Snipers Useless

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Cute-CandyPants, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Varen

    Infiltrator is not about the amount of kills, this is not COD, you don't get a sniper rifle to roll out a ******** of kills.
    You choose it to take out /priority targets/, stopping enemies from resupplying by hacking their ****, and spotting enemies to make it easy as piss for your team to deal with the enemy.
    That, and in a proper working team, you use voice chat to tell them where to go to flank them..
    Oh, and let's not forget sneaking past a bunch of enemies focused on your allies, and planting a pair of mines behind them!
  2. Tamas

    Infiltrators - very good at sniping, I get tons of kills on offense/defense in long-medium range.

    I'd prefer if they added SMG for this class, so it can go close combat, since shotgun was removed :\
  3. HadesR

    Sniper rifles themselves are fine ... But accuracy / Dmg whatever of LMG's / carbines should be reduced at long > extreme range
  4. eatdachicken

    This isn't Call of Duty (not trying to be an ***). There is MUCH more to infiltrator then just sniping heads. This game, if you didn't notice is an heavily team oriented one, so of course if you go solo and just "omgomg gaiz must snipe people and get that awesome kdr up !!!onon" you won't like this class.

    tl;dr, learn to play.
  5. Corsix

    Snipers make great support for tanks, picking off enemy heavies with rockets out, they are easy to get in the head.
  6. MinisterofDeath

    I'm not that good yet. But, I'm sticking with it. I'm slowly getting better as time goes on. I've had some amazing kills lately. I play TR and NC. I'm playing NC more now, if they are truly gimped, then I'll be great with my TR down the road.

    I like to sit back and watch for trouble or incoming trouble. By that, I mean, I can headshot Heavies, Engie Turrets, and Medics. I find that most useful.

    As far as CQC, I switch to my secondary. I pretty much suck, buy have a better chance killing someone than with my bolt-action. Secondly, I prefer hacking terminals and AA turrets inside enemy bases. Not sure how effective it is at slowing them down, however, I have killed a few aircraft while using their own turrets. Also, hacking terminals at the enemy base provide rapid deployment for tank drivers and there's nothing more fun than to spawn a tank inside a meat-grinder. I only wish my team would stop destroying terminals though.

    I think I'll checkout scout rifles later on when I get better and try coming in close to the fight.

    The only thing really that gets me killed is people using radar hacks, makes concealment and cloaking useless. But, that doesn't happen as much and I usually get a few hits before those guys come after me. It is pretty obvious when it happens, but I assume this will get fixed in time.

    If I played an ez-mode, assault class, I would have gotten bored of this game on the first day.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. Please do us snipers a favor. When we slowly get into our positions way---way from the masses, please don't run out to us in your assault spam "look at me everybody" class. It draws unwelcomed attention.
  7. Acerbusvenator

    I don't think that the engineer that lost his head today agrees. And that was a 1 hit kill from close range when he had tank support. I didn't get killed by the tank because all the driver saw was his teammate falling dead to the ground and our side took the opportunity to blow the tank.
    Well, needless to say that that single shot changed a lot of that battle.

    And I'm not even that good. I mean, I'm playing on a laptop that shouldn't even be able to play this game.
  8. KaosWarMonk

    Haven't read the whole thread but if you think they're useless then you're doing it wrong.

    As of last night I've got about 60 minutes as an infiltrator tops so I'm hardly a PS2 sniper expert (although I have a fair bit of experience at it from WW2OL where the theory of being a sniper is basically the same). In those 60 minutes I got more kills/death than with any other class I've played (I only play infantry).

    Based on even this very brief experience I think they're fine as they are.
  9. Naruni

    You better watch where you are zig-zagging too, else you'll trip over a betty :D
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  10. Aktarus

    a LA can do it with more armor than an infil , better sneak ability because of the jetpack that can lead you in insane camping spot and can disable a terminal and a already spawned armored vehicle too with the C4 cert.

    the role you are talking about ofc can be done by an infilt but you wont excel at it even fully certed in this way, the prob is that a LA can do it to with less counterparts , he will do i with more armor , more ammo , more survivability, more mobility and more versatility.

    you cant claim that the infil is completely gimped , i agree , but you cant claim that he's fine in this role too , its not because we already adapted our playstyle to all those huge weakness and class design fails that you have to say the class is fine, because its a lie as to say that it is weak.
  11. Skeith

    let me start by sayng that you have some bad points and some valid ones.

    -true there is no reason to use a sniper rifle when you can just grab an LMG and kill stuff faster and easier

    -the bullet speed could be buffed i feel that the bullets are a tad too slow


    -you are not counting that the biggest advantage of the sniper rifle gives is long distance murdering power if you are positioned well enough your target should not be able to hit you at all even if you get spotted

    -we have a cloak wich means that even if you get spotted at long distances you can just cloak and move to another rock,(altough this strategy would not work at medium close range since the cloak is ridicolously easy to see)

    -talking about the fact that you should never stood still when you play this game you forget that there are ton of actions that forces you to stay still

    aka:using a turret,healing one of your buddies,shooting at someone(and dont tell me that you jump around like a derp when aiming)

    headshots on moving targets are almost impossible to me(yet)but i think that once you get used with the bullet speed and drop they can be mastered

    dont whine about the only good thing that the infitlrator can do,really sniping is the only good thing about the class,we have 5000 more problems right now but sniper albeit not perfect it's in reasonable spot.
  12. Autistic_Giraffe

    I play infiltrator almost excluslivley. I come from hardcore realism first person shooters, which have a much higher skill requirement than COD like most people play. Yes the infiltrator is definitly a harder class than probabbly any other class to play, but its a good thing imo. If chest shots killed people it would make things significantly easier and create a huge sniper problem, there would be alot of snipers. I assume they wanted to limit the amount of snipers given the large open nature of this game so they made it harder so that most people could not play it effectivly. You have to play intelligently and in a certain way as others have outlined here. Positioning, accuracy, good desicion making, and patience are very important.

    You need to find out where the enemy is spawning in and find a good camping location around there to take out people, all while not getting caught as your killing people. Im glad the class is like this, i enjoy challenges above all else in FPS and games in general. I wouldnt want to play LA for example, which is just a sprint around and spray type of class like in COD, i want something more tactical and challenging, and im surprised a mainstream FPS like planetside has that with the infiltrator class but im happy about it.

    I think its good the way it is atm, i dont think you could make chestshots 1 shot kill, if that happend it would open up the door for hitting moving targetse which is easy (headshotting a moving target isnt), and in such a large wide open game sniping would be a giagantic problem. I wouldnt mind a better sidearm option for a sniper but i understand the crappy pistol, ill get the bettter one eventually.
  13. Hellkyte

    LA vs Infiltrator is an interesting argument for a number of reasons. They serve similar roles (flanking/harassment/targets of opportunity) but do so in vastly different methods:

    Maneuverability - Getting to a position to fight from. LA clearly wins this.

    Range - how far away can you attack from. Inf clearly wins this one.

    Burst damage- tricky. A LA can drop 2 C4 and 2 grenades into an enemy squad. Which is absurd amounts of damage. On the other hand an infiltrator can 1 shot kill almost anything in the game. I'm going to give this one to the LA

    Survivability - Another tricky one. This is because most people simply don't use LA, or don't use it properly. For this reason it is absurdly easy to perch a LA above an enemy team and rain death on them and then scurry away like a thief in the night to resupply. But it really shouldn't play like this. Given time I think the LA will be understood to be a much more suicidal class. Now, ignoring the C4 + Grenades, I think that the infiltrator really comes out ahead. At close range with a carbine firing into the back of the enemy you will burn through ammo very fast and will also attract attention much faster.

    Anyways. I love both classes. I think LA is a good way to learn how to play inf in terms of positioning at least. Also I have killed and been killed by Inf when LA (and vice versa) so many times that I almost think of the two classes as brothers.
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  14. Rigsta

    Just a general note. I have *never* been out-sniped in this game by someone with an automatic. I've certainly taken enough fire to make me duck and cover plenty of times though. This usually happens at mid range; at actual long ranges, enemy rifle/automatic rounds just tickle.

    Um they're are the only class that gets sniper rifles. They ARE snipers lol.

    BUT they're not just snipers. As you said, they can hack stuff. In a pub squad last night we parked our sundy next to a facility gate and hacked the phalanx turrets above it to protect it. As two reavers soon discovered.

    Hacking phalanx turrets is immense fun actually :)

    Also : Sensor darts. Use them.
  15. Hellkyte

    Actually now that I think about it maybe Spy vs Spy is a better description of my feeling towards Inf vs LA. Last night I was in a prolonged fight around the tech plant and I kept waxin their infiltrators on the ramparts, landing near them sneaking up and butchering them. But there was this one guy that would always get the last laugh as, right as I was about to shoot, a damned proximity mine would take my face off.
  16. TwoSkies

    I hate to post on this thread b/c I'm 99% certain that it's trolling; however, just to address the "rifles need to be 1-shot-kill" issue...

    1-shot-1-kill is a term of skill, not of equipment. It relies of effective positioning, stalking, and patience. I play infiltrator most of the time and I'm not especially good at getting killshots, but that brings me to my next point:

    Infiltrators are a support class in many respects. Spotting targets keeps your frontline elements in the know and firing, rather than pinned down wondering where the enemy is. Taking pot-shots and hitting targets keeps the opponent pinned down, looking for you; and by the way, I'm about 1000yrds from our base (in a game w/o tickets, killing some guy off in the hills is a waste of time).

    For your own gratification, kill assists count. Spot assists count. And if you're doing it right you're also getting kills. The sniper/scout roll in this game is implemented as well as Red Orchestra or Arma (except for no prone, but w/e).

    ...why is it that the troll posts get the most replies? Oh well. Have to stick up for my MOS.
  17. Cirno

    I'm not a very good sniper.
    My aim's not all that sharp, and I often screw up accounting for bullet drop.
    I am good at finding nice little nests, though sometimes I get sloppy and then even the best nest in the world doesn't mean a thing.
    But when I'm not screwing up/around, I make difference (for good!). Probably more of a difference than I would in any other role.
    That's kind of the opposite of useless.

    I couldn't count how many times I've taken out an engineer on their turret, who was making mincemeat at a chokepoint.
    One time I stealthed into an Amp Station, hacked a Phalanx Turret, and took out two defending Vanguards.
    Hacking equipment terminals is kinda helpful, too.
    Picking off other snipers, and infantry waiting to ambush.

    So, I'm going to disagree that infiltrators are useless.
    Not even sniping is useless (though I wouldn't want to snipe with anything but a bolt-action rifle).
  18. GraphicJ

  19. aR2k

    This, recon/infiltrator/sniper, call it what you want. But in every game with this class, it seems that allot of people like to play it, but only a handful does it well. Because its hard, and requires allot of adjustments and training.
    I have played this class in every game and I have served as a recon soldier in the army, so this is my go to class.

    Im loving infiltrator, im currently on a 3 K/D, I cap bases and take out generators, i support and spot for my team/outfit.
    I played a 3 hour session yesterday and ended up with 205 - 35, and a ****ton of points.

    Infiltrator is not for everyone, if your thinking another class is better, then play that one.
  20. Echra

    I can't take out 6 tank drivers repairing their Magrider, and 4 Scythe pilots doing the same playing Light Assault. I also can't break a formation of 5 engis on a hill with turrets set up as any other infantry class except infiltrator. I guess sometimes I feel bad killing the same 3 engineers who try to repair turrets 5 times each...

    I don't think this class is useless at all. It is very useless if you don't know how to use it, but the same could be said for any class. We could use some help in a few areas, but we have no problem filling a sniper role. There is a reason i'll get faaaaaar away from a friendly sniper if there is one too close to my position, although there are exceptions (a good sniper can tell if you're a decent sniper just by looking at you, and the shots that you take ;))

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