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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Jesper

  2. Core

    Uploaded in a helluva rush thus bad editing and all that, but here's a video of some gameplay we did yesterday :)

    Shouldve stayed online for a few more hours to be rolling with 2 squads instead of one :D
  3. wasabiranger

    haha welcome guys , omnomnom (MVP) here, good to see some old faces ^^
  4. Core

    Hey man, always nice to see some Patriots! :p
  5. ITOS

    Seems like Quartz Ridge Camp is our "home base". :p We take it back from the TR on a (in game) daily basis.
  6. Fab

    Well on a strategic point of view it is one of the key bases to defend the north homeland of NC. It does not have a spawn room so you need an organised outfit with squad beacons and galaxy to defend it (unlike West Highland Checkpoint).
    From Quartz you can destroy any air infiltration trying to sneak to Indar Excavation and command the valley if West Highland is lost.
  7. Fab

    Quoting one of our squad leader report about last night operations :

    Join us, we have great fun, organised squad every night, and a very friendly atmosphere.
    I joined the WASP since tech test and it's great to see the Outift grow in numbers, skill, AND effectiveness.
  8. Khalum

    I'm doing my best to keep the average skill low enaugh so we don't scare off potential new members.
  9. Fab

    I was gonna tell you that you were doing great, but I don't really know how you would understand that.. ;)
  10. SpottyGekko

    I'd love to apply to WASP, but I'm not allowed to post an application on the PS2 forum section of the website. Seems I have to login first, given that "Guest" viewers can't post on the website... ?
  11. Fab

    nope, you need to register.
    and we ll send you tons of advertisments and spams!!! mouahahaah
  12. Core

    Indeed, register first. If that gives you issues (I feel this is what you mean), try adding a number after your login name, such as "SpottyGekko100". There is a weird occasional bug that seems to go away if you add a number after the name :D

    If you still cant register, email waspincclan (at) gmail.com
  13. Fab

    Another operation last night, taking and holding Crimson Bluff Tower and NS Material Storage, defending against increasing number of VS armor and Air.
    We even faced an impressive Liberator column (10-15 libs) that bombed us but could get the tower out of our hands. We finally lost it when they landed 3 gals around the base.. Defence of NS Material went well until we were litteraly backhacked and had to retreat far north in our gal.

    Great battles, great fun!

    If you think that PS2 lacks teamplay, try and join us.
  14. Notso

    Unfortunately I completely missed the large ops we did last night, I was in a squad of about 8 then I had to leave, then when I came back it was just Insin. Still, both were great fun, and we used teamwork to our advantage but still had a lot of fun. Props to Jesper by the way for excellent squad leading before he passed it over to Zehtuka, and then props to Zehtuka too :p
  15. Fab

    Wasn't there yesterday for the operation, but I saw on our forum that it was another good night for the WASP soldiers.

    Bumping for today :)
  16. Nikklaren Deathfyre

    was thinking of applying, but i saw on your site the screenshot with the billboard, stating "damage hacks, 50m spawn, and be favoured by devs" I only played APB for a short time because of hackers and i have a great disgust for hacks, could you please clarify on that.
  17. Core

    Lol, that was a G1 hosted screenshot competition designed for clans. We decided to participate to the comedy section, which we won with that picture. In short the picture is a parody of the many things we get accused about, some are just in the text form that caught your eye, several others are sort of baked into the picture that you probably wont understand unless you play APB atm.

    We have a zero tolerance on hacking/cheating, naturally.

    http://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/292114-free-sheets-for-the-winners/ Heres the thread announcing winners, we are on EU2.
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  18. Devilize

    Sup Wasp, this is Marquee from WASP eastcoast apb just saying hi and glad to see you guys made it to the beta.
  19. Akasha

    I'm from joker east in apb:r and la rocha from retail and having watched so many wasp videos I'd love to join you guys! See ya on the battlefield
  20. Nikklaren Deathfyre

    aallriight ok that makes me feel alot better lol I could never join anything that condones hacks lol