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  1. Core


    Warfare Activities, Specialist Protection Inc (Miller-EU)

    WASP Inc originates from All Points Bulletin, where we were selected as the “Best Closed Beta Enforcer Clan” by the developers, Real Time Worlds. This gave us a lot of prestige, which we have carried forward to this day, nearly two years later in APB: Reloaded. While WASP Inc was originally founded on the European servers in APB, we later expanded our operations to the North American servers as the demand for our particular brand of gameplay grew. We have recently begun to move away from the idea of being a clan solely for APB, and are organizing ourselves into a proper "gaming community." Since the tech test our Planetside 2 division has grown steadily and we are proud to bring some black and yellow to the battlefields of Auraxis. Many of our members have played the original Planetside and drawing from their experience and our well established clan in APB, we have a strong base from which to expand into Planetside 2.

    WASP Inc strongly emphasizes teamwork. We don’t care about your backgrounds or nationality, as long as you are capable of communicating clearly in English and are willing and able to work as a team. We have declined extremely skilled applicants in the past, simply because they were unable to work well with a team. While individual skill does make a difference, it is far more important to us that you be able to work with your squad members effectively. In regards to this, all members are required to use Teamspeak 3 when playing with other members. We try to hit a sweet spot between being organized and playing serious, but still fairly laid back and being able to have a laugh.

    For now we are looking for all kinds of people. It doesn’t matter if you want to specialize in vehicles, aircraft, infantry or support, we currently have room for everything.


    • Minimum 18 years of age
    • Working TeamSpeak 3 and a microphone
    • Ability to speak and understand English sufficiently for our needs
    • Ability to work in a team, to take orders and execute them
    If you are interested, please check out our website at http://www.wasp-inc.com. After registration, you can fill out an application to join the Outfit on our forums. You can also find our clan YouTube channel in the signature that shows our gameplay with internal VoiP audible. While most of the content is from APB for the time being, we will be uploading Planetside 2 gameplay as soon as we can!

    Core - Lieutenant | HIVE | Auraxis
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  2. nocte

    lets paint the map blue
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  3. Zehtuka

    Cool stuff
  4. RedCat

    I recommend this clan for anyone looking to join a NC clan!
  5. Core

    As a disclaimer, Sneaky here isnt even one of us but from a "rival" clan from APB :D

    Much love to you Sneaky! :D
  6. pink

    Glad to be here, look forward to seeing the rest of you in game.
  7. Akumaka

    Rolling in from San Paro, I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield!
  8. Thorkoal

    How long would it take for me to become a division leader? :)
  9. Rusky

    Oh hey, nice to see you got in :)
  10. Core

    That would entirely depend on your capabilities :D

    At this point we are planning to give even the newer members a chance to try leading to see who's good at it and who aint. The games we have previously played havn't really required any larger scale leading, so to chart who is capable is important.
  11. Fab

    If possible I'd like a try out :)
    I registered on your site and i'll try to come to your TS and say hello
  12. Core

    Hey, for now the best approach would be leaving an application into the PS2 applications section! If you somewhy insist on not doing that and getting some sorta trial in first, we can perhaps have that done tonight. If you want to chat on Steam for example for the time being, you should find me with Core/Coreldan_Fin. Optionally also our websites chat function works :p
  13. Trickery

    Gearing up for some beta testing tonight, hope to find some exceptional individuals on the battlefield for our STING unit as well. :)
  14. Thorkoal

    What if, I already have MY outfit. And later on we would want to fuse with you and become a division. Would that suit you? :)
  15. Core

    Most likely not.
  16. Thorkoal

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  17. Thorkoal

    Why not?
  18. Core

    I don't see why would we be interested in merging with an another outfit at this point.
  19. MisterAegir

    Great bunch of folks from APB, had no question with who I wanted to join up with for PS2 awesomeness :D looking forward to playing with the whole outfit
  20. Thorkoal

    I only meant if my outfit doesnt do as I am hoping, that the remaining people in my outfit would join yours. As a plan B :p