[NC] WASP Inc [Miller-EU]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Geek

    Any of you guys on US WEST server atm?
  2. Teoke

    As far as i know, the WASP [NA] is based in the NA-East servers for easier accessibility if any of the EU players would like to play with the Americans and vice versa.
  3. Fab

    Thx! If you do that I hope your alt will become your main!
    Fight for freedom!
  4. Jesper

    Applied on website! Eagerly awaiting 3pm CEST!
  5. Teoke

    Welcome to the outfit! :)
  6. Fab

    Welcome! We had pretty nice gal action, and armor columns going on tonight!
  7. Jesper

    After my first night with WASP I have only nice things to say! Fab, nice flying today!
  8. Fab

    Let's do it again soon, we are starting to have a nice group of dedicated pilots!
    May the enemy fear the WASP's wrath! (a cookie to the one managing to pronouce that)
  9. Jesper

  10. ITOS

    I could use a cookie. I didn't cert it and apparently you need it to feed the engineers.
  11. Khalum

    I've had the pleasure of flying with you guys yesterday and have to admit that I'm pretty impressed by your skills.
    You managed to crash into other sqad member's liberators way more frequently than the TR.
    I mean "you" in a non-personal way.

    I'll make sure to join again next time!
  12. Fab

    Yes, when there is no ennemy, Church's lib is often used as target practice...

    Yesterday was a nice evening again, we helped pushing back TR at excavation site (very nice organisation on both TR and NC side, and very nice battle), and then we pushed into Vanu territory, cutting them from their 2 aux bases in the north, thx to Caracca's great gal piloting skills!
  13. Fotosynthese

    I used to play APB too a while ago, also enforcer.
    But what i do not see in the first post is which side you are actually playing at this moment, NC, Vanu, TR?
    If it is NC it is maybe interesting for me.
  14. Core

    NC, it says that in the topic of the thread :D
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  15. ITOS

    Liked for good choice of faction.
  16. Notso

    Of course it's a good choice of faction? Who'd want to play with lasers or spray and pray guns? Not to mention that NC is just simply the only way :)

    I'm back home in a few days guys, hold the fort on EU1 for me until I can start kicking some TR/VS butt with you all... :D
  17. Fab

    Oh don't worry, NC is doing very good now, and we got plenty of new recruits to play with! :)
  18. Notso

    Excellent, sound like I won't have my work cut out for me after all..! ;)

    I hear you're pretty nifty with those aircraft of your Fab... Do you use a joystick?
  19. Fab

    No I don't, only mouse / kep.
    And if by nifty you refer to my galaxy crashing yesterday, killing a total of 20 friendlies ( :cool: ) , well.. that's mean.
  20. CookieMonsterPK

    Glad to see you expanding your community.