Why dont Infil's get C4

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by UnluckyFriedKitten, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    Oh I have some footage of some "gold" locations to create a camp in biolabs :D :D :D that you will find VERY amusing :D
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  2. TheAntiFish

    I know we're not invisible it's just the go to description for anyone sneaking around behind enemy lines unobserved, that's without taking the cloak into account. If you want to be, you can be invisible with this class.

    Now, while i'm approaching them from behind, it helps quite a lot to be cloaked, it stops their random friends immediately noticing me if they look the wrong way at the right time.

    You're just not using the cloak to it's full potential or expecting it to allow you to run straight up to someone and knife him in the face, the idea isn't to be completely invisible. It does however make you extremely non-obvious. You want your cloak to work for you in biolabs? Don't run around lone-wolfing it in an enclosed area, simple. Use cover, stand to the side of the crosshair-attention grabbing masses and pop heads with your bolt action. Use your magic panic camoflauge to relocate to a slightly different position, repeat.

    The people who don't watch their backs now are usually the ones firing en masse in one direction, they won't start watching their backs until one C4 has already been placed among them(Or they all start getting knifed/SMG'd), which already happens now with the LA/Infil. Nothing would change except the level of whining directed at the class.

    Again, I'm not the best infil in the world, but you seem to be having a much harder time utilizing it than i am. We don't need AV. That's not what our class is about, We're the ones dropping medics/HA's aiming lock-ons at our friends.
    You want to blow up vehicles with well prepared groups, run around with your squad as engies or LA, I mean hell, they're just as invisible as the infil.... Right?

    I'm just saying, i consider our class to be one of the better classes in the game, if we get our approach right we're laughing. The last thing we need is more reason for people to be on the lookout for our telltale shimmer, especially OHK tanks.

    Now i'm not trying to rub you the wrong way, I'm not trying to incite arguments or anything of the like, this is simply my opinion. I think we're fine as we are. With C4 in my inventory i would be devastating, and i think unfairly so. There are classes available to deal with armour, and if i want to blow up tanks i use them.

    The infil is more of a specialised AI class, and i think it works well exactly the way it is.
  3. TheAntiFish

  4. Neurotoxin

    Boomers, basically C4 that only affects infantry, would be a great feature.

    Giving any AV to an Infiltrator is a bad idea. Infiltrators already can't show up on Radar while cloaking, are 100% cloaked from thermal / night vision / HS/NV optics. There would be no counter to Infiltrator C4 usage.
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  5. TheAntiFish

    Actually, i do like the idea of INF ONLY explosives. Like a remote detonated AI mine. as long as it didn't have an OTT blast radius that would work nicely.
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  6. Kociboss

    Hey mate, seems like you're a pretty new to infiltrating and you don't really know how to utilize your class :)

    Don't worry though, we all started one day ^^

    I'm not an expert infiltrator myself (racking up kills with easymode SMG is quite boring to me I much prefer medic) but you should check this guy's videos:

    He gives a lot of good tips, I'm sure they will help you out in becoming better player ^^
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  7. Astraka

    LOL. That's all I can say.
  8. Dr. Euthanasia

    Of course. I find the cloak to be ineffective so I must be a new player.

    I watched that guy's part 2 video and all of his advice relevant to avoiding detection had nothing to do with the cloak. Be unpredictable, avoid cover and lines of sight, etc. All obvious, all the sort of things I would do in another game that didn't like to pretend I could actually become harder to see through the use of a light refraction shader. What advice he did provide that was relevant to the cloak was stuff to do after you've already been seen, and most of his sneaking around was or could have been accomplished without it.

    This was no surprise. The cloak's decreasing of your rendering distance is the only aspect of it which benefits your ability to avoid detection in a reliable way, and it is utter folly to suggest that we rely on methods that are inherently unreliable, such as the unknowable interaction between the attentiveness of our enemies and the always-visible visual effect of our cloak. No matter how well you use it, you will always be vulnerable to detection - the best way to sneak around is therefore to avoid using it as often as possible in favor of methods which are guaranteed to work. Ideally, relying on the cloak should never be necessary, and this is what makes the Light Assault often (but not always) a superior stealth class to our own. Its mobility allows it to approach from unguarded angles far more easily and generally abuse cover or escape in ways that no other class can. Were it not for our recon darts and ability to become literally invisible at great distances, I would go so far as to say that the LA is always a better infiltrator than the Infiltrator itself, unless you value the ability to have nebulously better chances at going unnoticed when you enter someone's screen. I don't.

    So? Let them whine. I don't care what the rest of the playerbase thinks, and neither should you. What matters is what is actually balanced. The infiltrator is the only class in the game that is incapable of harming vehicles, and it has received nothing as compensation. You can sugar-coat the issue all you like by calling it a specialized anti-infantry class, but given how we're not even significantly better at that than any of the others, the statement doesn't have meaning.
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  9. TheAntiFish

    Have you not tried the OHK bolt action rifles?
  10. Astraka

    For your own sanity, don't bother trying to convince anyone here that the class is good at anything. You will only be wasting your time, bashing your figurative head against the wall of willful ignorance certain people here maintain continuously. Facts do not disprove their feelings and only serve to make the crying worse.

    Just let them whine it out and this thread will lose steam and fade away like all the others.
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  11. TheAntiFish

    Ha.. Haha... MuahahAHHAHAHAHA... Seriously though, i do talk to cats.

    They don't talk back... Yet.

    Yeah don't worry, my sanity has always been questionable, I'm numb to things like this :p
    (Bit of faith in humanity added at least, thanks for that!)
  12. Dr. Euthanasia

    Have you ever tried to keep more than a single medic down with one? The lethality and reliability of sniper rifles pales in comparison to most CQC focused weapons, not to mention they aren't OHK against what has become a majority of targets unless you use them at ranges where those very same CQC weapons start to become effective.

    Hey, if accusing others of willful ignorance is what keeps yours alive, I won't judge. Spread those "facts" wherever you like, buddy.
  13. Kociboss

    Indeed ^^ but it's true though, it's not like infiltrators can snipe, or engage in CQC effectively, or lay down mines, or hack terminals and spawn vehicles in the middle of mayhem, or hack phalanxes and shoot enemy armour columns, or detect their enemies' motion, or become barely visible, or (soon) scout the area with MAV, or...
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  14. Get2dachoppa

    This is absolutely not true. Infiltrators show up on all radars while cloaked. Recon, scout, proximity. If you're moving, cloaked or not, you're a blip on the radar. There are plenty of counters already which I listed in a previous post. And while I still think Infiltrators deserve some kind of AV option, its not like the Devs couldn't implement additional counters to balance things out.
  15. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    All ill say is that you are all wrong....

    Or all right :D depends how you look at it.
    No point giving reasons, you'll see them for your self soon....
    This class is one that requires an ingredient of skill on certain play styles.
    If you can't play it well, you will rage.
    If you play it great, pls don't make vids so devs don't decide to do something fkin r*tarded and nerd even...

    I cba to write a lot as I'm fishing ATM ( dead lake :( ) but ill say this.

    Reason cloak works is because of bads in this game, vs great players EVEN at certain distances its near useless.

    But still majority of the time cloak is a tool that can aid you fk loads .
    Tho sometimes it's an *** saver vs good people too :D
    So it's both useless an useful.

    Biggest mistake I see is people RELYING on cloak like LA relies on on jet pack of HA on shield.
    Forget the cloak is an ability even. Use it as you would use a medkit or a mine or darts....TO AID you to achieve your objective.

    Will go in detail with this in that vid I'm making. Hopefully some devs will wake up.
  16. TheAntiFish

    Again, i'm not finding this an in-game issue. Medics go down, their medic friends trying to heal them go down. Everyone goes down. It's like a headshot party.

    We probably just have very different playstyles.
  17. Vaphell

    I don't know who do you play against but i dont remember the last time i saw a medic that didn't just dance like on trippy pills while rezzing. Engineers are at least limited spatially by the thing they repair, medics have a full circle with 3m radius of space and they rez in 2s? You'd have to be 100% accurate at theoretical RoF of the rifle to even make a dent in medic heavy camp.
  18. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    Few medics high on batteries aren't a problem to take down, unless they all have nano.

    And If you play with 5-10 10-15 decent I infis , oh man, even maxes are not a problem ; sadly those groups are harder to make than an outfit :(
  19. TheAntiFish

    Just because they're dancing around like a madman doesn't mean you can't headshot them. They tend to do the predictable figure 8 patterns. Nice and simple once you've got that down! (P.S I am far from 100% accurate. People just tend to lay down and die when i fire at them.)
  20. m44v

    Is this your first time posting in the infiltrator forums?

    Have you not tried nanoweave? why is OHK special anyway? pumps can OHK without headshot. Never mind that the most lethal weapon the infiltrator has isn't a sniper rifle but a SMG, a gun other classes have access to.

    Did it change recently? AFAIK cloaked infiltrators only show in recon darts.