What people don't understand about this patch...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jawarisin, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Schizomatic

    OP is persistent in his impassioned defense of skyknightery. Perhaps if we graced him with a sturdy enough stick and told him assaulting the decayed corpse of a long-passed equine with said stick would bring back the glory days of Auraxius Air, the horse would finally be beating to naught by subatomic particles and memory.
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  2. CNR4806

    You're implying that his planet-sized ego can actually take advice instead of "OH JAWA YOU ARE SO GREAT. WE PEASANTS AGREE COMPLETELY".
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  3. Schizomatic

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  4. Jawarisin

    You realise I was making fun of you right? Type "rm -rf /" in your console means: Remove recursive forced no-root-protection. Basically it will wipe your entire computer including system32 etc.
  5. z1967

    Ironically I was making fun of pilots in the original post because the only maneuver they know and use is the Reverse Maneuver.
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  6. Jawarisin

    Describe to me the reverse maneuver please... I'm not quite sure you know what you're saying. Though everything else we do is also a maneuver, we're just not bothered to name every mouse flick.
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  7. ronjahn

    I will comment that my Vanguard feels weird. Rounds seem to be a slightly different speed and they also are not dropping as much. Rotating my hull also feels different, almost as if there's a delay. My MBT also was rotating very oddly while on inclines.

    Can DGC just maybe give us alittle heads up when they make changes to the game and actually explain how they will impact us?

    It's ridiculous for them to say "we are making slight, hardly noticable changes to ESF input" and then go ahead and change input for every single infantry and ground based vehicle and also fundamentally change the way objects seem to interact within the world. Pretty irresponsible. I feel like this whole "we can't combine code" nonsense is just lazy and cheap development.

    I don't know how I feel about how the tanks feel. I don't know if it good or bad, but I know something has changed. I can also tell you that I'm not at all impressed at the level of communication being shown about this topic.
  8. Liquidrider

    You are giving me a reason to go back to ground pounding... Thanks
  9. Liquidrider

    Yep and most of them are the ones who said "it is good to go live"

    Makes you truly wonder how toxic this community has become.
  10. Liquidrider

    Ironic I find your post quiet entertaining myself.
    22 days in a tank?
    and 26 hours in a reaver?

    Your opinion means so little given your stats that I choose, moving forward, to ignore any opinion you have on air.
  11. The_Blazing

    DGC is not required to show any respect for any particular group of players, nor having a hard time to learn initially justifies any group of players to consider themselves "superior" or to expect a special treatment or respect from the company.

    However, DGC is required to make a game that is good for all players. Making a good game that works for everyone is much, much more important than "respecting" this or that player group because they are dedicated. If anything, the insane level of dedication required to become a pilot that is not just dead meat in the air is a symptom of the bad game design in some areas that affects this game since launch, and DGC is doing nothing about it, introducing gamebreaking patches instead. That is the friggin' problem.
  12. nukularZ

    The air game was good in 2013, before Strikers of course. And with Strikers it was still better than today. I'm surprised "sky knights" still exist.
  13. Czarinov

    It's like saying: "infantry is all about running and shooting". That sounds pretty stupid, doesn't it? Or maybe not for you?

    Saying pilots only use know RM means you're ignoring dodging, aiming, fuel conservation, positioning, side RMing, rushing etc... Basically you've either lying to yourself, because you learned RM, did it and still got rekt, in which case you should have accepted that doing RM is a small part of surviving. Or you're just ignorant, since you always fail RM and think it's a life saver when you see other people do it.

    DBG should certainly show respect to whole gaming community, since that community is feeding them with subscriptions and useless cosmetics, that took very little effort. And right now WHOLE playerbase is disrespected in a sense that if you look in Patch notes - there is really nothing explained. There have been stealth changes to many things, a lot of them to ESFs and LIBs.

    While you may say that ESF pilots are a small part of the community and thus f@ ck them with lack of notes - it's an oxymoron. If flying was only meant for pilots (nonsense), then why make any changes? If flying is meant to be accessible to all players, they've told nothing about the real changes and how to accept / adapt to them better. In that case it's a disrespect to all players.

    Besides, like I said, there are different changes gameplay wise that have been reported by a couple of players. Those stealth tweaks / bugs are slowly emerging when players accidentally find that their gun shoot backwards. Just an example, don't take literally. And if there are not many infantry changes or none and reported stealth tweaks are hoaxes, by NOT telling pilots what they really did, it appears they WILL probably screw other players as well.

    I maybe a bit overdramatic here, but let's not be naive.
  14. wrenched

    I think there is a problem with very fine mouse movements resulting in weird jitters. Next time you're flying, move the mouse slowly and you will see it.

    Everything else is fine.

    Hopefully PS4 is popular and game gets some content updates (maybe some different alerts etc, or at least random timers for alerts), if it doesn't game is dead anyway.
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  15. Jake the Dog

    Im no computer wizz couldnt they just put in a something like a slider to adjust any kind of input lag for both console and pc that way people that like the higher reaction times on the console can have it and everyone on pc can have the normal movements.

    btw Jawa tanks were effected, magrider aiming however just barely to not even noticeable, the vanguard however which requires very precise/accurate shots its reticule seems to move through jello as Klypto described it and it does tbh. Not tankbreaking but it gives the other 2 a significant advantage over the vanguard (the prowler has the same issue but due to the nature of the weapon it is much more forgiving the the Titan 150.)

    The only notable change on the mag is that it tends to rotate forever when you hop out for some reason which has been a curse/blessing for me.
    Curse: when rotating I cant rep from under the vehicle
    Blessing: Ive seen other tanks hold back because I guess they think that the mag is still manned.
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  16. Jake the Dog

    The games not dead because the people in the sky (and some tankers) are struggling. You realize people have been doomsaying this game since 2012? and 3 years later its still going...
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  17. McToast

    This community is disgusting.

    SOE DGC ****** up controls for 1/3 of the game and there are still people who think that's the right direction. They. Made. Things. Worse. It's not an improvement, no matter how you look at it. They only made this change to make the port to console easier. There is NO benefit for PC players to this. No matter how "insignificant" you think this change is (99% of the people saying this are horrible pilots or trolls), it's still a downgrade compared to the controls we had before. There is NO reason to defend this change. They went the easy way setting up controls for the console and the PC veteran pilots have to suffer because of this. This catering to the casual console crowd makes me leave this game, no good can come out of it. If they break flight controls in order to make the port to PS4 easier you have to be mental to believe that this game will get some deeper gameplay and metagame some day.
  18. Jake the Dog

    99% of the playerbase aren't pilots so 99% of everyone else.

    Where there is negatives people look for positives.
    For example:
    People have been arguing for controller support for the air game for a LOOOOOOoooOOOooonng time. Now they have it.
    Problem being it hurt the people that use keyboard and mouse in the air game.

    If DBG can make a slider to adjust the settings from controller to keyboard mouse then we can easily have less issues.
    (controllers/joysticks for the air game will make it vastly easier for newer pilots to fly)

    P.S. Most PCs have multiple USB slots
    P.S.S. Bestbuy sells old wired X-box 360 controllers for $20.
    P.S.S.S. Amazon probably has better offers.
    P.S.S.S.S. Seeker Drone recently put a thread up that has his controller layout on it and how to keybind it for flight in planetside 2.
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  19. Kristan

    You're welcome. If you play on Miller... don't get too carried away by process. There are few hungry mossies with Tomcats. Myself included.
  20. Jawarisin

    Imagine if your ability to move your vanguard's cannon decided if you crashed in a tree or not, and how hard it is to shoot ESF. Air's actual control is also ******. Like if I messed with your acceleration/top speed/climbing speed...

    But then I guess we can say RIP ps2... 2012-2015

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