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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Jesper

    Had a great time posing for some website shots with the platoon tonight. Make sure you check them out on the website. Perhaps Zehtuka will post them here aswell!
  2. Ardinium

    Only been playing with WASP for a couple days, but have been having a blast. Lots of activity on teamspeak & the outfit forums, friendly members & very organised. Plenty of other new members as well, so you won't feel out of place or anything like that.

    Highly recommended!
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  3. Fab


    We are indeed having lots of fun!
    Yesterday on EU1, our multi squading was pretty successful :
    -retaking Mao from the VS : one squad re captured the surroundings, and the other fought inside and got back the place
    -taking Zurvan : one squad gal droped on the gens, the other squad was waiting at the doors with tanks, and stormed the place when the gen went down. Followed by full infantry action inside the base (great squad leading there by the way)
    -taking rashnu : with nice gal action on the surroundings and the base itself
    -defending Dahaka : while one squad was holding / retaking A point of Dahaka, the other one pushed back TR from Indar Com Array and then flanked TR forces attacking Dahaka A from Indar excavation.

    I'll post the reports from our squad leaders here if I have the occasion.

    Join us! WE ARE NC.
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  4. Teoke

    Oh boy i seriously need to be on more often when stuff like this is going on! Sadly im a busy man!
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  5. Khalum

    Thanks for the list Fab! I can't remember anything besides Rashnu and Dahaka so I was either AFK a lot or still too drunk to remember. Good times!
  6. ITOS

    Passed probation! Now I can use my new signature! Whoo!
  7. Fab

    Same here, now I hope everybody will
  8. Fab

    Bumping for today, I wasn't there yesterday night so no report of the operation.
    As an information, we are currently multisquading every night, and have lots of players on TS.
    Some just come for fun and play relax, some go into squads playing very seriously.
  9. Teoke

    This. +1
  10. Core

    A glimpse of yesterdays operation, however fairly late into the evening so enough people had already logged off that we moved into one squad:

  11. Fab

    I love these vids! Andrews is doing great as a SL! Hope I can participate tonight :)
  12. nocte

    some excellent squaddage the past few days with some of our newer members taking up the role of SL to great effect.

    So even if you are new you are treated fairly and if you have an urge to lead a squad then look no further.
  13. Core

    We want more people to help us liberate Auraxis from tyranny and herecy!

    That and EU needs more organization on EU1 :D
  14. RachelGomez

    Core, you are one of my best friends, which is why I'm glad we're not on the same server. I'd hate to have to fry you with burning hot plasma <3
  15. Core

    You can keep your tuned flashlight on your own side of the map, dear! :D
  16. Zehtuka

    That's why we got all those armour plates as NC, it doesn't help with Comet Crashes though.
  17. MorteDeAmgelis

    A squad of Wasp was part of the assault force on Zurvan Amp Station, WITH SUCCESS! :)
  18. Karie

    As a member of a rival clan to these guys (NightStalkers), they are decent people. If you are playing NC, these guys are the way to go.
  19. Core

    While I never played on NA servers myself, I in general very rarely listed certain criminal clans in my head as "rival" clans :p More like, respected opposition or something :D I guess rivavlry doesnt have to always be bad though.

    On other news, WASP doesnt need SOE to make the Galaxy carry vehicles, we already do it:

  20. Jesper

    Just reminding that if you want a semi-organized (as in we have fun, but we do take orders as well) time and is 18 years old and above WASP is the NC faction for you. All you need to do is be of age, have fun and have a microphone :)