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  1. FocusLight

    First of all, to all sky-knights whining about the new air/vehicle movement - F yourselves. You deserve all the chance to adapt as everyone else and you are not entitled to ANYTHING, nor are anyone else, and you seem to be the only ones unable to see this.

    I'm a mediocre pilot. I can't dog-fight like sky-knights but I handle my aircraft more than well enough to do any job required of me, and that is IMHO the important part here. With this new patch aircraft and vehicles became EASIER for me to use because the movements are both smother and more controllable. This has been a constant theme from everyone who's offered feed-back on this - it's either easier for them to handle, or it's harder. If the vainglorious sky-knights find it consistently harder to move, that's a GOOD THING - it means you all get the chance to adapt and prove yourselves the better pilots - once again - all the while everyone else get a chance to advance to the same level.

    This means more people in the air that don't just get shot down by you the moment you see them. I would think that more skilled opposition is a good thing, unless these sky-knights who 'sweep the air for the A2G farmers' are actually also farmers themselves, and now are unhappy that it's not so easy anymore?

    DBG has not destroyed the air-game at all. If anything they have revitalized it by making it easier to master than ever before. Strangely however, the one's who should be the most happy about this are the one's whining the loudest.
  2. Goretzu

    To be honest the only reason to ask to see anyones stats is because your arguements don't stand up to scrutiny (trying to undermine the person when you cannot undermine the argument itself is basic debating 101), if your arguements are solid, valid and cojent, you don't need to see anyones stats (or anything else for that matter), as the arguments speak for themselves.

    Don't get me wrong I'll certainly sometimes say that I think someone clearly has no great experience with X or Y, but that would only be ancillary to the explained reality of what they are saying being demonstrably incorrect.

    Or to put it another way you can have all the experience in the world and still be wrong, or have no experience at all and still be 100% right.
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  3. Czarinov

    that is true. However

    1) I'd rather trust or value someone with experience and good stats than the one without.

    2) In threads like "this is OP" I won't trust a player whose argument is based on "they killed me with X -> it's OP".

    In the end seeing the stats of such players (and there are other kinds) just confirms that they have no idea what they write about.

    For example "Tomcats are fine, just use flares. I rush and destroy tomcatters all the time" when in reality it's a fun breaking mechanic. Then you see the guy's flight hours, KDR and weapon usage and it's apparent he's just a lier.
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  4. ronjahn

    I'll complain about this update until they admit that the acceleration changes were implemented into all aspects of the game. They only announced that it was going to impact air. They never mentioned the impact it would have on ground vehicles or infantry gameplay. In my eyes they are complete ******* liars until they announce that this change was implemented for all aspects of the game.

    I don't like being lied to. After 20k vanguard kills, trust me, I know this was changed. If it was a mistake, announce that it was a mistake and give us an idea of when it will be reverted. If it was done intentionally(which I believe it was) then come out and say it. I assure you DGC will not receive a penny of my money until the come out and tell the truth about this one way or another.

    To anyone who is saying this was a nerf to air or a way to get new players into the game, or other such nonsense, get a clue. This was done with none of that in mind. This was done for the sole purpose of making it cheaper and easier for them to update the ps4 and PC versions of the game simultaneously, and that is all.
  5. Jawarisin

    Or because I don't feel like a lengthy debate that would take me longer to explain than it would take them to improve their stats.
    For the same reason a doctor wouldn't waste 5 hours of his time debating with someone seriously claiming that putting grass up your nose cures cancer... Unless that person had extremely good credentials that would be enough to make you question the claim and then maybe do testing/research of his method.

    In a life/death situation, would you trust a doctor that told you to take this pill because it would cure you. Or would you trust someone whom you never heard heard off, had no diplomas/credential and told you to shove grass up your nose (he claims it worked on his garden ants). For the sake of simplicity, let's assume that both solutions are mutually exclusive. That is, you can choose one or another, but not both.
    With your life at stake... "you can have all the experience in the world and still be wrong, or have no experience at all and still be 100% right.". What's your choice?
  6. Klypto

    It's still broken though. 0.3-0.5 seconds of input lag every time you go to make an adjustment on the turret was not an intended feature. I'm not interested in playing with broken things.
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  7. Goretzu

    Again though all you are saying there is "I'm right because I have experience and you cannot be right if you don't".

    Just because a doctor is doing something doesn't make them right - otherwise the entire medical malpractise industry wouldn't exist, a doctor would get you're diagnosis right 100% of the time (where as Emergancy Dept misdiagnosis rates have actually been found to be ~20-40%) and they'd save everyone that could be saved.

    As mentioned that is debating 101 and is, of course, a good trick, but it is just a trick (and once you know what is behind the curtian any trick loses its power) and completely irrelevent to any actual merit to said arguements.
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  8. Goretzu

    Indeed, but his point systems to be "whatever your arguement, it is irrelevent unless you have great stats/better stats than me", which as I said is debating 101, but is also actually complete nonsense.

    If an argument is strong you don't need to play the man rather than the ball/arguement, and conversely if an arguement is weak it can easily be deconstruted as such.

    Especially in a context like this with something as subjective as what was changed and indeed the reason it was changed (which has nothing at all to do with balance or any other real metric - it is simply DBGs doing the most economic thing that they think will bring them most $$$s). Play time and stats and imaginary Unicorn Fish really have nothing at all to do with it (even though we all know imaginary Unicorn Fish would hate this change as none of them play on consoles).

    And in fact many imaginary Unicorn Fish are still currently (as I type this) quite happily adapting to the change and piloting in PC PS2 (saving their species from the very brink of imaginary extinction!).
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  9. QuakerOatsMan

    A mod might wanna just shut this thread down. Too little constructiveness and so much toxicity.

    But just to respond to the OP, I have no idea where that logic comes from. If all "ace"/experienced pilots die off, then supposedly all that should be left are "bad" pilots that are much easier to farm with AA—assuming that either DBG ignores the pilots' pleas to adjust the controls or that pilots can't adapt to the new changes in one way or another in the first place, both of which you seem to present as inevitable for some reason.

    And I've read some of the posts around here. People are supposed to play a game for fun, not to show off their KDRs (such a weird generation.) Having a higher KDR or being "more skilled" does not mean you automatically win any argument. I have no idea what you see in the way you're presenting yourself, but you're not looking very good to the rest of the community right now as a branded "skyknight." While I'd prefer DBG to keep flying fun for all players, you're not helping the cause, especially with your attitude.
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  10. Jake the Dog

    Maybe Im not noticing it as much due to how crappy my comp is, but i've also compensated for it, given how I've got 3.5s to aim. Which seems like forever compared to the other tanks even the .25s faster reload speed FPC. But its all about how the user feels and I tend to view things differently than others nor can I say I tank like everyone else does.

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