SOE are breaking a pledge to the community with their inaction on ADAD Macros

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Phazaar, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Phazaar

    I -knew- the devs commented on it somewhere. Just stumbled upon this. I'll quote the important bits:

    "MMO Crunch has the details on Sony Online Entertainment's PlanetSide 2 Twitter question-and-answer session that went down on September 16th. The chat covered a lot of ground and answered quite a few of the PlanetSide nation's most burning questions.

    What kinds of questions?

    Well, there are bits about customizable armor, bunny hopping, strafing, sun glare as it affects pilots, online vs. offline skill training, and dozens more where those came from. PlanetSide 2 fans will also be happy to know that each of the game's continents will support over 2000 simultaneous players, and said continents will feature varied environments including snow-covered terrain, glaciers, and forests. Check out an abbreviated list of discussion points after the break.

    ........ Long list of things, most included in game ............

    ADAD (strafe) spamming will not be possible"

    So come on then SOE. We understand certain elements of the game design were dropped from this concept stage, but why drop this one? It was obviously an important enough issue to comment on and calm your potential playerbase. What's changed?
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  2. Nyscha

    ADAD strafing looks stupid and is stupid.

    It needs to be fixed like bunny hopping, make you move slowly if you keep spamming ADAD.

    I love throwing concussion grenades in the faces of the people abusing this bug and lol as they try and do it and it doesn't work.
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  3. DiveXx

    So there a guys which strafe JUST ADAD ?, i strafe mostly in wierd circels lol.
  4. Nyscha

    Yes and it makes it go extremely fast and breaks the hitboxes, you notice it as a max because the shots stop registering while the bug user can still hit you.
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  5. DiveXx

    Ah ok, never noticed this tbh, just a short questions do you know MattiAce because in his Videos he sometimes also Sidestrafes ADAD but i never noticed that he don't took Dmg and i watched all his Videos (through this i learned burst firing :D).
  6. Nyscha

    It's strafes faster than the guy you see strafing in this video.

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  7. Teegeeack

    Got any videos of this? I've never noticed it personally but I'm curious.
  8. Nyscha

    It looks exactly like this

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  9. hostilechild

    You can do it easy enough without a macro. Its basically just (left,left,right,right) which the computer then tries to predict movement from pattern and you see (left,left,left,left,right,right,right,right). add in some lagswitching or just plain lag and it looks even worse.
    There are ways to mitigate it depending on the network card.

    There are very few people that i see majorly moving left,right and they are the same ones outrunning my LA with adrenaline pump.

    Just don't freak out and spam fire while they do it. It effects their CoF so burst fire them down moving between bursts. Another technique i use, is to hipfire, then ADS once cross hair is near the head, then going back to hipfire(if not dead, rarely), this seems to reset the COF each time and you don't have to stop moving or firing. (no guarantee on COF reset, could just be a millisecond pause in the technique, max # keypressed in my setup)
  10. Jex =TE=

    Aaah thanks for that - now it makes sense - so it seems to speed up the more you do it?
  11. St0mpy

    I dont know what macros have got to do with it, people just using their keyboard is problem enough
  12. Skippytjc

    Little embarrassed here: What is ADAD and what is an ADAD macro?
  13. Nyscha

    This, except replace it with planetside 2.

  14. Skippytjc

  15. Shire5k

    Can people get in trouble for doing this?
  16. Zaik

    it used to be so much worse, there was no delay between strafing directions and any idiot could warp all over the place even if they had a great connection.

    they did put in a delay between a and d that worked at the time, but for some reason or another the last two months or so people have figured out some trick to warp again.

    hopefully another fix will be coming for the current situation. maybe more delay, maybe some fix on the server side, who knows.
  17. Armchair

    Not really. They're not hacking or anything. They're just exploiting quirks in the networking code to drastically improve their survivability. Who needs cover when your hitbox never aligns with your mode?

    Most will recognize this as exploitative behavior. Really, it just reflects poorly on SOE for not taking measures to resolve the issue.

    A small percentage of players will rabidly jump at this, claim that it's a "skill", and fight tooth and nail to prevent this networking quirk from being fixed.
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  18. Slaidd

    I have both seen and been the victim of this tactic many times. I don't take video so no proof of it, but I have definitely had it used against me several times before.
  19. Udnknome

    What you posted in the video I dont' really believe is exploiting. What people are complaining about is below:

    There is a clear difference between adad straffing in game that is legit, and those that exploit the same macro with some sort of speedhack/laghack switch. The speedhack/laghack switch is what is causing the rampant complaining, not the legit stuff. SOE just needs to get their "Anti-cheat algorithms" fixed to detect this sort of thing and get rid of it.

    If you can see the clear difference as I can, you should report that person. Hopefully the GMs can see the difference too and flag that person appropriately.
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  20. Brusilov [TR]

    Only run into one guy who i couldn't kill due to ADAD so far... since all of PS2.

    I engaged him twice at medium range and he was impossible for me to kill. I'm not a terrible shot.

    I remember it being much worse in the original planetside, but maybe that's just a mix of longer TTK's, worse netcode and more public awareness of the exploit.