Miller v Woodman v Cobalt\Ceres on PTR - It's On!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ulysees, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. angeh

    cobalt needs to prove itself as a real server ??? Lol we had 10% pop tonight ......
  2. MajorZbug

    That's exactly the point
  3. angeh

    considering we have had very little time to put together any form of organisation we did pretty well. IMO next sunday numbers should be relatively even or its going to be pointless :)
  4. Ganelon

    You going to play for Woodman or Miller? I think we need some ELEB zerg going.
  5. SebDollar

    What you dont realize, is that there was no leaders in-game, they were all at the meeting planning what to do for next Sunday. Today we we're just dicking around and certing our our characters. On Sunday it's gonna be game time.
  6. Ganelon

    I'm not sure if that was the cause. Our organisation consisted of jamming 50 guys in a single channel and then use in-game chat to communicate with the squad.... yeah....
  7. ScottishRoss

    Oh fair enough. Our troops were just having some fun. Take of that what you will. Y'know, we seriously hope you get the numbers, both Cobalt and Woodman, so we can have a nice even fight so there is proof of who has the better players. We know there are some incredible people on all sides, some incredible teamwork and so on. Us on Miller are just worried that due to the poor turn out initially, that with the numbers we'll have and we steamroll and that is simply not how anyone on Miller likes to fight. We want 3 equal sides so we can have a good, fun and epic fight. Surely that's what everyone wants?

    Or Woodman/Cobalt simply just aren't our standards ;)
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  8. Ganelon

    We'll try to get more ELEB/KotV cannonfodder
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  9. ValorousBob

    I like how that guy mentions "cheap tactics" and UBAD hasn't even gone full ret@rd on them yet. Should we stick an Ammo/AMS sundy and some HE Lightnings in that Bio Lab and see if they call hacks?
  10. d3adline

    That or just put Kanum and the rest of MCY in that lab, the tears are going to be delicious...
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  11. LordMondando

    Sometimes people expressing things contrary to their literal intention.

    The word for it is irony.
  12. YamiNoTenshi

    I've got a good feeling about this :)
  13. Sparks

    Can we declare whoever owns Hurakan at the end the winner of the event? Be nice to have a decent fight in/around a totally new base.

    Guess I'll jump in with you guys then not many OC members interested in test server events :p.
  14. PhysicsMan

    Yes, I am quite aware of the meaning of irony. Thank you anyway.
  15. d3adline

    ya, your post sure as hell sounds like that.
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  16. PhysicsMan

    Please, can we stop this bitterness?

    I mean no disrespect to anyone, I just wanted this event to be a bit of a fun and an opportunity to get to know those whom I am usually against. For me, it is also an opportunity to help SOE by encouraging more people to use the PTS and to have a large amount of people testing the new continent making it more likely for bugs to be noted.
  17. huller

    Should have used this:
  18. Ulysees

    Outfit Reps please do your best to get your expected numbers and roles submitted to the over view document by the end of tomorrow as agreed at the meeting so I can work out outfit assignments for the battle plan to be published on Thursday.

    ATM WASP (Will update my outfit when I know what the limit will be set as) LSD RUSL LGIF and 252v still need to give expected numbers, without these entries we are at 11 platoons so as it stands I think a limit of 3 squads per outfit will work (it will encrouch a little on the 12 platoon limit I set but hopefully no by enough to stop people getting into the event)
  19. DJStacy

    I'll do my best to find out about our numbers soon as I can............Sure Woodman will do its best to field the biggest force it can, but 11 Platoons sounds a lot....we don't always have that many on the server at prime time because lots of the players are new and not in an outfit yet. Don't forget Miller has a much larger player base than Woodman shame to spoil a good fight with overkill ..........
  20. Ulysees

    We cannot control the turnout DJStacy but Miller vastly out-popping the other servers is something that was discussed at our meeting and recently between the server reps (at least the Woodman and Miller ones, don't know who is organising the Cobalt/Ceres server) and we will have the battle as planned initially but if the MIller turnout does cause severe overpop and leads to this being concluded very quickly then there will be a fun event of some kind for people to take part in and as long as all servers are up for it (Miller have already agreed) then we can redistribute some of the outfits onto the other servers to have a second fight that will be more balanced population wise.