Upcoming Tank and Liberator Changes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kevmo, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. Arkenbrien

    I'm very pleased about the turret stabilization. I do believe that the mag should receive a small buff in some form or another, however, as the single advantage was a more stabilized gun platform. Perhaps an omni-burn, hill climbing ability buff, strafe speed increase, or implementation a charge up function to the main cannons + saron to eliminate projectile drop.

    I have my doubts, though, for the plans for the projectile velocity nerfs. This addresses a symptom of the problem, not the actual problem. The problem is not that they tanks are spawn camping, the problem is that there isn't anything else for them to do besides the lone ranger who flanks the farmers. If anything this change will, as my prediction, increase the spamming of MBT weapons, as they are less reliable at getting to the target in/on a base, requiring more shots as compensation for the slow velocity.

    Just my two bits.

    I do think that this two steps in the right direction, if a step back.
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  2. Latrodectus




    Seriously I hate the ridiculous state that Liberators are in right now, but this is like the Harasser all over again. You couldn't just tweak it until it was a reasonable weapons platform, you had to just completely take the hammer to it. Balance needs to be sculpted, but this dev team is a f*cking demolition crew. What a joke.

    I appreciate the Tank Buster nerfs, as those have been a long time coming, but the rest of this is just sad.
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  3. Klypto

    I think it's fine. It only smashes tanks from the rear, and that's because you don't hear it coming until it's already on top of you. The other guns suck though.
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  4. Fortress

    I'm going to need some hard numbers regarding the range nerf to make my opinion, but so far it seems like there is a team in SOE dedicated to making the Viper Lightning into the perfect farmchariot.
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  5. Titan6

    The tank buster nerf is the one thing I don't like, to be honest. If you just made it louder, it wouldn't be such a issue, since even skyguards could just turn once they heard it.

    Plus, you're still leaving the other Liberator nose guns alone, which means, still terrible.
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  6. Tommyp2006

    I feel like if they are finally giving all tanks turret stabilization, then since a stable platform was always the biggest benefit of the Magrider, if they are going to allow the rest of the tanks to go full speed in reverse, maybe the mag should do it in all directions, while reducing the braking speed a bit to keep it from being entirely broken? Idk I feel like the magrider will need a buff of some kind to keep it competitive with the rest of the tanks having stable turrets, though my idea might be too much.
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  7. Leftconsin

    That is a lot of nerfs. Hopefully I can get a cert refund on rival chassis because I bought it for reverse speed increase.

    EDIT: Tanks more involved in battle? How are tanks getting more involved in battles when every time a base get redesigned giant walls go up to lock them out?
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  8. Krokozor

    Hey SOE. Well. Can i get my cash back? Hope your lolpods was come with warranty, it's broke. Completely.
  9. RogueElement

    Wooooo farming equipment nerf? Brace for QQ! Do I use the the things listed? Yes. Do I enjoy 50 kill streaks on helpless noobs? Yes. But overall I believe this is a step in the right direction for the health of the game. A BR1 today now has to deal with **** we never did at launch, namely high level players in fully certed vehicles that know how to abuse every hex on the map. Why would they stick around? Our toys are too effective and we all know it . Fewer and fewer people are logging on, we need new players to come and stay if we want our game to survive. Do you really just want another few months of farming while this game slowly dies off? How fun will your lib be when you log on to a empty server?
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  10. minhalexus

    About tanks:-

    About projectile drop, Magrider should get the least drop to make it fair.
    Or I would have to take this as a magrider nerf.
    Drop should be:- Prowler>Vanguard>Magrider

    With anchored prowler matching the velocity of the Magrider.

    I would like it if tanks were allowed to aim higher, now that the drop is higher.
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  11. Ripshaft

    Hm interesting changes Kevmo, I look forward to seeing the results.
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  12. a-koo-chee-moya

    Well, Welcome to World of Tanks. Lib will now be utterly useless if there are more than 3 tank as you'll probably have to get withing range of being 2 shot to kill them.
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  13. Krokozor

    in the end they nerf tanks and even infantry. and it all be peace arround.
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  14. Outreach


    Because this stuff tends to get over looked a bit because people may not check that area of the forums. There also a bunch of other changes for libs and esf's. But this thread is intended for tank discussion.

    R.I.P. in peace magrider.
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  15. RIctavius

    So how is the magrider being given a bad run?
  16. Scr1nRusher

    The Gameplay will be fine.

    Stop freaking out guys.

    Also Its amusing to see all the people who farmed/Abused with libs/Rocketpods/ HE Tanks raging...... i mean really its quite funny.

    If you actually read the notes they play on giving things better roles etc.
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  17. Krokozor

    Well. All who play planetside 2 know that SOE suck at this.
  18. dciz2legit

    Cause now every tank will perform like a Maggie
  19. Tommyp2006

    Or you could just... Stay above them. Like everybody used to do before the resistance buff.
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  20. Pikachu

    With the liberator sound change I hope they change the sound falloff rather than volume. They did the later on MAX footsteps and its so stupid when you hear other peoples footsteps louder than your own, and the higher volume itself is annoying.
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