What people don't understand about this patch...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jawarisin, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. MikeyGeeMan

    Does a double stick controller work with the games? I bet the accel and decel would be cool on the harassers. And variable aim controls so you can whip it around or go fine control on it...gonna try it tonight .
  2. Czarinov

    No stats linked? I thought so.

    I don't think you understood. If you don't care about game mechanics or its changes, you should leave and play something simple. You won't feel any difference. I wonder what this has to do with CoD or the majority of the community.
  3. Jawarisin

    scrubs being scrubs. Scrub one day, scrub forever.
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  4. CursoryRaptor

    I've seen much nastier attitudes on this forum.

    Anyway, if Czar is pissed about the direction things are going, he has every right to rant about it. And let's be honest, we can all be kinda harsh when we're pissed, so maybe cut him a little slack.
  5. CursoryRaptor

    Easy there, tiger. If he doesn't know what he's talking about, the people who do will know better. No need for this to get personal.

    Besides, I really doubt that he doesn't have any reason to believe what he believes.
  6. Badname82

    Jumping Jesus on a Pogo Stick there is nothing wrong with Vehicle combat. Judging by the amount of ESFs still being flown there is nothing wrong with Air combat. Most people adapt and move on. The rest just run to the forums.

    Arnold, as always, has appropriate wisdom for this situation:

    Ya'll have been crying about the impending death of the game for two years now. Keep on crying.
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  7. Mianera

    Right then, I'll explain.

    I do care about the game mechanics because they are part of what makes the game enjoyable and playable. I simply do not believe that adding acceleration to flight controls and slightly decreasing them from what they used to be is such a big deal to start raging, quitting or writing goodbye letters. Because I'm a adult and I can handle change.

    I also do not believe that this was a decision made lightly. No developer sat there and went "Yea, imma do diz 2 s33 how maeny peps i can p*ss off lol, kthxbai". The reason was explained. In the patch notes and on reddit. This happened for a reason.

    I understand that this may come as a negative insertion to the game for some, but since this is such... a minor... thing... I think that we as a community should accept it and move on. Because we are the gamers, the consumers. Not the artists and the creators. And neither of us get to say anything to the marketing department anyhow.

    Then there's the issue of the "no tollerance" policy towards console users and those with gamepad/joysticks. Yes, the mouse and keyboard is superior in most scenarios as far as controls go but that doesn't mean we should shun those that enjoy other controllers. If you must know why, then the answer is because that is simply plain ignorant and ridiculous.

    Now on to the stats part. See, the reason I don't link stats is because they mean absolutely nothing.

    Let's start with K/D. K/D is the most useless stat there is in any game. Because of the variety of weapons, classes, vehicles and last but least the fun stuff you can have, K/D cannot impact anything here. Because not everyone plays competitively.
    It is pretty simple, if you want a high K/D to boast and brag that absolutely no one anywhere will care about, you can go sniper and farm in a tree on Hossin or go with Aircrafts and farm low pop continents/tiles. That way you can litterally have a K/D of over 80 without any issues.
    But the thing is, no one cares and it's not as if you are even rewarded. K/D would matter if it was the same infantry class against the same infantry class. Or same vehicle against same vehicle. But Planetside 2 has such a huge variety of gameplay, that it simply impossible to say if someone qualifies as a pro, noob or casual. But none of that matters, because it is about having fun.
    Some prefer to die 5 times and then finally get that C4 on 2 MAX's which evidentally allows the faction to push through onto a point. Or killing that sundy in a suicide run. In the end, it is all about having fun.

    Now onto accuracy. Another pointless stat which doesn't mean a thing, because we all sometimes takes shots at targets where a good portion of our bullets will miss. Because ammo has no value and we so rarely reach the point where we are actually out of ammo. Many weapons are spray and pray and very few require burst fire control. I am yet to meet a frikken person who wouldn't shoot his weapon because he was worried that the target was not within his weapons optimal range and might lower his accuracy stat. As for ESF accuracy, we gun at targets at all ranges, both aircrafts, ground vehicles and even infantry. And we cannot say that we should judge others on any of those stats due to the huge variety of weapon selection in the gameplay as well as different scenarios.

    Now to the part where "I should leave and play something simple". This is meant as a pointless insult which cannot be backed by any argument. Because I do not share your despair and point of view you actually want me to leave game. How narrowminded is that? Is everything your way or the highway? Seriously?

    This is what I mean with CoD attitude. Someone, who cannot tollerate others opinions and shuns everyone who disagrees or shares the same mindset with childish remarks. Someone who above all else will flash their K/D and other stats to try and prove to a gaming community that because of their "stats" they have more to say, are nearly always right and demand acknowledgement and respect. Can you see how you might fall into that category?

    Overall, this update should be considered a slight nerf to aircrafts, especially ESF's. But the airgame continues. People are still flying. These things happen, sometimes things get a nerf and sometimes they get a buff. All these things are done for the greater good. So we shouldn't be naive and assume that everything is done to ruin our specific gameplay.

    Because listen, in the end this game is all about having fun. And I guarantee you that you can still have fun in the airgame regardless of this update. You can call up your buddies, chat on teamspeak/skype, make a ESF wolfpack and roam a continent hunting just like before. You can fly solo and farm low pop areas, just like before. You can pick 1v1 fights and give rage tells afterwords to the winner/loser, just like before. I mean, even calling this a nerf should be considered rude. Because ESF could have been hit far far harder and things could'ave been a LOT worse. Think back to the other things that have been nerfed or had their controls adjusted. This was really minor.

    Now on to why I have no respect for people that decide to ragequit, write goodbye letters or start havoc on forumside over this. It is because they are simply ******** over their gameplay becoming more challenging, limited, fair or balanced. They cannot handle giving up what they were used to, typically an advantage or playstyle and therefore they spew garbage out of their mouths with no regard for the greater good as long as their personal demands are met. That is so frikken selffish.

    So let me tell you this. If this has truly effected you so deeply, emotionally and ruined your gameplay so that you can no longer find a aspect of fun in this game, then perhaps it is you who should quit. If the airgame means so much to you, then look into simulator games, they offer a lot more than this game where flight controls are severely limited anyway.

    PS: Don't let the door hit you on the way out kiddo ;)
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  8. Jawarisin

    Well I kind of feel bad for this, but I gotta do what I gotta do, even if you gave me a "like" for what I think was a mistake on your part (you were actually the one I was calling a scrub, because you didn't show your stats). I'm terribly sorry for the miss-understanding though, I hate feeling like I betrayed someone :/

    Anyways, moving on to the actual point... Would cutting both your legs and arms be a good idea? I mean, you CAN handle change... right?
    I mean, they added it to vanguard and prowlers too. Now people with over 30 000 kills (most likely more than your whole account) on one tank alone feel like it's not fun to tank anymore. And that's affecting only their aiming. Imagine aim AND movement.

    As for stats, one stat alone doesn't mean much, but put together, they are a very good indicator. If I linked yehhh1g stats and mine or most other random players, you wouldn't even need to see us play to conclude that yehhh1g is way better.

    The only reason you and people are scared to show their stats is because they don't have good ones. So they find all kind of excuses to avoid doing it. Exactly because they don't want to deal with it like an adult... rings a bell?

    PS: Sorry once again, feel free to remove that "like" I feel like it was miss-placed :/
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  9. CursoryRaptor

    Excellent points and a well thought out and well written argument. But this last sentence was beneath you.
  10. Bearlover

    Free to play and supposedly still "beta", meaning the game will always be subject to change. So they removed your " favorite toy", now you think you can't play the game and fear to ruin your so called K/D because you are MLG.

    You can either:

    Cry because less hand holding
    Cry more because you are not being spoon fed


    You can be realistic, join the rest of us, man up and deal with it. Try other things, if it does not work out, try another class, try another tactic. The game does not revolve around a single type of combat, its combined arms.


    Quit playing, wait for another patch because you could not learn to adapt.
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  11. Czarinov

    The thing is he stated that he would still play like it's alright WHATEVER they would do to the game. I don't think anyone whose aim is to be good or get better at the game would say anything like this. Now don't get me wrong. I don't throw dirt on people because of bad stats. Everyone starts somewhere. But I don't have respect for clueless players either.

    You wrote quite some text just to explain me why you WON'T link your stats. And ending it with a "here kiddo I showed ya". While in fact you acted like a total coward.

    Has nothing to do with adult or handling changes. Also this is a lie. You already told me that you wouldn't care about any changes to whatever they are done. If you had to aim by jumping over 10 pixels, you would still be happy that you got to click the mouse and die. This is the reason why you play. You just need to feel like you do something on the battlefield, while in fact... well I don't wanna get banned, so finish the sentence yourself.

    I know why the did. It doesn't matter I should be quite about it. There are different parts of community. A minor change to you, a major change to me. And you don't even realize they implemented intended bugs into ESF controls (and other parts of gameplay). Why would I be happy my keyboard is disabled after I moved my mouse or that sometimes my crosshair pixel jumps? But you wouldn't know or understand the problems, would you. PS I have nothing against consoles.

    Excuses everywhere. And very incorrect. Stats while not a precise measure of skill can tell quite a lot about a player. For example if your KDR =< 1, you're doing it wrong. You're not helping your team by dying more than you kill. You may say you're a peaceful engi or medic, supporting his team, but in such case you have NO say at all at balance or gameplay. Simply because you're not using all the game mechanics.

    On your own example. If you died 5 times before getting a C4 onto a max, it means you let some enemy survive or even get through those 5 times and kill your other teammates. It also means that you're probably not using your brains as a player, running mindlessly into suicide without changing tactics. Or going tryhard because you're pissed at someone. Meanwhile the enemy already took another base. I'm speculating here, but you get the point. Dying 5 times in a row and getting that max might not mean anything good at all for your team. And if it was a REAL hardcore to get that MAX and you really needed to use all your skillset - getting classic infantry players must be a piece of cake for you. But this is not the case, because your stats are very bad and you spend more time on redeploy screen than on a battlefield.

    No. This was a simple fact. You showed me that you didn't care about game mechanics (not my fault if you expressed your opinion incorrectly) and I see no reason why such players can even have a forum acc.

    Usually players with above baseline stats (speaking of KDR and SPM mostly) are good at least at something in the game. Be it supporting teammates, holding a point, destroying tanks. On the opposite side, players with low stats almost never manage to learn any gameplay aspect, they are also often misinformed, their balance views are always biased. They can't tell what needs balance because they die to EVERYTHING. Let's say you killed that 1 MAX after dying 5 times. Do you think you need to be praised for it? You didn't killed 20 next Maxes and you got killed by 40 infantry players since you never learned how to control a recoil. By the way - controlling your gun and being able to aim always leads to above baseline KDR.

    Yeah. And I'm still flying. And I'm not quitting. Tho I will try to give devs a hard time because they deserve it. Besides a no-notes nerfs / stealth gameplay changes is a clear disrespect.

    I love challenge. The one that can prepare for. I love high skill / high reward gameplay. Some nerfs are bad if they limit skill. This is what happened to ESFs. You must realize my enemies also had higher variability of their own aiming / maneuvering. And as I wrote in other thread, newbies will STILL get rekt by top pilots, same as before (and there is nothing bad in it, this is how you learn).

    There is no other game with flight system like there is in PS2. PS2 airgame combines maneuvering AND aiming. I am a BF3 jet veteran where it was all about speed control and correct timing of maneuvers. PS2 combat is much more interesting in terms of skill components. If there was a dedicated PS2 style air combat game, I would gladly play it.

    Well, I see I really got to you.

    PS funny thing is you and some people telling others to adapt and not cry while still not realizing what a bad bug has been added INTENTIONALLY when your keyboard or mouse keys would get DISABLED or that using keys has a ramp up function. No, you have no idea, because you don't fly unless it's a transportation. Tho you have the nerve to tell people to adapt. What a joke. This bug is beyond stupid and you still defend the change.
  12. Goretzu

    Honestly I doubt this will be the end of it, if the PS4 version does well, what works there is what will happen here.

    It's a bit like when they totally ruined Deus Ex 2 (compared to Deus Ex) by making it for consoles, but that's just how it is $$$'s rule the world. :(
  13. Mianera

    Not at all man, I love the word and use it a lot myself xD Thought the statement was funny, hence the like and after all we are entitled to write what we believe is right and wrong. Was simply voicing my own opinion :)
  14. Dowlphin

    This is one more of so many things all following a common epic theme. I'm actually too tired of it to write an essay again, but you'll know what it is that messes things up, especially in gaming, especially in MMOs.
    I make such an immense effort to practice tolerance and acceptance and keep asking myself whehter I can handle various things in a more relaxed way, and I succeed, and you know what happens then? ... More and more crap!
    If they don't respect the people who give them money, respect them through action, then they need proper feedback. There are so many things about PS2 in this context that are appalling - as there are with other games, too, like WoW, to name one other prominent example.
    It's lunacy. They're running a f2p game and then shower us with encouragement for not paying money on it. The suits who are experts at messing things up don't understand the human factor, since they have suppressed it in themselves.
    I would laugh if these aggressive efforts to pander to the PS4 version of the game would destroy the revenue figures of the PC version.

    I mostly agreed with when people said that PS2 is "worth saving", that it's kinda unique. But you know what? It seems this is being exploited. And currently, after they had the audiacity to add yet another massive annoyance to the game - response lag in tank controls - I feel like maybe this game ISN'T worth saving. Because it is being changed into a game that is no longer unique. Because there's nothing unique about a piece of junk.
  15. Celeris

    Basically they are lazy ***** and value their PC playerbase so little that they'd destroy their control scheme for the people who have paid their bills for the last 2 years in order to avoid a little hard work. CNTS!
  16. FieldMarshall

    This can only be healthy for the airgame. I dont think they intended for a handful of players to lock down the airgame for everyone else.
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  17. Dowlphin

    Well, the game is now owned by an investment company. You know their priorities. Raise profits as much as possible without utterly nuking the product. Dump the inconvenient long-time customers who remember better times and replace them with the younger generations who have grown up with all the new crap and tolerate more of it.
    AFAIK PS2 was just starting to amortize, and then after the sale of SOE one of the first things they did was getting rid of a big part of the dev team. Just when they were porting it to the PS4. One would think it wiser to do that AFTER that porting effort has been done. But this would only apply if improving the quality of the product was a priority.
  18. Dowlphin

    What do you think they accomplish? It's just a matter of time before people get used to changed controls and then you have the same situation again. Following the policy of lowest-common-denominator in order to provide equality is what plagues MMOs. Games are intentionally created problems in order to provide the joy of overcoming them. Applying a problem-solving approach defeats the purpose.

    That being said, current status is that the aircraft controls seem to be very close to how they were; Apparently they just decided to release every new crappy change right away and then measure the level of outrage for deciding whether they have to do a better job. They have done the same with tank turret controls now.
  19. Rayden78

    There is a flaw in your argument, if really all good pilots leave that means that the reminding ground farmers are bad pilots and therefore easy fooder for AP and skyguards.
  20. Celeris

    DBG just needs to roll back the game to the point BEFORE the resource "revamp" and just not touch it any more, they have shown themselves to be utterly inept at game design and implementation since they sacked the only seemingly competent staff when DBG took over. The game has taken a massive nosedive in playability, I've already unsubbed my all access, I'm I'm sure as **** not going to give them any more money while the game is and continues to be run into the goddamn ground.

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