Why dont Infil's get C4

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by UnluckyFriedKitten, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. UnluckyFriedKitten

    Well as the title. Why dont we get a choice between C4 and Personel mine.

    The infiltrators job surely should be to sneak up on tanks and objectives and blow them up?

    They appear to be the only class that dont get C4. Is it because it might make them overpowered?
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  2. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    Well I personally have mixed feelings about this.

    Infi would be ******** with c4 (as I already abuse the hell out of it).
    I get into LA , place c4 on my flash, switch infi. Cloak up and drive near sundy/tank.
    Throw Granade/ shoot it - byebye tank.

    A sundered that is well hidden and can be los'ed with a tank ? Well then I ask a mates to place 3-4 c4s on me.
    Flank yhe sundy with cloak. Just shoot at people; if they shoot back, the hit c4, said sundy blows up.

    But these options involve suicide most times.
    So I find this to be quite good - too good even.

    But anlot of times to do this you gotta flank due to thermal vision. So it's not as OP as I make it sound.

    Mixed feelings.

    Would depend on how majority of Infis use it.
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  3. Linus

    I played infiltrator a long moment and i wanted C4 like the other classes. I played to jump on the ennemies tanks.
    Next I switched to engineer as a tank driver, and I understood that it could have been a bad idea, because it is hard to see a cloaked shape coming close to your vehicle.
    In fact, the only chances to avoid the C4 death, for the tank crew, is to move a lot or to see the ennemy coming to you before it is too late.
    If an infiltrator had C4, it could force any vehicle to be always on the move.
    It is very easy to drop prox mines next to a sundy, imagine with C4...
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  4. Vaphell

    current purpose of the inf class is 100% illogical. You'd assume that the stealth class uses its stealth to avoid being bogged down by trivialities like fighting endless waves of unimportant grunts and to concentrate on the biggest threats directly, yet in this game the class potential is indeed wasted on assasinations of lowly, infinitely respawnable infantry, all while the actual high value targets are squarely out of reach. The actual AV is done by other classes often with C4 used in idiotic, wasteful, soviet style, hail mary charges.
    Also people already exploit droppods to achieve things inf on foot would never achieve and that **** is 99% uncounterable. Inf could be stopped in his tracks by anybody with functional eyes, prox radars, inf darts.

    That said, C4 in its current form is a nuh-uh. If people cry because of betty delivery service, imagine what could be achieved with c4. Imo inf should have AV tools, like directional sticky charge that punches holes in the armor plates but is totally useless against infantry so the cheesing potential is negligible. It would also require a beepy timer so the crew is notified and forced out to defend or lose their ride (the drivers also use prox radar and the 3rd person view cheese so it's not like they are completely defenseless) because "omg so unfair"
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  5. Lazaruz

    Pretty much this. Way back when I wanted infils to have access to C4 as well, since it's the only class apart from the MAX that doesn't get it. But I have come to the realization that it would probably be a bad idea.

    I do however feel that we should have anti vehicle capabilities. Whether it be "sabotage" where the vehicle will explode after a certain amount of time, let's say 90 seconds for arguments sake. And a infil from the opposing team would be able to "re-secure" the vehicle during that time. I'm sure this would create some frantic races to the nearest equipment terminal before your vehicle exploded :D
    Or just some small mischief, like hacking sunderer terminals and the vehicles control systems, that would invert every control you have for the vehicle in question. That could possible be very destructive, and definitely amusing :)
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  6. UnluckyFriedKitten

    lol Id love the sabotage effect but the populous in general would never go for it .. oh the cries of the compeltely allowed trolling of enemy vehicles. lolz

    Hack a sunderer and it turns in to the dispensing machine from red dwarf .. instead of ammo you get .. a bucket
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  7. Adept

    You'd get infiltrators - or whatever class can remove the effect - driving tanks with nano repair and scout radar half the time. :)
  8. Lucidius134

    Infil was designed around not having any AV period. That's why. As for why? Invisibility and AI specialization.
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  9. UnluckyFriedKitten

    In honesty im kind of off the opinon if it means people use more types of builds "as well as" the standard stuff then its a good improvement.

    There are always too many one build everyone uses.

    Well done thats the kind of thinking that wins wars. We have a really well designed infiltrator. Lets make it so they are ineffective when they could take out key objectives, what do you mean AI specialization
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  10. Vaphell

    it was designed wrong then. Why would you waste INVISIBILITY (though it's only a transparency) on infinitely respawnable people when it's the tanks that roflstomp the masses and it's the sunderers that spawn the masses? And AI specialization in this game is stupid, simply put. Anything bigger than a flash makes your existence a non-issue for the enemy and guess what, things bigger than a flash are everywhere. Also MAX is infantry too and whenever i see one i think 'oh for ****'s sake....' >_< , how can that be?
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  11. Lucidius134

    Last time I played infil, i just snuck up on tanks and waited for them to get out and repair and pistol/knifed them to death.
  12. Takara

    Giving infiltrators C4 is just a bad idea....and this is coming from someone who initially thought they should!

    Generally the idea someone can just run cloaked and take out a tank just doesn't sit right with me. Infiltrators have AI mines and i use them to seriously good effect.

    Generally I think they homogenized the classes a little to much. They need to take C4 away from medics in my opinion. Only ENG/LA should beable to have c4 in my opinion. Specially since the heavy already has a rocketlauncher and anti armor grenades.
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  13. Takara

    Also...I'm generally against making the game less dependent on teamwork. As a cloaker or medic that runs into a tank...I generally think you SHOULD avoid them....you shouldn't be given a tool to kill them. That isn't what your class is about. That is the roll of an Engi/heavy generally and LA if they are sneaky enough
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  14. Notih8Darian

    As a guy who plays ~40% infiltrator, I would never want this because it just doesn't fit with the infiltrator class. What you can do as AV as an infiltrator is to sneak in to enemy lines, hack a vehicle terminal (or AV turret) and flank enemy armor.

    Also, the guys who spent an *** load of certs on their tank already complain about C4 being OP anyways, giving it to infiltrators will just likely cause C4 to be nerfed.
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  15. Vaphell

    that assumes the tank is actually being damaged, not that you are standing next to the deployed prowler parked 100m away, blasting the spawnroom from near perfect safety and farming kills like there is no tomorrow for 5 minutes.
    Damaged tank is temporarily out either way, that brand new one still on the frontline is a much bigger problem.
    And even if you assassinate the driver the tank is still there. If there is enemy sunderer nearby he will be in his ride faster than the time it took you to get him. The end result is 100xp for you, jack and **** in the grand scheme of things.

    I consider INF to be a pure farming class, because PTFO one it's not, ultimately having no place in the game meta.
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  16. KnightCole

    Cuz an infil with c4 would b as redickulous as infil with shotguns.

    Just ninja blowing the f @#k out of everything
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  17. KnightCole

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  18. Vaphell

    we have that in the game already.
    - C4 fairies falling from the rooftops
    - droppodding with c4 in hand and blowing things up before you even render to the enemies
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  19. KnightCole

    C4 needs to be nerfed so it cant be thrown so damn far.

    More like dropped like a brick. Lol
  20. TheAntiFish

    Pretty much, Yeah.

    If i could carry C4 with me on my travels, with my magic transparency suit... God you have no idea how badly that would go for people.
    "Hello MAX" *Shoot max in face, Run round corner, MAX follows, MAX dies by C4*
    "Hello Sunderer" *Place C4 in front of weapon terminal, Wait, for good number of freshly spawned victims, Mass destruction*
    Lets not forget our ability to OHK (almost) everything by shooting it in the face with a bolt action.

    The only thing that wouldn't be directly threatened by infiltrators would be the Mossies/Libs etc. Nobody wants a One-class-beats-all addition to the game, people whine enough as it is.

    C4 + Predator suit = Too much win.
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