What people don't understand about this patch...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jawarisin, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Jawarisin

    would you mind quoting his first post please? I just sound like an *** because I'm speaking the truth. But hey, go look at his first post. Tell me it was either constructive, polite, well thought or even using any shred of brain power.

    And sadly, it's true. Before I said 5 times as effective, I went to look at his stats, and 5 is the number. Minimum. If saying the truth makes me sound like an ***... so be it.

    And what do you expect. Someone spent 1 hour flying when others have 1000 hours, and they'll tell the ones with 1000 hours to "suck it up" because nothing changed? Those people are idiots, and if I'm an *** for telling so, then you should ponder on the subject.

    As far as believing me... Bah. The ones I care about see it, some people might understand, some won't. In the end anyways, those that don't understand are inconsequential to me for multiple reasons.

    See for instance this guy:

    He's the one insulting pilots. And truth be told, I'm pretty sure I'm 4 times as effective as he is at anything he does in this game; no only air. Do you want me to try to reason with them? No, they suck and all they can do is try to insult others to bring them below them.

    There's a difference between a good player saying something and a bad one saying something. I'll listen to a good player if he says there's something wrong, but a bad one probably wouldn't know anyway. Kind of like if you listened to everybody in bronze in League of Legends... You must listen to those who know better, the diamond/challenger players.
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  2. Archiadus

    I doubt that all the ace pilots will quit playing on my server but if they do it'll be a great boost to my enjoyment of the game, no more rotating my wrist around in silly ways to try and keep my Walker aim on them, no more fearing those scary super coordinated hit squads and no more watching my poor flying newbies get blasted out of the sky within seconds of take-off.

    In fact, if all the good pilots leave it'll be nothing but free cert pinatas in the sky finally allowing me to get an auraxium medal on some of these launchers that have been collecting dust for ages. :D

    Anyway, I'm fairly certain that the real good pilots will adept to the change.
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  3. Goretzu

    They initally coded the PS4 version seperately (or rather, I guess, worked off a non-Live version of existing PS2 code to intially get everything working on the PS4), but they merged them back a while ago now.

    Given that PS4's and indeed XBOX One's (which DBGs suggested they are targetting now too) are basically just single-spec PCs it almost certainly doesn't make any financial sense to run completely seperate codes for each (as you start having direct coding, maintance and bug fixing costs for each seperate entity).

    Ui and such is likely easier/less work to maintain seperately (although I wouldn't bet against that being harmonised either) than core stuff.

    It is not that it can't be done, I just don't think their accountants/managers will say it is a good idea, when the alternative is likely saving significant $$$'s for (from their point of view) pretty limited downsides, where as the alternative (I would guess) isn't likely to make them more $$$'s than they would lose in costs running seperate codes.

    The downside is that the PC version will be like a tail on the Console Donkey (and follow it wherever it goes), the upside is that development should go straight into the PC version as soon as the Console(s) version.
  4. CNR4806

    While DBG has made the change, it is the Sky Knights who doomed themselves into their current situation where no one comes to their defense.

    All of that smug talk, all of that superiority complex, everything they did since the dawn of this game has alienated the rest of the playerbase, turning rational discussions of air power into pointless flamefests and ****** stroking competitions and turning themselves into the enemies of the entire playerbase minus themselves.

    What else can I say? Get good, adapt, L2P, perhaps?
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  5. 00000000000000000000

    Don't argue with Jawa, its just a game of pigeon chess.
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  6. MikeyGeeMan

    Yes what they didn't tell us is that we will now be able to see many more improvements and changes because they have merged their code bases successfully.

    Change is good. It gives me hope to see more in the game in terms of content, gameplay, and continue to make the game better.

    They did this in a few months time. As a dev professionally, it takes usually 6 mos to merge a large code base. They did it in a fraction of the time.

    You can cry or adapt. I prefer to adapt. Its much less stressful. Although reading through these posts made me laugh milk through my nose.
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  7. BlueSkies

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  8. Shadowofsteel

    You, my fellow soldier, have just earned a whole box of internet cookies. Enjoy.
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  9. MikeyGeeMan

    There's your biggest reason for the issues we do have...ahem. Your listening to the wrong audience. Half those people are willing to quit the game at the drop of a hat. Taking input from the mos eisley of the internet is just bad business. They represent such a minority of the playerbase, its laughable.

    Vision people vision. Have one and implement, following what those mental midgets say will kill ya. Be game designers not consultants taking reqs from people that don't know what they really want is the fastest way to making a steaming pile of code.
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  10. zuka7

    Any person that fly's will tell you the same thing because emulating PS4 game pad on to the mouse is BS. It is funny to see people cheering this change, but when this change comes to vehicles and infantry will you cheer then because maintainability must be achieved.
  11. Kaeyz

    Well Jawarisin, you said that "Because you blind yourself in your hatred of the air game, you can't see the bigger picture.".

    I can't deny that my previous post might have been venomous, I do have tendency of being sarcastic when I'm amused, fact that I'm allergic to certain type of attitude didn't ease the venom either. Yet I have to say that I can only wish you that everybody who raises arguments in terms of air balance would be as "blinded in hatred towards air game" as I am.

    For two reasons mainly.

    First of all, I have one rule that I go by whenever I formulate my opinions or statements : "Credit where it's due". For example one thing I genuinely hate in this game would be Crutch Assault class as I call it, more commonly known as HA. Not because I can't kill them, but because by my standards overshield is simply dumb mechanic as it is. Nonetheless I did my part as dedicated infil, and found ways to kill them, long before EMP changes which made them what they should be according to their descriptions.

    Currently I can say with straight face, that I'm able to outgun hostile HA 90% of time, regardeless whether I approach from side, back or blasphemously right in their overshielded face, as long as I play within my personal playstyle. However there are those rare 10% occasions of course, when even while within my playstyle I die in fair or even unfair 1v1 in my favour against HA. As I played for a while and spoke to some of those folks I've attributed main source of it to latency, mine is pathetic for FPS standards in this game so at times I can't simply aim fast enough to accommodate for way faster visual character movement of theirs if they have 3x less latency than I do. Yet what is even more interesting apart of how latency differences work, is inconsistency with it.

    I've faced people who also had 3x less latency than me, yet they couldn't kill me even if I approached their HA up front from 50m. Granted, latency plays a rather significant role within it, sure but latency won't give them any good if they don't have good reflexes themselves along with decent aim. Therefore, I do respect such rare players since they had to be at equal to mine basic fps skill at least to utilize said latency in first place. Despite me genuinely hating the class, I do give credit where it's due.

    Now, to second reason. This one is actually ironic, since my "air hate" would be basically the best kind you could expect from a non-pilot person ; it oscillates around a2g'ers, lockons*, and gank squads. Would it stop me from shooting down pilot who's roaming around high not bothering ground at certain moment? No. Mainly because I've seen way too many times such flyer at flight ceiling suddenly diving to vulture a kill on an innocent AV harasser which was smoking due to either harasser wars, or even engaging multiple MBTs with certain degree of success.

    * I personally deem lockons in general as basically skilless weapon, sans lack of ACTUAL act of aiming which requires leading, adjustments and the like. It doesn't mean that I care for "honour code noseguns only" in a2a. As far as I'm concerned everything that kills a2g is fair game. If anything in terms of vehicular play I'd describe myself as Harasser driver. I've encountered clever use of g2h[ground 2 hara ;< ] lockons, I also managed to find a counter.

    Continuing with second reason, to further the irony I'm type of "air hater" who actually bothered to both cert out his esf, and learn manoeuvres enough to be capable in a2a to certain degree, yes hate air game enough to learn it. Amusing isn't it? Despite that my reaver is more or less gathering dust for a while, mainly because I enjoy much more driving a harasser or infantry play so I didn't bother so far to learn "dogfighting" by heart. Not to mention that my blood-thirst against a2g esf can be quenched to satisfiable degree with my beloved AA Harasser, why would I care about A2A if they just flyby and don't seem like a threat vulturing around? Waste of time with current AA range/efficiency, not to mention ammo.

    I said previously I don't really care about flight controls, they probably can be adjusted to sustainable levels at the moment and most likely will undergo more changes as per developments statement in update note if I recall correctly.

    Lastly I'll adress issue of my outfit mate and statistics which you like to bring up frequently. I never intended to bring up his statistics, mainly because they ain't mine and giving unnecessary advertisement or dragging him to discussion by name I'd consider rude. Main point of it was extremely beloved on these forums as I've seen "strawman argument", to provoke idea of adjustment and consideration rather than flipping the table at first sign of change. I've seen what he's capable of and that's enough for me to consider such argument as plausible to use it as example of attitude.

    As it is for statistics themselves, yeah statistics are nice, neat mathematical and all. Yet there are minor details about them, they can't work in void, and in gamewise terms, they mainly show consistency. If my memory serves still, while ago on infil forum you made a thread regarding SMG hipfire/ADS choices, with specific statistics requirements appeal, that people posting there should meet. I didn't bother at time, since most of time I don't care about overall statistics. However I extend an invitation for you to check my current statistics for 2 SMG's I've used. Cyclone about which I didn't care since I've auraxed it, and Blitz which I've recently bought to try something new, hell I've even played with it as IF I would be HA with overshield without speed penalty while simultaneously being on drugs inducing speed. So yeah, I disregarded flanking for most time and going for sweet killstreaks just rushing like idiot newb infil into A point through 48-96+ hostiles just cutting through them. Still met your minimal requirements there mostly, yet if you'd judge my ability only by skewed stats from Cyclone which I've switched to my akbar-engie go-to loadout after auraxing... You'd probably deem my say in said topic worthless. Statistics can be helpful, however can't be read in void the same way as arguments require thought to be analysed instead of assumed.

    As a fun fact I'll add that I could even play devils' advocate providing arguments in favour of air, merely because I like logic and discussions in general, thing is as far as I see situation is being slightly overhyped. Oh as my personal opinion as well, if someone regards themselves as pilot or even Pilot, it's acceptable in my terms on grounds of politeness however invention of terms like "skyknight/skygods/referring to everyone else as peasants"...

    To put it bluntly, there is nothing wrong in being eccentric or honest. Yet overlyblown ego, and wilful antagonization of your readers... Well it's kinda silly, that's why I deem your recent threads in my own opinion as amusing, since basically it looks like you're tying yourself a rope around neck, give the end to executioner with words "Let's get this over with" while expecting a pardon with those words. Sounds silly, no?

    Some pilots, they may possess certain level of skill. Problem is, this is a game so despite having certain skillsets, nobody here is a special snowflake. All are unique, therefore nobody is in grand picture which I don't see by your words. Effort put into >mastering< something will be significant for every player, that's the point of mastering something. "Airgame" is merely an element of whole game, so generally ESF users' elitist attitude is kinda silly.

    ^Disclaimer : percentages in CA/HA example are based upon my impressions while I play with care, they might be exaggerated for sake of argument.

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  12. MikeyGeeMan

    Tho argument is called the slippery slope.

    That once you go down this path catastrophic changes will occur. They use the same argument style in political races and religious zealots...first they take this, then next thing you know we are all gonna die....ahhh Armageddon.

    Its designed to get people all worried.
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  13. CursoryRaptor

    Don't bother, friend. I tried to do the whole question-the-argument-not-the-person-making-it thing with him before and to no avail whatsoever.

    I suspect that he's either one of those people who thrive on confrontation to the extent that they actively seek it out, or he's a hopeless elitist who believes that those who lack stats equivalent to his own are beneath anybody's attention, even that of their peers, and their opinions and advice should never be heeded.

    Spare yourself the effort; if he ever learns this lesson, it'll probably have to be the hard way, unfortunately.
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  14. zuka7

    It is not catastrophic. Most people will adapt. Some players will leave because of these "no option gamepad control implementation maintainability" after everyone relearns new controls and muscle memory sets we are then left with PlayStation 4 controls and super emulator for the PC. Any time PlayStation crowd request a change it will affect infantry controls, vehicles controls and flight controls on the PC directly. It is funny, sad and I pity those cheering and welcoming PlayStation 4 gamepad controls emulated for the PC EXCLUSIVE.
  15. z1967

    Don't be silly. They changed the way the physics and responses work for aircraft and the change can be fixed by a setting in the options tab, at most a 1 minute fix.

    Its really only an issue because most pilots can't RM to the options tab :p
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  16. zuka7

    I had to lower my sensitivity from .5 to .4 just to be able to maintain aim with yaw and pitch nvm about accuracy and muscle memory.
    I have also gotten no response from inputs and stuck controls.
  17. Hatesphere

    I will take the safe bet and tell you that probibly more then 50% of the PC gaming world runs with poorly implemented mouse acceleration turned on at the moment, and they dont even notice ( not that you cant adapt to that). I'm not cheering the change, but I honestly dont think the infantry side of things is going to get the same work over. It's far easier to adapt infantry controls and maintain the same look and feel (been done like a 100 times already), then adapt 6-DOF fight controls to a new controller friendly physics model.
  18. Jawarisin

    I never asked you to tell me his stats. I told YOU to go look at them. I don't need to see them to know. It was for you to see it yourself, and understand what I'm saying.

    Right now, as I said, the only thing those changes might do is that I'll focus towards farming a2g while I'll see if I can get a truce with every pilot around. If I can't get fun in the air anymore, I'll at least farm as much as I can and re-make those thousands and thousands of certs I spent into my aircrafts.

    You got good memory. And if you recall that thread, I asked only for 1 weapon meeting the requirements. I understand people like some weapon more than others, or simply improve along the way.

    Stats are pretty good indicators if you take them all together. One at a time, they don't mean much. But all together, they make quite a good picture. But the reason I can bring up stats is exactly that. People criticise, but when in EVERY single aspect your stats are superior, it shows something. If k/d was higher but kph lower, you could say one plays more defensively. But when every single stat is higher, it's usually a good indicator.

    The problem is that some people think they mastered everything. I can honestly say, and if you read me you'll see I've said it plenty of times - I'm not a tanker. I can't hit air for jack. I can follow a zerg well enough, and do a little on my own; but I lack experience. Hence why I sent PMs to someone I know who's got tens of thousands of kills in an MBT about what I should get as upgrades etc etc.

    But some people can't fathom not being good at everything, or sometime, they simply are not good. I'm sure they've got plenty of things in life they are great at, but video games maybe just isn't one (doesn't stop anybody from enjoying them). And when those people try to play know-it-all. Not only is it easy to see, but some people might actually believe them. So no matter how much of an *** I sound like, I prefer telling what's what.
    But if someone who knows what they are talking about voices an opinion that's opposite to mine, I'm fully willing to accept it. For instance, in the guide I did for SMG infil, Yehhhg said he prefered compensator and actually liked the PDW with it.
    So I bought it, and got hundreds of kills with it. Just because if I didn't agree, I needed at least some experience of how it felt in-game. I turned out to be very surprised to say the least.

    This thread in particular was to tell people that whatever happened to the air game as coming to the tank side too. And that rejoicing like idiots simply because they hate air isn't going to make it any better for them in the long run.
    In the end though, I'll still kill inexperienced pilots in the air, but I might just ditch my no-lock-on rule. And go with AI nosegun+lock ons and become a ground farmer.
    I can play infantry, and I do, and I love it. So I won't leave the game (or at least I don't think so). But pretending those changes are a good thing is simply dumb. The reason is that those changes weren't made for us, they were made for the ps4.

    So yeah, in the end, for me, I loose a very fun part of the game. But I won't be the worst off from it. But it does frustrate me how daft people can be.

    RM uh.... Why don't you try "rm -rf /" in powershell (or admin cmd). I'm sure you'll get to an option tab... cough*

    PS: I'd feel bad if you actually did this. DO NOT TYPE THIS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES
  19. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Pictured: Jawarisin's house

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  20. z1967

    Please don't tell me I am gonna have to make a tutorial on how to get into the options tab. Or how to edit the .ini file...

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