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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Killer Rabbit

    They would still join as individuals which we'll evaluate separately. Some will be accepted, others won't. Also, we don't want any inner circles within WASP. Everyone plays with everyone else, so having your outfit as a division in WASP is a no-go.
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  2. Core

    Pretty much as KR said. We've had a similar kind of "merge" in APB, which wasnt really a merge since it happened totally on our terms. Just all members of another clan joined ours, but we made sure everyone met the requirements first. For example we sport the age requirement of 18. Anyone who falls below that would not be allowed to join. So to your question, it wouldn't be baseline impossible, but yes, you would join as individual members.

    Also, had some pretty good time yesterday on PS2! We had 2 full squads from WASP rolling about! :D
  3. heatproofsean

    Oh as soon as I saw WASP is knew it was you guys from APB! Dunno if you remember me but CB APB was fun :) Anyway just thought i'd say Hi, since I play VS if I see you I will send you a burst of love from my Pulsar :)
  4. Core

    We'll make sure to return your expression of love with a Gauss :D
  5. Core

    Had a pretty fancy armor column going on yesterday and pushed the dirty VS far back at Allatum last night before server went down, join us to make a bigger "push the dirty VS back"-column! :D
  6. heatproofsean

    Last night scattmax's were destroying everything lol! A column of those would be more intimidating than any armour :p
  7. Core

    Max crashes are so 2003 yo! :D
  8. DiRaven

    Can't wait for the next wave of invites. xD
  9. Geek

    think i may of just found my outfit, you guys look/sound awsome... love the website! consider this me applying lol, about to register on forum
  10. Core

    That TR MAX in your avatar though.... are you an undercover spy? :D
  11. Geek

    heh doh should change that, i thought about going TR when i was making my forum account :oops:
  12. Pocket

    o hai there
  13. Core

    Ronketpokit! Good to see you here! :D
  14. Pocket

    gotta get myself one of our fancy forum signatures :p
  15. Houck

    If only you went TR >.> (Houck from Met-clan APB!)
  16. Killer Rabbit

    It's never too late to abandon the TR scum and join NC!
  17. Notso

    Allow me to scrupulously construct a charade to camouflage my precocious endeavors to bump this thread towards the summit of this forum to allow greater viewing and easier contemplation by the populace of these fora of this prestigious recruitment effort :)
  18. Core

    WTB a more stable game, so that our squad gameplay wouldnt get interrupted all the time by people crashing :D
  19. Core

    Oh right, I've forgotten to post this on the new forums:

    This doesn't have that much to do with PS2, but it's more about our heritage with APB and APB:Reloaded. We commissioned the official artist who worked on the game to make us a wallpaper-like artwork. We wanted it to be with the "true APB graphical style", but wanted it to represent us, WASP Inc, rather than the game as the graphical style usually does. This is the result and we were very pleased with it :)


    As a disclaimer: She gave us the PSD file with seperate layers, so she didnt overly bother positioning or stylizing the logo on the top for example.
  20. Akumaka

    WASP Inc is looking for fresh blood for our NA Division! We will be rolling out WASP Inc goodness on a West Coast server so that we can include all of our friends and members from the Americas and the Oceanic Region!