 tanks before they can re-act.

    @ SMG"s comnent Full-auto scout rifles.

    @ ai specialization Other classes that can OHK or 2HK with a HS at range? Oh wait, engineer AV turrets and tanks. #wow

    I see what you mean but all of the design choices point at "no AV" and their niche used to be longer range engagement. That's why battle rifles are as they are vs. semi-auto scout rifles and why FA scout rifles were just VERY BAD carbines. They wern't meant to be great close up. SMG's just threw a wrench in the cogs and were like "idk anymore". All of the classes are poorly designed and infil is probably the worst because SOE doesn't know what they want it to be.
  4. Vaphell

    they are loud only on LA player's speakers.

    absolutely craptastic after release, still meh after buffs

    and that brings to the table... what exactly? There are so many medics that can rez the victim faster than you can rechamber your rifle it's not funny. If the brains blown out meant no rez it might be a different story, now sniping is frustrating if you care about the outcomes, and a pure farming if you don't.
    At longish ranges i find HA with a decked out LMG more scary than a sniper.

    AI specialization (because "OHK at range") is an evolutionary dead end in a game heavily infested by mech completely immune to your epic AI boomstick.
  5. Lucidius134

    Which all ties back into the very bad game design.

    Also, https://forums.station.sony.com/ps2...ing-mechanics-outside-of-ohk-headshot.151505/
  6. Dr. Euthanasia

    The short answer is "because people place far more value in the cloak that it actually deserves".
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  7. toxs

    Wait, why doesn't my max get C4 or a dalton?
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  8. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    20 C4 placed by 10 people on me + predator suit = you can see c4 flying about in the battle field.

    All tanks start to move away from that area.

    Including swagriders.

    I try to shoot a guy....

    Bullet hits one of my C4.

    Log out.
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  9. TheAntiFish

    This is why.

    Floating Sentient C4 bushes of death!
  10. MrForz

    Hah, don't worry about the C4, you won't have any use of it in its current state anyways. :p
  11. Anvildude

    Wouldn't that be... Good? You know, tanks would have to keep moving, making open-field armour battles more prevalent? Sunderers would actually have to be manned, else they'd inevitably die rapidly?

    Make C4 (or give the Infil something like.. AC4- AuraxiumC4) need to be planted, which would take a second or two. That works with invisible sneaking, but not with the Light Assault's hoverbombing or the HA or Medic's Soviet Charge.
  12. Anvildude

    Still think they should just give the LA cloak instead of jetpacks, call it the Inviltrator. Give the Inf a jetpack instead of a cloak, call it a Sniper/Marksman. Cloaker that can't snipe but can kill up close, and sniper that can't go invisible but can reach good 'eagle's nests'.
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  13. ChipMHazard

    Because the only thing worse than a ninja with a shotgun is a ninja with high explosives.
  14. Hoki

    You can put C4 ON an infiltrator.
  15. Hoki

    Also cloak apparently works against higby.
  16. SomaSam

    Though I don't like the C4 idea, I think it would be interesting for EMP grenades to get a buff.
    Currently all they do is turn off your shields and hud, and give your screen a cool static effect.

    I think as a good AV option for the infiltrator would be to bring back the EMP grenade from the first game. That version could bring tanks and other vehicles to a crawl, without actually damaging it.

    This could provide a neat way to team up aginst a tank. Have a Infiltrator throw an EMP at a tank that is out of possition, rendering it helpless out in the open. Then have a couple of HA shoot missiles at it, or have a LA C4 it for you.
  17. ecsurfer

    Please stick to your Galaxy. Honestly I think C4 is a little OP but something that can cause pain and discontent such as EMP sticky grenade or temporary hack against a vehicle.
  18. Lucidius134

    you mean like the EMP grenade we already have.

    I'll just stay over here in my gal w/ my certed emp grenades.
  19. K4is0r

    Tanks can see Infis with thermal vision? o.0 That would be a new information for me... Didn`t spawn a tank since months, but I thought they fixed that a few monthgs ago, so infis are also invisible with nightvision, thermal vision and HS/NV Scopes o.0?
  20. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    Actually I'm not sure but when im cloaked I tend to be shot at by vsnguards all the time :/

    So I just assume thermal can see through cloak

    Or I may just suck at flanking lol