What people don't understand about this patch...

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  1. Jawarisin

    Hey guys, there's already a reddit post about this, but I'll just re-say it here, in other words and maybe add a few things.

    There is many groups in game, some play infantry, tanks, air, jack of all trades and skyknights. Here's the thing many don't understand though, skyknights aren't the one to farm ground. They are the one cleaning up the guys farming the ground. Becase a2a is where we get most of our fun.
    How this impacts you? Losing all the top pilots means more ground pounding -> Getting farmed by air much more.

    Then there's the issue of analog keybinds. If they did it to air, what makes you think ground will not get on the list eventually? Beta forum has been complaining about tank aiming a lot...
    How this impacts you?Every single aspect of the game's going to get affected eventually.

    For those of you who know the old system, you probably already know this. But it used to take up to 20 minutes if not more before you had the ressources to pull an aircraft. It could even take more. Skyknights still pulled, still died and suffered through it. None of us were good from the get-go. So imagine waiting 30 minutes for an aircraft instead of 7. Imagine how hard it was before. So believe it or not, but skyknights are some of the most dedicated players. And yet, DBG showed no respect even when a lot of us paid way more than our share of money for this game.
    How this impact you? DBG won't care about how much you paid, how loyal or anything like that.

    And that's just the tip of it. For those interested in the reddit post:
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  2. Kristan

    ... more place for not so top players that stood no chance against those "skygods".

    Stop whining.
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  3. HadesR

    It took you this long to realize that ?
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  4. Goretzu

    They were always going to prioritise the PS4 version over the PC version (after they deemed the PC version "failed") and since SOE has being sold by Sony this is likely even more the case as they'll (DBGs) likely be wanting to put out an XBOX version out too (as they see consoles as the $$$).

    It completely sucks for PC players, but realistically it has been on the cards since they announced the PS4 version. :(

    They already changed tanks to make them more console friendly ages ago (and may very well do so again).
  5. stalkish

    So whinning about it in multiple threads isnt enough and youve now started scare mongering to drum up support.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures i suppose.
    This is why you dont dedicate yourself to 1/3 of a combined arms MMO.
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  6. breeje

    well something needed to be done
    there was no chance for the new players to get in the air
    and all those new PS4 players are going to pay more then the couple diehard sky knights
    even for me it's not easy to fly and stay alive for long on the PC
    because i don't have the hours in the air and i can't get any now
    as soon one of the sky nights comes i am death

    now before you say this is the PC side of the game
    the PC and PS4 game play needs to be the same
    and some PC players (sky knights) will go to the PS4
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  7. orangejedi829

    The controls are different, not broken.
    Most people will adapt.
    Those who don't will probably quit air, post an angry thread on the forums, and leave space for people who are new to the air game and thus unaffected by the control change to fill the gaps.
    In other words, the air game won't 'die'.
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  8. entity009

    I dont understand why the pc and ps4 controls need to the be the same......are the ps4 players going to be playing with us on the pc servers?
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  9. orangejedi829

    I believe they said it was for 'maintenance reasons' or something like that. That is, they don't want two different code branches to deal with.
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  10. Geddes

    seems like every post in favor of this change is a non pilot
  11. Danath

    Seriously? You made another post on the same issue just to say "have pity on us"?
    I gotta say, those are distorted memories.
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  12. Jawarisin

    Haha, I'm still drastically better than you on infantry... Seems like you're only good at the easy mode of the 1/3. Yay.
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  13. stalkish

    keep banging that drum Jawa.
    Keep banging.

    Id also like to know your metrics for 'better' just for future reference so i can compare players.
  14. Jawarisin

    better kdr, better accuracy, better kph, better everything really.
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  15. Liewec123

    you're making so much noise over what will equate to maybe a week or 2 of getting used to the change.
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  16. stalkish

    Lol ok m8, whatever you say.
    Funny thing is tho when i look at it you dont.....
    But im going to guess your refering to 3rd party websites that scew stats in order to show the website owners in a bright light.

    And when it all boils down to it what does that have to do with anything.
    Your feeling the pinch due to air control changes due to the fact you spend too much time in air compared to the other 2/3 of the game. Not my fault you cant admit to it and throw ******** around in a vain atempt to relinquish your own responsibility for it.

    Carry on tho Jawa, i find your posts hilarious i realy do.
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  17. Jawarisin

    Lol'd. You know I'm right and it's not the first time I pounded you in the dust. @dasanfall_stats
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  18. FnkyTwn

    Where were the Sky Knights when they came for the knives? Knife Lords will never forgive or forget Sky Knights betrayal. Well established rules and treaties have been torn asunder. The roof is on fire.
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  19. stalkish

    What like the time you told me my 95 hrs in a lib wernt enough to comment on lib vs skyguard balance.
    Even tho you have less than an hour in a lightning and probably dont even have the skyg certed, yet somehow that qualifies you to speak about a skyguard.....

    This is what io mean about funny, you make me laugh man you realy do, pounded me into dust :confused: now i know your about 12 for sure.

    I knew youd refer to das-cheese stuff not included-anfall.
    Keep on keeping on.

    O and btw, whether your better or not i realy dont care at all in the slightest, its a game man you might want to get out more, try tasting some ***** once in a while, you might like it.

    And youve also failed to say why it actualy matters in the slightest to the discussion at hand.
    Spend too much time in aircraft and youll be hindered when controls are changed, spend time doing each aspect of the game and you wont be as affected, not sure what that has to do with stats at all tbh, but if thats your answer to every comment then whatever kid, keep arguing '2+2=5 because im better than you' im sure youll go far in life.
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  20. FLHuk

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA CAN'T FARM INFANTRY LIKE YESTERDAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA oh and I can't sky joust as well either but I don't really care about that bit as much.....