Snipers Useless

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Cute-CandyPants, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. IshanDeston

    Played an hour as infiltrator yesterday, made over 100 kills in that time and it would have been much more if i wouldn't have had to walk 2 minutes to the next sunderer to get ammo.

    I suggest aiming for heads.
  2. GTGD

    This topic: "Why won't everyone stand still forever and let me maximize my K/D?"
  3. ChocolateLoveMuscle

    Supressors are you best friends! I see a lot of posts saying once you shoot your position if given away. Buy a suppressor. You will never be shown on the mini map again. Sure it gives you a little bullet drop, but if you have the best sniper rifle and some spare time. You should be able to account for that with practice. So you could essentially snipe right beside a tank and he'd never know you were there.
  4. MasterD

    You don't know how to play the class correctly. I can easily go on 20-30 kill streak with the class. The class is built to keep you away from the battle while sniping. If you're not staying out of the range of the LMG / Carbines you're doing it wrong move further back and find a better spot. Also don't shoot at people all day. Take your time with the shots you take. The way I do: If I miss the head and hit the body I'll allow myself 1 more shot to try and clean it up and get the kill. If I miss that shot its time to cloak and see where he/she looks because if you just keep shooting like a moron you're going to give away your position. Then they are going to come for you each and every life till they get revenge.

    I also play with the 12x scope when I'm outside. At that range even other snipers have trouble fighting you unless they are similarly equipped. If a sniper shoots and me more than 2 or 3 times there is around a 90% chance that I will kill them even though I didn't take the first shot.

    The only problem I have with the sniper is running out of bullets because they are all stuck in Vanu and Terran skulls. Compared to the crap weapons we have on NC right now the infiltrator is probably the strongest class we have.
  5. Con411

    You sound like a horrible sniper. Personaly I don't shoot when a tank or a lib is near me I also don't shoot at things I don't want to draw the attention of.
  6. VoidMagic

    Honestly, snipers used to be better when infantry render distance was farther. Useless thou... hell no... a little gimpy currently IMHO.
  7. RubberFur

    I play NC on Waterson East, I play Infiltrator/Medic Exclusively. Infiltrator is a very easy class to play, Your job is simple. Back-Capping, Scouting, Hacking Terminals and Pulling AMS Sundis, Sniping Heavy Assaults before they do damage to your armor and Revealing/Calling out targets for your Platoon. If you find yourself not doing any of that. Please by all means. Play another class because obviously Infil is not for you. Also, Infil is not a Close Range class. Don't go Toe to Toe with Heavies unless you have a DMR or good aim with the Handgun. Put a Suppresor on your Rifle, Grip and scope dependant on the rifle.

    NOTE: All Rifles and weapons have Bullet Drop! NOTHING IS INACCURATE!
  8. DaninTexas

    There are a ton of really bad leet snipers. But the good ones - man.

    Took me a few hours to really get the class. But when you are patient - they are killing machines only stopped when they have to hack a station to get more ammo. When used right they are prob one of the strongest classes in the game. Shoot - cloak - move

    Rinse and repeat till you need to grab ammo. Got a vehicle or a flyier buggin ya? Hack a gun - kill it - cloak - move on
  9. Rigsta

    I always find statements like this quite ridiculous. How could you possibly know someone is aimbotting? You can't see their screen, you can't see their data. How can you personally state with any credibility that one player, let alone many, are cheating?

    The full-auto one? I'm interested to know how that one performs compared to say a carbine or AR. Pretty sick of being stuck with the pistol when I actually try to do some infiltrating.
  10. Shamoox

    I play this class often, it is not useless.

    First I can hack all the terminals at a base and force the other faction to either hack them back or destroy them (usually they get destroyed by mindless Oh look I get points to kill this zerg) I can also hack out a MBT, or Sunderer out of a base vehicle term and save myself the long drive, and possible destruction of the vehicle on the drive over. I can also hack turrets and shoot down air and ground vehicles and then cloak and run off. I can also hack a turret your in and kill you when you pop out (good for a chuckle)

    Secondly I can use a 12x scope on a Sniper rifle, spot enemy units, and equipment from a long way off. I can also 1 shot kill you from a safe comfy distance that you will never even see me at unless your a Infiltrator with a 12x scope or you get lucky and stumble upon me. I can cloak and disappear around corners and behind things.

    All in all it's a tough class to play, but definitely not useless.
  11. Jinu

    Sniper is a more tactical/patient class. As a Vanu sniper I use the V10 with a 12x scope. It's definitely my favorite class to play if not many in my outfit are on, so I can go off, flank the enemy and pick people off from an unexpected direction.

    I was frustrated at first before determining that holding SHIFT down caused you to hold your breath to get a headshot off. After that, getting into a groove was easy. It's not as glamorous as going in as an HA or MAX with guns blazing to mow people down. Definitely not as easy as flying around rocket podding infantry. The best moments, though, are when you headshot countersnipe a sniper that has been wreaking havoc on your faction. That just feels like a win.

    Useless class? No way. Higher learning curve? Definitely. One of the hardest to master? Absolutely. Underpowered? Hardly.
  12. Nasher

    If anything sniper rifles are to good. They need to add a cert to mitigate headshot damage tbh.

    In terms of the overall battle, yea they are useless. You can't cap a point by shooting people from long range.
  13. Munno

    You can't treat them as sniper rifles - they're not. They're stealth-rifles. You can't out-range someone, but you can certainly get the first couple of hits in before they do if you're not in plain sight.
  14. Stride

    Another factor is bullet drop and movement. Do people really think aim bots are going to be sophisticated enough to calculate bullet drop and movement into shots without being detected? Psshhh
  15. Stride

    Wtf are you smoking. You most certainly can out range people. You sound like someone that is talking about a subject they have no clue of. Have you even used a sniper rifle before?
  16. Chubzdoomer

    I couldn't agree more.
  17. Mishkel

    This is one of those things that makes me wonder. Simply because most of the time when I do something like this nobody has a clue where I am. Then other times I pop a guy at around 300m'ish and the guy next to him (not a sniper) suddenly turns and one shots me even if I had cloaked and moved. On top of that his/her back was to me when I shot their buddy. So I've often wondered how this happens as its difficult to believe (or I don't want to believe) that many people are using certain programs...

    I've got myself camo'd to match the area I play in and I always find a place to blend in. Simply because when I used to hunt I got used to looking for shapes.. so I don't want to break the background. Just doesn't seem to matter at all against quite a few players. Up close I'd at least beleive they happened to see me but a guy with iron sights at 300m who had his back turned... is hard to believe.
  18. Krytical

    If infiltrators are so good at killing infantry, then why does this list of the top 100 players by XP/kills has only 3 players with infiltrators as the most played class?

    Right. That's because every other class out-supports and out-kills infiltrators. Don't kid yourself, just because you get kills with infiltrators doesn't mean you couldn't be getting even more kills with something like HA or engie while being actually useful in the process.
  19. Subway

    You know its funny I swear the class is called infiltrator and not sniper, as in you are supposed to sneak and cause a nuisance, hack stuff etc not stand 1 km back taking pot shots at your own team mates ... um I mean trying to hit the enemy.

    Man I wish I could play as a sniper and not a invisible hacker :p ;)
  20. Daiyousei

    Snipers are NOT useless. I was part of a 4 man sniping group that sits 1000+ away from the action. Usually we find a spot that is hard to reach and has a lot of cover. We bring a sund and engi to give ammo and focus on killing medics, engis, and anyone stupid enough to stand still. Yesterday I watched VS steamroll a much larger force as a result of our small group killing all of the NC support. Every time NC spawned at their 3 sunds, we were headshotting them. Some would run (in a straight line) and get headshot then too.

    Oh and headshots are easy. If you want practice, go load up BF3 which has very similar sniping mechanics and practice dealing with bullet drop, and velocity.

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