Snipers Useless

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Cute-CandyPants, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Cute-CandyPants

    as the title says its pretty much true.

    why would people want to go a weakest health/armored infiltrator and use sniper rifles that are utterly useless and slow when i can go another class like heavy assasult and sniper with my launchers or my LMG and have way more protection ?

    sniper rifles single shot semi automatics need a pretty big buff,because the damage you do with the high damage sniper rifles is the equivelant of the guy sniping you with there rifle or LMG,
    the bullet speed of sniper rifles needs increasing also,when im looking down the scope and have a great shot most of the time,the person is standing still then seems to be able to dodge my shots after ive shot my rifle,and were is the round ive shot,still slowly floating to the target,about 2 seconds later the round finaly gets to its destination,this is not lag its because the bullet speed of the sniper rifles is slow.

    shoot them in the head you say ? i can do that with my LMG and rocket launcher.

    enjoy infiltrators getting owned constantly,good luck getting exp :)
  2. maxkeiser

    Not useless if used correctly.

    For instance, you should not be engaging at anything other than extreme long range. The enemy shouldn't even know you are there.

    I've been killed by loads of good snipers. It's definitely a useful class and has a good role.
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  3. Lovefistt

    If you can't play infiltrator effectively then do something useful and play another class.

    I miss the days when people actually tried to learn and become better at a game instead of going onto forums and complaining.
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  4. AetherStrike

    This is a team game, you are thinking to personally. There is a lot of strategic advantage to be had by a good infiltrator. They can pick off guys who are imbeded in a location, that would otherwise eliminate large numbers of friendly forces before they got him out of there. you can stop engineers from repairing turrets. or HA for molesting from otherwise difficult to hit locations, like on the other side of a banister.

    But you missed a very important fact. Some people find sniping and infiltrator fun, and this is a game, and that is what a game is supposed to be.
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  5. Tipsy McStagger

    I like how seemingly gimped the Sniper are. It allows the good ones to do their thing and encourages the bad ones to pick a different class. This helps keep their numbers relatively low which is always a good thing.
  6. sergent major

    I think with sniper rifles anything center mass and head shots should be one shot one kill except heavy which should take to shots, its hard enough to get the first shot yet alone a second shot, especially if the target is moving. In the military you are taught to aim center mass. I don't see why a future military would b any different. Just my 2 cents
  7. Rigsta

    Many snipers are indeed useless.

    The good ones are an absolute menace.
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  8. Cute-CandyPants

    every sniper ive come across ive killed, i just snipe them with my lmg or launcher,they get 1 shot off and you trace the bullet line to the sniper or location,and as a heavy unless they shoot me i nthe head takes 4-6 shots to kill me.
    the stealth is useless because you can see them clearly as anything.
  9. Cute-CandyPants

    people such as yourselves need to learn to play and learn to read.

    infiltrators sniper rifles need a buff and please read were i say snipers can be out sniped without using sniper rifles.
  10. Kurreah

    Certainly for Vanu, there is no comparison. A Headshot with a sniper rifle will take off all shields, and most health. Two are a straight out kill. Whereas I might be able to hit someone at about the same range with my LMG by squeezing off single shots, even infiltrators can take many more headshots from it.

    Now this may be due to the more extreme damage reduction by range of Vanu weapons. Certainly NC seem to work better at those sorts of ranges. But I'm still pretty sure that their sniper rifles will deal more damage at extreme range than their rifles and LMGs.

    Quite how you are managing to pull off regular headshots with the rocket launcher given its projectile speed and dropoff are even worse than other weapons, I have no idea.
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  11. Cute-CandyPants

    your ignorance is terrible, see were i said snipers need a buff,well some do the bolt action ones at least and the bullet speed nees increasing,because you should be able to see the round floating through the air for 4 seconds before hitting the target.
  12. Cute-CandyPants

    thank you

    bolt action sniper rifles need a huge buff in damage as well as all sniper rifles needing a bullet speed buff.
  13. Cute-CandyPants

    you will find alot of the good snipers are using aim bots,and this is no joke either.
  14. KingofOtters

    For one moment, just one moment I'd like to be able to stand still, maybe take a sip of water... but no. Boom! Headshot. Because of that I almost always move, never in straight lines either.

    Good snipers can suppress defenders long enough for infantry and armor to move closer or flank, thin attackers ranks, spot and do recon. Each class has their own strengths, play to them.
  15. Tobax

    No they don't they already do plenty of damage.

    Get plenty of kills and far better K/D by sniping from the back in bsse fights 1shot killing nearly everyone I hit as they are already damaged, like everything you need to know how to play the class and if you thnk infil's get owned then this is one class you didn't learn how to play.
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  16. Tipsy McStagger

    I agree. People are way to quick to try and push their own inadequacies off themselves and try to make them an issue with how something was designed. It's just more of the same "it's too hard and I do not want to adapt therefore it must be broken".
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  17. Flavo

    Yep. Sniper class attracts a lot of people who get their *** kicked in the thick of things, turns out they're not much better from miles away most of the time. Good snipers are incredibly rare, but also a nightmare to deal with.
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  18. CoreDave

    Snipers are almost always useless in everygame, they just allow a high K/D ratio. But in terms of their contribution towards winning objectives they are usually rubbish (at least the way most sniperz play them).
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  19. Jakhammah

    As a infiltrator I use the automatic gun. There have been several times where our infantry was stuck in a trenchwarfare type of situation. I sneak behind enemy lines and kill key targets. Our forces then begin to push and we advance. Before saying a class is useless try actually playing it. Just cuz you can't play it to its full potential doesn't mean its a bad class...... On a different subject, magriders are stupid op >.<

    PS: my kdr playing said spec is 4-5/1
  20. Hellkyte

    Infiltrators take more skill to play than arguably any other class. If you are not good you will be about as effective as wet tissue. If you are good your only problem will be figuring out how to get more ammo after having killed 30 guys. And this of course ignores the ability to hack terminals which is ridonculous.

    A couple tips for people wanting to get better at sniping, or for those that think sniping is underpowered (ie need to get better)

    1). Be an a non obvious long range position. If you are getting counter sniped by LMG it's because you are in an obvious short range position

    2) Fire and move or Fire and cloak. After you unload some rounds/kill some guys enemies will start to zero in on your location. Either reposition, or if that's not an option throw on your cloak and hide for a bit. I hate to make a RL comparison here but this is common practice for snipers for a reason.

    3). Squad spawn beacons are your friend. These will help you be into those non-obvious high altitude positions. I would gladly sacrifice my cloak for a jet pack any day of the week but since those are not an option this is second best.

    4) LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Take your time to find a position behind enemy lines where you can see infantry battle lines. This is almos always possible, especially with spawn beacons. You REALLY have to have good awareness of the layout of a base and where the enemy is concentrated. In a way I consider Infiltrators to be very similar to LA in this respect except infiltrators have much higher threat range, are harder to defend against, but are harder to (re)position.

    5) patience is a virtue. Firing constantly is a great way to get killed, and also depletes your ammo. You need to wait for high value targets that are being stupid/not moving. I find medics and to be great targets because it effectively kills 2 or more players when you take one out that is reviving someone. The same could be said for engineers. But there's nothing wrong with finishing off that Max that just jumped back into cover. But remeber the motto "one shot one kill" (or in the case of semi autos 3 shots or so). The point is you should never be in a firefight and you should make your shots count by focusing on immobile high value targets. People in cover think they are invincible. Remind them of their error.

    Seriously though I think snipers are perfect. In the right hands they are enormously devastating.
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