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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. ffy

    Still recruiting, still holding ops on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

    https://wasp-inc.com/ is your one-stop-shop for all WASP needs!
  2. ffy

    Stupid sweet summer, sapping our numbers.

    Still running operations with a squad and a bit three times a week!
  3. Truehunter

    Join WASP if you want a mature, organised outfit with plenty of fun and the opportunity to play other games as well. just go onto www.wasp-inc.com. everyone is welcome, skill level or rank is no issue we just want people willing to learn and improve. No retreat no surrender!
  4. Sovereign533

    Hello fellow freedom lovers!


    Due to the current low amount of influx of new members into the game we have decided to relax our recruitment stance to provide the maximum amount of tactical and fun gameplay with the minimum amount of hassle.
    In the past we have had the luxery of a large amount of applicants and we used our recruitment form as a screening system.
    This form won't be used anymore and to join us all you need:
    • Register on the forums (TS access gets set through this)
    • Make a post in the recruitment thread, an officer will leave a welcome message and give you access to the rest
    • Have a microphone (to cooperate at maximum we need to be able to talk to each other)
    • Don't be a dick
    On top of that we have also changed our operation days for the time being.
    From now on our operation days are:
    • Tuesday
    • Thursday
    And as always, if there are outfits who would like to co-operate closely with us during these nights we are still available for 'friend nights' where we sit in the same platoon. This is both fun and interesting to do.
  5. CarlNyberg

    I don't have a mic buy I have TeamSpeak and I can listen and I'm pretty decent at the game, I also used to play APB and saw you guys alot.

    Should I bother applying?
  6. Meraun

    bump, we are back!
  7. Epoch/Eep

    How's it going guys?

    What are the numbers like nowadays?
  8. Aidenius

    Its a dead fit.

    Why? Because the leader spends most of his time cyber bullying people he does not agree with, mostly on reddit.