What people don't understand about this patch...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jawarisin, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Goretzu

    They don't want to run 2 seperate codes (which is sensible business-wise given the PS4 and new XBOX are basically PCs) because not doing so cuts a major game cost in half. They might be able to have some things different (like UI - although I wouldn't bet on that long-term tbh), but the underlying physics and controls of flight are unlikely to be kept seperate (and always were highly unlikely to be kept seperate).

    In a horribly perverse way it is sort of better for PC gamers like that, as without the consoles (or rather DBGs belief in the potential of PS2 on consoles) I don't know that PC PS2 would exist at this moment.
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  2. 00000000000000000000

    All these delicious SkyKnight tears

    10/10 Jawa my boy 10/10
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  3. BlueSkies

    I'm not sure acting like an elitist [word that would get this post removed by a mod], is really going to help you get support for anything.
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  4. stalkish

    But havent they already spent that cost in coding the 2 iterations weve seen?
    Im no expert by any means but surely there cant be a whole lot of maintenance required with these controls so ongoing costs related to them are surely going to be low.
    Is it that they are entwined with all the other parts of the code or something?
    Do DBG have something like a master code or something that the PC and PS4 version needs to follow?
    Why is it other things can be diff but not this?

    So far ive read the question asked many times but ive yet to see an actual answer, it may be its too complicated to answer unless you work in the field, im which case fair enough.
  5. 00000000000000000000

    This guy gets it. Planetside 2 has only recently become profitable. The PS4 version is basically a second attempt.

    They need the games to be as similar as possible so when they make changes to one, it gets applied to both. This means if the PS4 version gets an update, we also get it. This goes for new guns, vehicles, tanks etc.

    They are doing hard work to make their jobs easier in the future, AND while they are doing this they are still putting out minor updates (MAX weapon changes, camo patterns, the Blackhand). Give DBG a little credit.
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  6. GeeBee

    there is no getting used to this change, its terrible. I personally don't use the analog keybinds and don't mind that change, but the mouse input changes are un-acceptable, fine movement for aiming is over sensitive and overall handling otherwise requires MORE mouse movement for less plane movement, no amount of sensitivity changes can account for it, it basically means you have to play with a gamepad or keybinds or joystick. It is a terrible change for the PC and anyone who says its not doesn't know what they're talking about.
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  7. stalkish

    Eh thats the internet for you, someone makes a counter point so the other person throws 'im better than you' into it.
    Worst part is, he actualy thinks internet-recognition means something, and that being good at planetside is some kind of magnificent achievement, kinda cringefull imo. Whatever gives him a hardon i suppose, each to their own.
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  8. Kristan

    I've set mouse sensitivity for flight to 0.7 and see no difference from pre-patch. :)
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  9. PrimePriest

    The amount of flyboys trying to MLG reverse maneuver and smashing into the ground. Oh man.
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  10. Jawarisin

    Bah, he deserved it. And elitist or not, what I said is true. Just looking at his kills/hour, I'm at least 5 times more effective as infantry (or than him in a tank for that matter).

    Though right now, I kind of gave up on most people. They are too daft to understand. Currently working on something though. Better off looking at reddit.
  11. rhan101277

    I changed mouse sensitivity for flying to .7 and noticed no difference. I don't fly alot though. Also I have a gaming mouse which is more precise than an analog mouse. If you are just playing with a simple infrared mouse and not a gaming one you need to upgrade. If you are playing with a roller ball mouse you need to quit playing.
  12. CursoryRaptor

    Better stats and more intelligent? And I bet you're jaw-droppingly handsome and easy to get along wi-- err, yeah, handsome. Jaw-droppingly handsome. :p
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  13. Kaeyz

    Amusing - That is basically only word that can describe my impression of this thread, also applies to previous one made by you Jawarisin regarding those changes. However I refrained from challenging your claims in your others air related threads, since I generally try to be a polite person, and I did find some your post on infil forum possessing some merit to them. But these? Well these are just too amusing to ignore.

    So let's summarize - there was a change to flight controls. "Feels kinda weird, gonna take maybe a week to adjust" as flyer mate of mine described. You started topic-tombstone about how tragic is it, since "skyknights are most dedicated players" mmhhmm.

    M'kay, special snowflakes are oh so so so important, they need to be untouchable, since they HAVE to be only ones who took time and effort to master certain thing. From your previous topic, quote from one of folks who seem to agree with you.

    "You are what's wrong with the world.
    First they came for the Air Pilots, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Pilot.
    Then they came for the Ground Pilots, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Ground Pilot.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

    Amusingly pompous post, I specifically like term "ground pilot". Refusal of acknowledging any other term for someone dedicated to certain branch of game than pilot. As far as I'm concerned, screw "ground pilots". On ground stuff is operated by Drivers. Implication that flyers would speak up for ground beneficent balance changes seems ridiculous looking at how people sympathising with your opinion [probably some representatives of skyknightness] even compared this change to holosightscaust, seeriously?

    "skyknights aren't the one to farm ground. They are the one cleaning up the guys farming the ground. Becase a2a is where we get most of our fun."

    M'kay, might be. Nonetheless it does not really matter does it? Why, you may wonder.. Since "obviously skyknights are sooo important". Simple - they don't mean jack shi...stuff. For many reasons, by your many previous claims "AA is OP". So why would anybody need "skyknights" in first place eh? Maybe this "AA" isn't so OP in fact? Makes one wonder. Even if we dismiss your previous claims of AA being OP, "skyknights" still don't matter.

    Why would they? They are after all very few "most dedicated players" no? They can't be useful to their factions all time, in every fight where a2g occurs, simply not enough "elite special snowflakes/skyknights" per continent, or it becomes oversaturated. Then those "glorious skyknights" switch to a2g farm themselves perhaps?

    Oh well, even if we assume that those skyknightly honorable skyknights don't ever touch a2g stuff they still don't matter you know? You said so yourself "Becase a2a is where we get most of our fun.", what kind of fun is obliterating some "scrub a2g farmer" in mere seconds? Where is glorious skyknightly duel, with all fireworks, countdown before joust and reverse manoeuvre acrobatics if hostile esf dies in mere seconds? Mmm nowhere. No fun - no reason to clear a2g esf since they ain't challenge, no?

    "How this impacts you? Losing all the top pilots means more ground pounding -> Getting farmed by air much more."

    M'kay, you try to appeal to non-air folk, by implying situation will be worse for them. Now, new players might feel your drift since they don't know the past of how a2g used to be. Although I find it amusing that you're appealing to people who you'd usually refer to as "peasants", but only after your favourite vehicle got slightly spanked in controls, and you might need more votes outside skyjousting elitist circle, then you seem to acknowledge their opinions as valuable? Like in, when it may benefit your cause?

    Skyknight honor : tell others to adjust then ask them to vote for you to not have to adjust ; or something like that? Funny.

    Now for the last part of your post : "How this impact you? DBG won't care about how much you paid, how loyal or anything like that."

    This is an interesting one, especially after how gloriously implants got introduced into game whiile ago, don't you think?
    I'm astonished that till now you had any illusions about value of non-binding suggestions/feedback, perhaps you didn't read terms of service? Oh well..

    TL: DR

    "skyknights" ain't special snowflakes, change just like any other adapt perhaps? Change to gameplay on live servers won't be too visible, overly dramatic skyknight ego "If I suffer undoubtedly all of you will suffer...you HAVE I is important". If ye skyknights are so dedicated you won't have a problem adjusting after "hell of old resource system and acquisition timers", if not..well apparently ye ain't so skyknightful. Personally I couldn't care less, change probably doesn't feel right, tough luck. Only reasonable argument from skyknights so far is suggestion of wallet-protest. After all money talks, or lack of money no?

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  14. Snow Sheltie

    Good grief.

    There will be no mass aircraft farming routine. Anti-air systems available to players today will make a good guarantee of that. I played at launch when all the lock-on rockets had a 66% chance at best to hit something, bursters and skyguards were always outgunned by ESFs in a head-on confrontation, and the phalanx anti-air turrets were a joke. There's none of those handicaps today. With how easy anti-air stacks, three or four dual-burster maxes can and will make mincemeat out of aircraft foolish enough to get too close. Add one or two of those with extended magazines and it's a field day for anti-air.

    Quite frankly I've been seeing the VS on Emerald start ground-pounding en-masse before this update. Never had so many points from anti-air duties since Jaeger days. Also never killed so many BR90-100 pilots so easily before (because they're hovering 20 feet above the ground, oblivious to the reaver hovering over them.)
  15. Jawarisin

    Well, you took the time to type all that, so I'll take the time to reply - ableit a short one.

    Naw, skyknights are the reason skies are clean. You probably met them every time you went out of your warpgate in an aircraft. We fight each other, it's not like there's a truce going on. But you're right, there's not many of us - I know just about everybody in the air, and I've talked with them. Which makes it all the more sweet when I kill them hehe.

    But no. At the moment, I'm considering switching to a pure ground farming festival. Lock ons+ ai nosegun or something. I've got the certs on the side to buy the darn lock ons (which I refused to do so before). And the funny part is that new pilots still won't be able to kill me, but depending on how this goes, other pilots might not attack each other and simply revel in pounding ground together.

    I don't know who this "outfit mate" of yours is, but go look at this stats on time spent flying. Bet it doesn't amount to much.

    Because you blind yourself in your hatred of the air game, you can't see the bigger picture.

    I'll leave you on that.
  16. DirArtillerySupport

    In another reality had we been given mouse yaw from day one would this change to air controls been more or less pronounced to those that used it? I have little to no idea what this patch did to air because I don't fly. Had I been a mouse yaw user straight out of PS1 would this last patch been more noticeable or less noticeable?
  17. Eyeklops

  18. Kristan

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  19. SovietSandwhich

    Jawarisin, I am unhappy like a lot of people about the changes to the air game, but there are constructive ways to go about trying to make a change, such as giving input to the devs and/or rallying people behind your opinion all the while basing things on facts and good reason, wether the devs listen or not is another matter, but for your opinion to matter to anyone you cant discount others.

    I have repeatedly seen you say words to the effect of "well you just didnt notice the change because you suck, and you dont fly anyway because you suck, and I'm better than you at the ground game too"

    Of course no one is going to listen to you mate, because you're behaving like an arsehole.

    Think about that one would you?

    If you want your opinion to be valued, even among people who have different views than you, then the first thing you must not do is belittle them and what they have to say.

    Now all this being said, as I have already stated, I am very unhappy with the changes that they've made, but that doesn't mean I should act like a complete bellend about it. There are means and ways by which you go about change, and telling people that they dont know what they're talking about because they suck and you're better than them is not the way to go about it.
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  20. Taemien


    That's right boys and girls. The reason why players are blowing up the forums are because they don't know how to click options. The so called skynights that are complaining are propably pretty crappy pilots that crash in the warpgate 9 out of 10 times. So point and laugh.

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