Upcoming Tank and Liberator Changes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kevmo, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. Klypto

    Just so I understand this better, Is this going to blur the lines of usefulness between the Racer and Rival chassis, Dull the benefits of Rival, or will it mean that Racer will boost forward speed and Rival will boost reverse speed?

    I'm just trying to be sure we aren't missing something in the chassis. Like I use racer cause Gotta Go Fast, but some people like Rival for the reverse over the turn speed.
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  2. WycliffSlim

    There go the glory days of people that spend 100's of hours in a vehicle being effective.

    TO THE HE MAGRIDERS WITH A PPA ON TOP! Those are totally balanced and don't at all have a screwed up risk vs reward if you just sit in a zerg and farm towers from 100m while laughing and ducking behind a rock every once in awhile to dodge a lockon.
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  3. Rogueghost

    I really hope that the viper is unaffected by the range reduction.
  4. Jeralamo

    now please dont forget Coyotes!
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  5. Shadestorm

    I think the Tank changes proposed are really good, kind of sad about range being reduced, but I know it's probably for the best. Shots should still be able to reach great distances, but be harder to aim.

    The other two changes, not so much.

    The liberator changes seem to be nerfing it into a joke.
    The gravity of each projectile should be calculated the same way, based on the mass of Auraxis, for one... and not all vary based on 'balance'. I agree that the liberator should be more noticeable audio-wise and whileperhaps a damage direction prompt that actually SAYS liberator, or shows a lib icon, to let the person know what they are getting hit by (maybe this should require an implant). I find it easy to get swarmed by aircraft as a liberator and get taken down very fast. If the belly gun is getting a nerf, the tail gun should be much more dangerous for ESFs to deal with, if going up against the walker. I don't think it is smart to reduce belly weapon effectiveness, and make the lib take more damage in the same patch.

    Also, most importantly for the lib... if you are reducing the damage/range of belly weapons, at LEAST increase the belly weapons aiming range. Pilot/Gunner co-ordination on voice chat is even difficult to call targets and know exactly where their aiming range is locked off at. Also the gunner should get a third person view. (and pilot should get a top down view as well, eg PlanetSide 1 Liberator.)

    Finally, I think that ESFs should still have strong anti-armor capabilities. It is very easy to take them out unless you are dealing with an ace pilot. Please don't take away the ESF rocket-to tank destruction. Thanks!
  6. DxAdder

    I don't fly ESF's but less damage to armor = Skyguard chew toy, they will drop like flies.

    And unless I messed it the Libs resistance to dedicated AA weapons remains unchanged ?

    And with the rival combat chassis will tanks go faster in reverse now then forward ?
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  7. Tommyp2006

    Meanwhile, tanking in future PS2


    Please do not reduce the range of tanks any further, I understand that they may be a little too good vs infantry at range, but it will really hurt tank combat as well.

    I will say though that I am extremely excited about added tank stabilization. Thank you! Now I'll be able to run an awesome high speed hit and run Prowler while reliably hitting my target.

    Also, what is the intended role of rocket pods? If they're currently too good vs armor, and they've been nerfed many times vs infantry, I'm really not sure what their intended role is. I always thought it was AV.
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  8. Klypto

    No. The last thing this game needs is more annoyances. Nobody is going to kill a lib with small arms, don't just add it in because it might sound cool.

    It's annoying when someone by himself in the middle of nowhere fires at me with a dumbfire to the front and does like 5% damage and couldn't possibly kill me even if they had twice the ammo.

    It's annoying when someone is in a flack turret and starts shooting my tank doing .1 damage because "Look! DAMAGE!".

    It's annoying when someone attacks my tank with their nose gun on their ESF which I out-repair in a second.

    I'm fine with these, but No More Annoyances.
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  9. Justicia

    I'm really interested in the speed reduction to Lib belly guns. If it is significant, everyone will run Shredders, since that will then be the only thing effective against ESFs any more. Bye bye skilldaltons.
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  10. Kylerr

    This is disgusting. Nerf skill because players don't like to put effort into playing the game. Zerg zerg zerg, infantry only CoD 2.0. I hope all you little ****s whining on the forums about libs for the past month are happy, because this game just got 10x less interesting without good a2a lib combat. I've spent 45 days of playtime in the lib, and now it's all for nothing. Disgusting and disappointing that SOE caved in to all the whiny little ****s that have 5 days of playtime and spend all day on the forums.... time to uninstall because I can't play anything other than liberator with this game's awful performance
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  11. WycliffSlim

    Most people have switched to Shredder anyways haha. On the flip side. I wonder if the resistance changes will put the Dalton back to a 2 shot kill on Libs?
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  12. Rothnang

    Reducing the range on tanks makes the Sunderer the Alpha predator in the ground game. This is just stupid. Tanks need to actually be tanky and be immune to damage from the front. That way having a huge weak spot that no other vehicle suffers from would actually be justified.

    Nerfing the Tankbuster is the exact same terrible balance decision as nerfing NAR, not everything that is a majority equip is too good, in some cases the other options just suck.
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  13. Titan6

    Really happy with some (not all) of the liberator changes. It's good to see the Lib pilots throw a tantrum.
    Not sure how I feel about the tanks range reduction however. Since the Vanguard shield nerf, it's lost a lot of it's brawling power. So with the ranges being forced all the more closer, it's going to have a lot more trouble dealing with Tank vs tank engagements.

    We'll have to see how this plays out.
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  14. natterfr0s

    I'm really happy that the only vehicle i've ever certed is the liberator.
  15. Linc

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  16. Klypto

    Tankbuster nerf is unnecessary and bad. The Vect-slop and Splurr-t are terrible guns which is why I don't use them. Even I know that and I'm a tank driver. Lib pilots will now be bored to death being mobile platforms carrying around their gunner. Vector should be stronger A2A, Spur is like some weird thing that is hard to use and fly at the same time. Nobody wants to sit and take shots while they use the freelook cam. Good concept, bad implementation. Could also make the spur a 4th seat for a dedicated gunner to be more effective.

    Audio just needs to be boosted on the Lib by like 100x and the reversion on the AP/dumbfire nerf will make tankbusting from the rear risky again. No more surprise instabusts to non-deaf people. No need to nerf the tankbuster AT ALL. (some Vanguard shield bias in their too)

    Velocity nerf of guns is unnecessary and bad. If you want a counter to Dalton to Air then make the shell have acceleration. Sky ceiling libs are annoying but their accuracy isn't godlike at that range. Esamir is the only place where it might be a problem because of the height.

    Poor Peasant. HUEHUEHUE

    You need more certs. Mines almost maxed out in multiple loadouts, and I don't even fly.
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  17. Krokozor

    Like duster is not enough. Lets make all lib weapons like duster! Yeeah! duster is MLG-PRO weapon! only MLG can kill with that s**t! Liberator become most MLG related stuff on whole planet.
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  18. Angry Scientist

    Tank stabilization? Good. Magrider's can get a buff to their projectiles, now. I suggest no drop as a test, with their current velocities. It would be a useful addition with the downside of sluggish projectiles.

    The reverse speed buff? Well. The vanguard is still slow, but it wouldn't be the slowest. Always facing front armor will make survival easier, but frankly, faster reverse isn't going to increase CQC effectiveness. Too many threats and it's far too easy to hit at closer ranges. Positioning is huge, but tanks on the front lines cling to rocks not because it's harder to be C4'd from them, but because a single infantryman represents a great threat.

    Reducing range on tanks? No. Bad. Want to achieve the less farming effect while letting armor still engage at range? Splash damage reduces as projectile age in air. Easy. Long range bombardment requires absolute accuracy or you're throwing rice. Tanks still keep good velocities and can engage other armor at ranges. Trust me, this is better.

    Liberator changes: some good, some bad. Slower velocities on most of the projectiles? Doesn't really matter. The issue with the liberator was the risk/reward, but I feel you've misidentified the issue.

    The liberator is: powerful, agile, and has long lasting power. This is the same issue as with the harasser was. It was fast, powerful, and hard to kill. So, we take a similar approach to the liberator. Since the harasser was a fast moving quick engagement vehicle, nerfing its speed would be stupid, so it's lasting power and strength were tuned down. The liberator is meant to bust vehicles and soften infantry, so it needs some staying power and firepower. So you make it less agile. A liberator should not dance, it should be a slug, no matter its frame. This will make them choose engagements more carefully since they can't flip belly up and shred everything. With it being slow and sluggish, its counters have more time to engage and the liberator being closer to the fight is more dangerous. But it has the firepower to make differences. Take this path, instead.

    It needs to be louder. Completely agree.

    Ammo reserves being nerfed is also good. Doesn't truly make a harsh penalty, but more downtime means more weakness time.

    Tank buster? On the fence here. I hate it. It's OP. Kills everything. But, it's used not just because of that but because its other options are crap. The tank buster should be the tank shotgun. The vector, the accurate gun useful everywhere. And the spur should have high velocity and be accurate. Each would have a role.

    Nerfing airhammer is butt. Come on, the thing is pretty bad against infantry and you're making it worse? You have to be so, so close that you can actually kill without half a clip expended, in heavy danger of dumbfires and lockons (which lock lightning quick). You need to invest heavily to make the gun even moderately useful and you're constantly reloading. Constantly. Its damage vs armor is meh and the clip limits it in A2A, but it has some decent use versus liberators...when they're fleeing. And most importantly, it's actually kind of fun. Don't take that away without giving something back. Buff its clip, its damage elsewhere, its reload speed. But don't just take.

    The NC already lost a decent tank in the vanguard for nothing in return, don't keep doing this to us.
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  19. Paragon Exile

    Everyone uses the tankbuster, it's the uncontested victor when it comes to nose guns, and it lets you absolutely smash tanks (including skyguards) in the space of a second. It needs a pass.
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  20. Flapatax

    While I agree with some of these changes, this basically will accomplish only in alienating the few highly skilled liberator pilots that still play your game. GG.

    Keep nerfing the airhammer though. Not sure why you're buffing tanks, I guess the game needs to be more accessible for when school gets out?
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