Upcoming Tank and Liberator Changes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kevmo, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. whitupiggu

    If this doesn't come with a velocity buff to dumbfires the farm will never end.
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  2. Krokozor

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  3. Stroff

    Making the belly gun rounds slower will not affect the Liberator vs ground balance by much, but instead completly mess up with the current air balance. It's fun to dodge Dalton rounds in an ESF and it's fun trying to Dalton ESFs attacking your Lib. Don't ruin air to air balance with a velocity nerf when it will afect ground vs air balance so little.
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  4. Progapanda

    Belly guns most definately do not need a velocity nerf. Only one of them that can be used well at range without massive amount of practice is Shredder, and even with practice Dalton isn't as good at range. Another Dalton nerf would definately be the last nail in the coffin for this game for me. Just no.
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  5. Alarox

    For the most part I like everything you guys are doing (Liberator will probably be too harsh all together though), except this:

    As a dedicated tanker, I think increasing the reverse speed of tanks so drastically will have averse effects. I will need to see how this plays out. I like the idea of increasing reverse speed somewhat, but I still think that reverse speed should NOT be as fast as frontal speed. I am not a fan of the idea that every situation should be escapable by reversing at 60KPH or so. There should still be a tradeoff.

    I am very worried about the effective ranges being reduced. Currently, most players are reliable up to a few hundred meters against stationary targets and 100-200m against moving targets. Longer ranges are already skill shots. I think the current effective ranges are a good tradeoff between accuracy and skill.

    I wouldn't want this any harder or easier. I think your current system is extremely enjoyable and should definitely stay the same. I would gladly give up the reverse speed increase in order to keep the current effective ranges of tanks.
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  6. Scr1nRusher

    So HE Tank round spamming/Spawn camping is fun?

    So Rocket podding is fun?

    So Abusing Liberators/Farming with liberators is Fun?

    Sir you are a sadistic person.
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  7. Paragon Exile

    "Nerf the Liberator!"

    *Three months later*

    "Hey guys, we're nerfing the Liberator! :D"

    "Leave the Liberator alone!"

    This thread.
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  8. Klypto


    More than likely the Magrider shells probably won't have their velocity reduced like the other tanks. At least, to me that would make sense since they already can be dodged pretty well at range.

    Nose gun is more effective, especially if they have flack. At current balance I feel like it's a 50/50 of them killing each other in a straight shootout with the nosegun, but I don't have the full range of experience to give anything but a mild opinion.

    This is to aid more in the ESF vs Liberator fight from what I can tell, which was important to some ESF pilots. The nerf in effectiveness vs other stuff didn't seem necessary at all to me.

    PPA is very easy to kill since it does no damage to armor. It's a kobalt with bad direct fire accuracy but great splash. It's fine.

    That type of fun comes at a pretty chunky expense of others. Although I can farm infantry all day long with my tank, I'd rather farm farmers to make for a better game-play experience for people in general. Farmers will hate me though.
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  9. Outreach

    Wow talk about magrider nerfs. Yup it's time for VS to put on their best TR faces and throw a massive ****fit.
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  10. doombro

    I'm hoping the Python cannons don't get effected by this range nerf. They're already pathetic as is.

    I was also hoping to see a direct ESF buff against liberators. That lolpod nerf was completely out of the blue. Can we at least get a hornet buff so I have a reason to use them?
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  11. WycliffSlim

    *Liberator is worthless*

    *minor buffs to Liberator*


    *Liberator getting nerfed to FURTHER back than when people called them worthless*

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  12. Paragon Exile


    I'm one of the people who think the Liberator problem is a bit overblown, but even I see this as a step in the right direction.
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  13. Divinorium

    Well then i hope they do test it, very well.

    And i hope they don't nerf PPA, but instead buff the Marauder, and remove the Canister and put something else in the place.

    I think we all can agree that a shotgun in a tank is a horrible idea, doesn't matter how you look at it.
  14. Silvermyst

    If I could make a suggestion it'd be to also reduce the Liberators small arms resistance from 100% to maybe 97.5% or 95%, with damage rounded up. It'd still be basically impervious to small arms fire, but non-heavy non-max infantry would at least be able to do something.

    Some calculations:

    97.5% resistance:
    Guass SAW firing at +85 metres would deal 167 damage. With a 97.5% resistance this would deal only 3.7575 damage per shot, rounded up to 4. As such an entire clip without misses would only deal 400 damage. Far less than a single dumbfire rocket.

    Hailstorm firing at 42+ metres would deal 84 damage. With a 97.5% resistance this would deal only 1.89 damage per shot, rounded up to 2. As such and entire clip without misses would deal only 120 damage.

    95% resistance:
    Guass SAW firing at +85 metres would deal 167 damage. With a 95% resistance this would deal only 8.35 damage per shot, rounded up to 9. As such an entire clip without misses would only deal 900 damage. Still less than a single dumbfire rocket.

    Hailstorm firing at 42+ metres would deal 84 damage. With a 95% resistance this would deal only 4.2 damage per shot, rounded up to 5. As such and entire clip without misses would deal only 300 damage.

    This may seem futile and unnecessary, but I think it would help larger groups of infantry keep liberators dancing around a bit. Not being able to do anything is especially frustrating when you're in a group of 20+ people and you basically have to sit there and get farmed like sheep. If you outnumber a lib that much you should at least make it have to think twice before engaging, and possibly leave after a while in the name of self-preservation.

    I say this especially, because the only infantry based anti-liberator weapons that I can think of off the top of my head are the airburster and lock-on missiles. Both of those are unavailable to new players, which is very frustrating as it turns liberators into invincible boxes in the sky which rain fire and death onto you. And new frustrated players don't tend to stick around.

    (PS: yes I know that new players get a single airburster, but I think a single airburster hardly counts. Anybody who plays the game knows that two is better than one in any situation. Getting a second is not a sidegrade, it's an upgrade. Plain and simple.)
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  15. WycliffSlim

    Some of the changes are good. The resistance change and adding sound are both good things.

    But nerfing the Tankbuster and bellygun velocites is silly.
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  16. AdmiralArcher

    this is alright, but please give a lore based reason as to why this is so, because as much as people say this game isnt realistic, i think tank cannons wouldnt change, if anything in 400 years they should get better. currently the maximum effective range of a smooth bore 120 mm cannon is 8000 meters with LAHAT (a munition type) and 4-5000 meters without. please give a good reason for this range reduction as it is rediculous to think that tank tech is worse in the future than it is today
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  17. doombro

    I must be suffering from amnesia.
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  18. Krokozor

    Awful news. SOE already nerf to death my harasser. Now my liberator? You want what? 4 dusters on belly? Dalton-duster, Shredder-duster, Zepher-duster and more awesome Duster-duster? Is liberator really your main issue?

    Yes its fun. Those who cant make that to me deserve it. MMO not about equal conditions. ESF must kill ground forces, skyguard must kill ESF, tank must kill skyguard. It's all about rock-paper-scissors.
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  19. Justicia

    There go the glory days of A2A Daltoning :(
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  20. AshHill07

    Isn't part of the point of tanks to engage hostiles at range? I mean how close are we talking about being forced to operate here? Because if you're basically trying to make tanks useless at ~800m or more then I question how much you actually know about tanks.

    Also I'm guessing you're not going to refund me my rival combat chassis 3 which I got purely to increase my reverse speed ...
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