Upcoming Tank and Liberator Changes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kevmo, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. dciz2legit

    I wonder if devs are ultimately trying to just kill off the vanu?

    Wish I spent my money and time on Nc:/

    Silent nerf!
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  2. MaxDamage

    Glad to hear something is being looked at on the Liberator front.
    Tank change seems dramatic, I hope it has the intended effect. It should at least give non-VS tanks a better chance against strafing Magriders.
  3. Deadreach

    Uhm No use? At least it gives you some mobility.

    HOW ABOUT DEVS LOOK AT FING LOCKDOWN FOR PROWLER. Since you Truely hate the idea of a tank having usefulness outside of the range of Noskill Lockon launchers. Why have something designed to give the prowler the advantage at range.

    Your changes{DEVS}aim to make tanks brawlers(Close range) yet you are going to keep the ES ability for TR that LOCKS US IN FRACKING PLACE.
  4. Krokozor

    Did you expect that 1 cheap skyguard should be able to kill 3 crew killing machine? Sometime when enemy have HORDE of flying crap me and couple of other persons with voice chat just pic some skyguards. Know what? it's work. teamwork is work. it's so surprisingly.
    and actualy 1 ESF can kill liberator easily.
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  5. Strottinglemon

    It seems like a lit cigar in a closed helmet would be a bad idea.
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  6. Klypto

    Especially in Pure Oxygen suit.
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  7. TwentyFirstPilot

    Reposted from /r/planetside for greater visability:

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  8. Scr1nRusher

    The freak outs on the forums & reddit are funny beyond reason.

    The 1 time SOE literally thinks out balance and such to a proper reasonable level the community goes berserk.

    SOE if your reading this, just work on what your planning on doing.

    Also please allow me to help you with your game at some point ;).
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  9. AuxiMoron

    Is this a troll thread?
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  10. salembeats

    At least you didn't get a nerf in the update itself like Infils did (Darklight).
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  11. Tigobit

    "Tank" buster does too much damage to a tank?
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  12. salembeats

    #1. Things don't always get better with time. Quality control can go down, you can run out of resources, high-tech equipment could become prohibitively expensive.

    #2. Amongst "RL" superpowers today, we're at a point where a direct massive conflict would likely result in mutually assured destruction through nuclear warfare. If you insist that the arms race will continue to improve and progress, we'll be blowing up entire planets with the flick of a switch. Does instagib simulator 2014 sound like a fun game?
  13. SNAFUS

    Way to over nerf again SOE, glad lessons have not been learned about that over the past year.
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  14. Typhoeus

    Lib's may have been a little too good vs esf but these multiple nerfs are overkill. Instead of throwing five nerfs at it all at once, how about one per month and see what happens? We were finally seeing libs having an impact on battles after many, many months of them being unused. Yet again they will disappear, which sucks.

    More nerfs to esf as well. Really?? I already gave up on piloting for the most part and these nerfs in no way encourage me to dedicate my time to that role again. Playing infantry is already so much more rewarding. Why do they keep buffing infantry indirectly when it's already the strongest aspect of the game?

    As for the tank buff and nerfs you've got me intrigued SOE. Not a big fan of nerfing projectile speed though. As of now they feel just right. I've a feeling all this will do is have every tank fight like it's a mag rider minus the ability to sidestrafe. By this I mean the secondary weapon will infact become the primary weapon. People will still fight at medium to long range because getting in close with a tank usually = suicide.
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  15. Struct

    Absolutely. Add a little acceleration increase too, to emphasise the Mag's role in mobility. If they're going to make one of our two main positive traits available to the other factions, we're going to need to be compensated in accordance with the other trait
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  16. Earlino

    You have 115 kills in a Liberator, so surely you can see how it's a struggle for me to understand why you are even commenting on how liberators work/will work. Things like this happen because people like you have no clue what you are talking about.
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    This is nice,
    I dislike the Tank range nerf though, and the stabilization will hurt the mag alot.
    Before I come to any conclusions, I will have to test it though and just see for myself, but I feel this will hurt the magrider alot since the low velocity rounds and stabilized turret.
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  18. Scr1nRusher

    On this account I mainly pilot liberators when i use them, I'm a fairly good one aswell, I get my gunners into good positions to take out armor etc with the Dalton. I don't gun as much because I enjoy AC-130ing.

    on my other account(TR) I primary gun for liberators(besides doing other stuff such as MCGing people)

    And can i just say that using the duster is terrible?

    So Don't pass judgements unless you actually know all that is to know, Since I've been playing this game threw beta on many accounts and many uninstalls and reinstalls I know how things go and work extremely well, combined with working on game design projects for some of the other games I have played.
  19. Klypto

    I don't think the lib nerf is reasonable.
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  20. PanzerGhost

    Slowing down the projectile speed of tanks? The tanks in Planetsid 2 are the worst tanks I have every experienced in 10 years of PC gaming. The Vanguard already shoots helium balloons. I think the strongest barrel you can get shoots at a velocity of 250m/sec. Which is the slowest of any First Person Shooter game with tanks in the last 8 years, BF2 actually now has you beat in Tank Balance, and that was from 2005. But wait! you want to bring down the velocity even more!

    Just for comparison sake:
    A real Leopard 2A7+ Battle Tank using its Rheinmetall L55 120 mm smoothbore tank gun,
    shoots at 1,580 to 1,750 m/s (5,200 to 5,700 ft/s)

    Planetside 2 Vanguard shoots at 200m/s to 250 m/s. I have to lead targets or aircraft at 40m LOL

    BF3, BF4, World of Tanks, Crysis 1, ARMA II, ARMA III etc. All have way better tanks, and more balanced. Many argue that BF4 has become more arcade-like and even that game has by far much more logical Velocity on the main cannon. Why? Because Tanks are actually a threat to aggressive Attack Choppers, and are also a threat to low flying aircraft in the game. The Tanks can actually climb terrain like a tank should, and can be used aggressively, defensively, tactically(sniping specific targets only from a flank) and against bold aircraft even at range.

    In Planetside 2, often times it feels like all I can do with tanks is zerg in a straight line and shoot randomly at other tanks, nothing else has any meaningful effect. If your nerfing tanks because of spawn rapping, maybe you should ask why almost all the base spawn points in PS2 are out in the open for every player, vehicle and aircraft to see 360 degrees.
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