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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Cute-CandyPants, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Talizzar

    I agree here. Many people are also using location aids. I shoot once from way off and all of a sudden there is purple crap coming at me from all over. I call BS. I wrote earlier about being head shot from way extreme range on the run while cloaked. I remember this stuff from COD and left as anyone good was using them and everyone denied it but you could stand off and watch. People in this game waltz into a room and everyone is immediately killed nearly all from head shots.

    Also head shots should always be deadly. If people have specced into more armor and most now have it takes two. A level 1 sniper should be able to kill a level 100 whatever if it is a head shot.

    I am also amazed at the number of pay to win people playing. Good for the game maker.

    200 kills in 3 hours? I guess I am playing the wrong server and against way better people or something.
  2. Nehlis

    If you get a ton of bad snipers they're almost as terrifying as a single good sniper. Almost.
    Sure, they can't get a headshot, but there's so many bullets coming at you that they'll rip your shields down if you're not actively evading or in cover.
  3. Vexlar

    Main problem I have with sniper is the player models can pretty much skate an so leading the target can be a pain when suddenly they stop an go another direction, also LMG's sniping me from loading distance is just wtf (these weapons should have bullet drop too you know) all he has to do is hit once an then I have to draw a bead on him again adjust for bullet drop leading the target an 'ohh wait, hit again' an If I do get that shot off it better be in his head or else I'm dead, Rule of thumb is someone sees you an comes for you, Run Run Run, Bug out, hide an redeploy (this is probably the funniest one to do because they probably keep looking for you because they think your cloaked), you are not likely to kill him running for you or even worce Them.

    I have seen the weaknesses of the snipers (because I mainly play one) an can easily "dodge" the shots maybe 1 gets me but 'meh' that’s just my shield as long as I register a hit now and then an dodge the shot they try to take I've closed the gap an night night Mr "sniper", hell I’ve killed 2 snipers doing this tap one tap the other keep running keep strafing an jump now and again if you think they are ready for that "Headshot", also a grenade really freaks them out also the smoke from the explosion kills their LOS so buys you more time to close the gap (launcher also does this, though I tent to shoot it At them and have “sniped” a few this way, lol), but usually easy enough to just snipe them with LMG's which as everyone knows is total bulls...
  4. hsal9

    Snipers are useful in few situations but they are pretty gimped with rendering bs. Terrain makes things even worse, sometimes you will be in situation that you simply cannot see people shooting at you (hello Crown). I know where the guy is, I can see the bullet trail, and he simply wont render. That is, untill you get closer and suddenly you realize you jumped in group of 6 people which instagib you.

    Sometimes people on edge of rendering distance will be all glitched and warping around too, all of this makes long range sniper pretty "flip of the coin" , will you be able to do your job or not depends on pure luck in my experience.
  5. KingofOtters

    haha thats cute. I can't take my time to pick off a lone sniper in the heat of battle with armor crawling towards my position. I'd like to see you try.
  6. iller

    ...but would be even more menacing on most other classes as too.

    It's a little late for this argument anyway when the devs already confirmed this is indeed the weakest class. I'm not saying I agree b/c my issue with it is the awful Framerate I have to fight against. But for a lot of other people without thousands of hours of Sniping practice... yeah it's a bit useless and since sniping is the ONLY thing the class does well right now, that means there's no fallback options for those people who want to be sneaky but don't want to play a stupid mini-game where all you do is click on heads.
  7. Apina

    We're excellent class Ive come to that conclusion, when you get mines, you win 1 on 1 too. You can carry 2 mine, 2 kills, right there. Medium sniper rifle should be your first weapon of choice, there isn that many good long ranged sniping spots. 4x scope is enough for long distance target if you can aim with millimeter accuracy to head. All you whiners can suck it.
  8. Takoita

    The OP obviously wasn't shot the moment he poked his head out of cover, it seems. Also, engie turrets are unfeasible with enemy snipers within visual range, especially during nighttime.
  9. VioletViridian

    Snipers are kind of a joke is some respects. My normal medic doesn't shake when ADS. Yet my Inf. with the new ghost I got (which doesn't have a sight so it should be normal aiming) sways side to side like a drunken person who cant steady his hands to save his life. Besides that WTF happened to weapon trials ? "Don't forget about weapon trials!" "No more buyers remorse!" My cooldown is 26 DAYS 13 HOURS and 52 MINUTES . WTH is that? Am I not expected to try a good selection of weapons, or just buy blindly? I loved the system but that cooldown is just ********.
  10. Timeraider

    Say snipers are useless again when you are defending a base and you suddenly hear a bullet fly past you before noticing you were being followed by an enemy who was aiming at you right that moment.
    Nothing more intimidating for enemies trying to take a base if some of their friends near the basepoint get their heads blown off.
  11. Timeraider

    tried pressing shift? :D

    true, i do have to agree with this kinda. Though i do feel like 5-7 days cooldown is still needed. A month however is freaking insane :p
  12. Akane

    if your on hear complaining that Infiltrators are useless, then u haven't been in any real battles.

    If you had, you'd be on here complaining how unfair head-shots are.
  13. Dead

    I'm BR 20 and use the TSAR with 2x scope with 99% of my kills occurring well within 100m. I don't snipe at long range and I have good aim so I get a lot of headshots on flanked targets. Also claymores. Infiltrator isn't useless. They can get an automatic rifle and hack terminals...
  14. Akane

    i prefer longer ranges, but agreed

    seriously, those infil's that ur talking about easy kills, their ppl trying out the class that dont know how to use the shift key and cloak, they get too close and in the open, in other words, their infil noobs

    Infiltrator Class is not a frontline trooper, if ur out in the open, then ur just an idiot

    seriously, all u guys are killing is the noob snipers that dont know what the f*** their doing

    so i have to thank u for teaching idiots not to play class their not good at
  15. Mtiz

    I haven't had much trouble with mine, shooting at long range. I use one of the bolt action rifles with a 10x scope. I've hit/killed moving targets, multiple targets, heavy armored target (moving and stationary), etc... It's difficult to give you exact ranges, but from ranges in which my Heavy Assault can't accurately attain with his rocket launcher. But I suppose it's easier to play a class where you can pray and spray.
  16. VKhaun


    The game is full of people who are spawning as squishy slow characters with no mobility and running into bases with long range weapons, and that's the element that thinks snipers are 'useless' or leads others to think so. The problem is those people will always exist, and SoE was supposed to finish their damn game in beta so infiltrators had something to do in buildings and bases like... I don't know... INFILTRATE... instead we have a hardcore sniper class, and only people who play it as such are being useful. The rest are cannon fodder. Even if they do well up close, they would have done better as another class.
  17. Akane

    i cant fully agree with that, as a member of an outfit, i have been useful up close, if only to plant betties and hack terminals

    but yes in a firefight, infil are not meant to be next to the HA, they dont have the armor for such acts, but the cloak, hack, and betty can be a useful combination in assisting an organized assualt
  18. Krytical

    And that's exactly the problem. Infiltrators are given long-range weapons to accomplish tasks that require you to be deep into enemy bases (i.e. hacking, motion sensor, mines to some extent). If you play the class as a sniper and keep your distance from the enemy, then most of your abilities go unused. If you like to infiltrate and be the first one to get up close in enemy bases then you're stuck with very ****** weapons for CQC combat and a half-arsed cloak than most people can see through.

    The class feels poorly designed, as if someone wanted to knock two birds with one stone. Infiltrator and sniper are two different roles. While most people can agree that some Infiltrators are very good snipers, being a good sniper doesn't make you a good infiltrator.
  19. VKhaun

    There is no such thing as a good infiltrator or sniper, like there is say a good medic. There are VERY SPECIFIC situations where snipers and infiltrators are useful and that's the end of it.

    A medic by contrast has 'very specific' situations where one is useful and they are excellent infantry that self-heal and use assault rifles and C4. Being a good medic means balancing the two rather than running around with your heal tool out trying to out-heal heavy assaults like it's TF2, or running around only healing yourself and ignoring people who need help.

    A light assault has 'very specific' situations where one is useful and they are excellen tinfantry that use carbines and C4.

    A heavy assault has 'very specific' situations where one is useful, and they are excellent infantry that use LMG's and C4.

    Do you see what I mean? The infiltrator just gets used for the 'very specific' and then has no regular game play. There is no advantage to being a low HP character with a crappy weapon that has 'stealth' which makes a big loud noise and has no utility. The dart is a joke and most console hacks are for resupply because they went infiltrator with a scout rifle instead of engineer with a carbine and ammo boxes.
  20. Bierno

    I play as a Vanu sniper and I dont have any problem wiping squad after squad.

    All it take is good positioning and knowing how to aim at your location (bulletdrop, timing on sprinters etc)
    If they spot you, you drop a mine, you cloak and go to a new location. Best snipers never camp in one spot or you be nuked by tank and nades or half of them rushing you (end up dieing to my mine)

    People think you can stand in the open like in Call of duty and snipe people? rofl... the noobs these days..
    Its all about picking your spots and taking advantage of it and knowing how to aim.

    Cloaking is actually really OP as it let me choose my sniping location easily... cloaking is not meant to get close range and knife/pistol people.. which i see alot of noobs do... they will see you easily close range..

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