What people don't understand about this patch...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jawarisin, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Jake the Dog

    Jawa, I know your problem with it rn, I really do I fly as well, (not nearly as much as you, but I still do). However I think DBG can fix this quite easily they just need some time to do it. Air has been "broken" before, and like always its been fixed and brought back.

    I doubt DBG being completely ignorant of the current standing of air. In fact with all the flame they're getting for it, I think its rather impossible.
  2. Jawarisin

    I don't think they are ignorant, I just think they don't care.
  3. Jake the Dog

    Its been about a week for the patch, I imagine they're trying to find some middle ground or something that can make it adjustable for all platforms, because as it stands this game needs the PS4 version so we can get new content.

    Im pretty sure RadarX's job is literally to watch the forums/reddit for this kind of stuff and for all our cries the devs have come through multiple times sometimes (reeeaaaally) late sometimes on time. Everyone looks at this game as half empty, maybe Im just too busy for looking at it half full.

    Also they tend to drop updates on us later during the week. I would rather them put forth a good patch that solved the problem instead of one that would just serve as a bandaid for the issue that could possibly break something else.
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  4. Klypto

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  5. Klypto

    Eh, it breaks tanks for me. Even Battlefield does it way better.
  6. Jawarisin

    They never once gave a nice bug-free patch. I mean, it was "ok" up to now considering it was mostly performance/bug fixes.

    But otherwise, I wouldn't wait on it. Also, RadarX isn't going to bother looking at the forum unless something becomes huuuuuge or directly calls on him // gets reported.

    Yes we need ps4, but this company seems to forget that reputation carries over different games. I mean honestly, if "Trion" (archeage) popped out another game, most people wouldn't even bother. Or they would never pay for it. Also, to save them a tiny hassle, they've done something no company has ever been stupid enough to do... force console controls on PC. The game's going to die at a good rate. But it doesn't mean I won't enjoy it as much as I can before then. Also, now I'm mostly going to stick to my raven/mattock pounders comet maxes. Other vehicles... meh. Might still mag, we'll see.
  7. Mianera

    You people are seriously overreacting.

    So controls respond more slowly, but what the actual heck. Rage-fest, tears, goodbye letters and quitters? You know what, I wish I could post what I think about that in words here, but this video will have to do. Obstacle = Planetside 2. Enjoy!

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  8. Calisai

    I think Mags seem to be affected less due to the forced deceleration that was already on Mag's turn rate. Jack your sensitivity up to Max and try and turn faster in a Mag... Doesn't help does it? They put this on the Mag way back during one of the nerf cycles and we've lived with it ever since. So we already move through jello. The other turrets always moved so quickly compared to the Mag's turning that I had honest issues trying to use them.

    Its something you get used to. I did way back when it was put on the Mag in the first place.

    The rotating tank when you get out on an incline or while moving has always been in the game (you could intentionally do it if you tried hard enough), however, since the last patch its been happening pretty much every single time I get out. Which is funny the first few times, but after you have your tank turn its rear to the enemy while making emergency repairs to be blown up... or it takes the head off your gunner or yourself... yeah... it gets real old real quick.
  9. Czarinov

    Are you gonna say the same when you realize they screwed with tanks too? When it's infantry, will you also "adapt" once you can't pixel aim? Did you pay for anything in the game? Just understand what this all means.
  10. Sebastien

    Tank game is barely affected. If you were good before the changes, you'll be good after. It's only a little bit of acceleration.
    Besides, this is a videogame, if the biggest achievement you have is being good at a videogame then you've got some **** to sort out.
  11. Czarinov

    I don't think it's barely affected. I think it's barely affected for ones who are not good at the game anyway.

    This is a video game, yes. But I wouldn't play it if it was EZ mod. I have many things I enjoy in my life. Being accurate, reactive, skilled are among things I enjoy either. Whether it's a game or working out for example. Tho I have many other achievements, but it's not for a debate, is it. By the way, I wouldn't play a game if I had no way of excelling (or getting better) at something in it.

    Care to link your stats :)?
  12. Jake the Dog

    I still did just fine in my vanguard. Its not that its broken you just have to compensate for it. Play in a vanguard for a few hours to get used to it. I used the prowler just fine during the server smash against connery. I threw a guy whos never used a vanguard before (he was soley VS) in mine, he immedietley noticed the aiming through jello, but that didn't stop us from cutting through 2-3 prowlers.

    It may feel like Jello for a bit but it can be compensated for. You only need to quickscope every 3.5s anyways lol.

    The mags fine imo, Ive only recently in the past month started magriding. but so far Ive already aurax'd the FPC and moving quickly towards the aurax mag. On a side note I get around the whole turning thing (for quick turns) by keybinding Q and E to rotate the magrider turns reaal fast then.

    Ever play dark souls using just keyboard and mouse??? I did and got through it too...

    Yes hes more than likely already read it a dozen times or so, because you can go through and see times that a dev has closed or commented on threads. More than likely he doesn't want to promise anything to us yet.

    P.S. @jawarisin if I see you in a raven max you can be sure my FPC will find your face XD
  13. wrenched

    Seriously, it has only been one full working day since patch (at least in AU time).

    One full working day.

    I don't mean to direct this just at you Jake but people in general need to take it down a notch.
  14. Jake the Dog

    I say week because thats what it feels like in college... :/
  15. Bobman23

    When 2016 hits and this game is still here, I'm gonna put this in my sig, just like you do to other people. This and a few others from you.
  16. Jawarisin

    I'll be honored.
  17. Mianera

    Yes, I am still going to say the same. Even when they do something with the infantry or ground vehicle controls.

    Yes, I did pay for the game. Have bought SC a few times to support and been a member for over a year.

    Yeeeesh, I fully understand what it means. Unfortunately, I do not believe that you do.
  18. Goretzu

    Unfortunately you need to accept Canutes lesson (sort of) that the $$$ is all powerful and unchangable and that DBG will chase the console market with all that they have. I'm not saying you shouldn't rage at the dying of the light, but I don't think it will change much if anything of PS2 and DBGs course.

    Look at Implants, what we have now is actually pretty much the same as what they orginally suggested (and everyone hated), but in the end $$$'s forced them to try it anyway (although I still can't see them making much from Implants myself - personally I've just basically stopped using them rather than buying them).

    The won't run 2 or 3 codes, they will optimise everything for what they hope to be their biggest market (consoles), that's just unfortunately how it is.

    They have their eyes on mountain of $$$ on the horizon (whether it actually will exist or not when they get their is another kettle of fish), I'm not sure they even are really considering the PC version, as such, at this point.
  19. Czarinov

    Well I do realize why they are doing it. I just think it's right to net let it go unnoticed, that's all. That's why I support negative opinions on recent changes. Who knows, maybe someone will care about some of that in the end.

    They why don't you go play flash point-and-click games? Serious. Also, care to link your stats too? I don't expect such reply from a person who values aiming for a FPS game.
  20. Mianera

    That's because you don't realize that you don't speak on behalf of the community and that the majority doesn't share your point of view either.

    Nasty attitude you've got there, reminds me of CoD.

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