[NC] WASP Inc [Miller-EU]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. DiRaven

    Stabby-stabby FTW! xD
  2. Midriff

    That APB poster looks awesome! I have applied sir!
  3. DiRaven

    Yeah. I wish I could make something like that... Or at least half as good. =(
  4. Lutserrr

    i just made apply
  5. Fab

    Glad to see new faces ! :)
  6. nocte

    still plenty of room for some vets that have been accepted into the beta, just head on over to the forums and make an application. With platoons coming in soon expect some awesome organised gameplay.
  7. Critical

    Hello, there. I was a grunt in ARC back in APB and while looking for an Outfit to join I stumbled upon your little thread.
    I'm currently trying to create an account on your website to apply but I ran into a problem where I'm not receiving any confirmation emails no matter what.
  8. Fab

    I had the same problem don't worry, try to pm player Core on this forum.
  9. Core

    Yeah, that's sort of a known issue. The workaround that often works is adding numbers after your name. We are currently making a forum engine for us from the scratch, but that's gonna take a while longer to be finished.

    In other news, WASP is gearing up with 2 squads (note 12 man squads! :D) and waiting for servers to be fired up. The NC suffers from lack of bigger organized outfits on EU, let's make WASP just that! :D
  10. Senek

    Reporting In!
  11. }{ellKnight

    Bunch of hacler chets!

  12. Core

    No way!
  13. }{ellKnight

    Yes way! Since SoV's going TR can I tag along with you guys when I want to test out NC?
  14. Core

  15. ITOS

    I'm looking for an outfit to roll with for a while and WASP looks interesting. I like to have leaders that actually organize and communicate with their squads. My support oriented play style also goes well with your emphasis on teamwork. Looking through your charter (which you should link to in your post) and you application form I have some concerns though.

    Section 4 of your charter require me to be active both in game and on your forums. You also want me to report if I will be inactive for more than a week. My first gripe about this is that you turn a hobby into an obligation, which for me takes a lot of fun out of it. Secondly, whether or not I play is something I decide on a day by day basis, there is no way for me to tell when I will be active in game next time. Thirdly, while I can regularly check in on a forum for announcements, I am not looking for another discussion forum to join. I would not be a very active poster.

    In you application form you ask for my real life name and age. I don't think this information is actually relevant to you (other than to check that I'm older than 18 but I could very easily lie on this point anyway) and I am thus principally against handing it out.

    Finally, you ask me if I'm able to use Teamspeak 3. This is something I don't know if I'm able to use as I haven't tested it.

    Is there any point for me in registering on your forum an applying? Your thoughts on these matters would be appreciated.
  16. Core

    Many of that just sounds worse than it is. We don't require you to actively post on forums, it's mostly for the announcement-side of things, really. As for the inactivity notice, that's just really for your own good so that we know not to remove you cos you havnt logged in in three weeks. You might be on a vacation, which is totally cool, but if you say nothing, we might think you just stopped playing and remove from the clan. It might be less of an issue with PS2 if outfit member cap is higher, the charter is originally written more around APB and in a way so is the application form, at this point we have far lower requirements for PS2 membership than APB membership. We are fairly laid back and chill and realize real life always comes first, we don't make the hobby into an obligation.

    You can just give your internet nick or something similar if you are not comfortable giving your first real name, that isn't a problem either.

    You most likely can use Teamspeak 3, cos everybody else can too :D

    We really try to hit the sweet spot between taking it easy and casual, but still organized. We are all about teamwork when we play so as long as you are willing and capable of that + speaking good english (cos teamwork requires it), you are already really well off.

    I suggest you just drop in an app and see how it goes. If you like it, stay, if not, don't stay.
  17. Nehemia

  18. ITOS

    Thanks, that cleared up a few things. I'll get around to writing an application after brunch. :)
  19. Teoke

    Come join us in our quest for Indar-domination!
  20. Morior

    Best of luck WASP. If I ever make a NC alt, I'll definitely try you guys out :)
    See you on the battlefield!