Extreme drop in VS population on Ceres server

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NightmareP69, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Gobmi

    Oh you play 24/7 I did not realize, sorry my mistake.

    I have been there from the start and I like it too.

    There are no rumours in the internet, it's all fact.
  2. Konfuzfanten

    last night on Ceres TR had 40% pop and we had 30ish the same with NC, still Vanu and NC didnt have too many problems holding our own. Was some good fights last night...ofc it helped that TR held the crown.
  3. Nyscha

    Managed to get 60% increased exp last night as VS.
    We was outnumbered like hell.
  4. HellasVagabond

    VS are you bloody serious ? The buff to the Vanguard was almost nothing. Why should i care if i have 10% more armor at the top ? Do you think that a Scythe or a Mossie will have a hard time launching 1 more rocket onto a Vanguard ? The shell speed increase i like but now i need time to adapt to that. Still shell speed is also almost nothing. We need an Armor buff (damage buff if the Prowler keeps the new numbers) and actually Tank TRACTION.
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  5. VoidMagic

    This is true.

    We compensated with hardwork, teamwork, and inginuity, that lead to more skill, more strats, better leadership and rules to work together without "as much" drama. Didn't help much game wise in PS1 due to the horrible nerfed weapons, however, we did become better gamers in general.

    Sooooooo when those folks came back to PS2 and rolled Vanu which was far more balanced at first... umnnn we get NERFED MOAR.

    However, the Nerfing can only make us stronger...

    I figure 4 more generations till the Kwisat Hadderak.
    Long live the fighters.
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  6. nukularZ

    Magrider nerf + SE gate location = double whammy for VS. I had a feeling the magriders would have a lot more difficulty with the canyons without the nerf, and it seems like I was right. There's little room to do any strafing. When VS gets the north gate, watch their population explode again. They'll have all the room in the world to strafe.
  7. InterSpectra

    For reference: 12:45 PST, Connery, Indar:
    Will take another screenshot in the evening to showcase the "ever changing" territory battle of Indar. World pop is very similar to Indar continent ratio. Amerish currently has over 50% VS (probably like 50 actual players) trying to ghost cap.

    (LevelCap, I hope you really are thinking of switching over to Connery)



    Oh and that Magrider argument, screw that. I've put tons more certs into my Flash alone than the Magrider. How many more you ask? Probably 1500 more.
  8. MyBalls

    I Think it has more to do with the patch. Since game unplayable, whole outfit said, they dont play anymore till they didn´t get KONSTANT 60 FpS... so byby all paying customers :D
  9. MyBalls

    yeah... TR dont like to shot at something that moves :p
  10. Apis

    NC/TR tanks aren't overpowered- they just didn't need to nerf the magrider. Heavy handed balancing from SOE again.

    The problem is the game issues coupled with the poor SE warpgate. Scat/Hacksaws are getting very old - Just not fighting NC at biolabs is not a strategy but we're not left with any other options.
  11. Leer

    Actually a large number of people joined this week and went TR/NC. TR easy mode, NC hard mode, Vanu no challenge easy mode.
  12. NightmareP69

    Indar is basicly unplayable now since we have no one there anymore, we just got run over by 30-50 Prowlers, 10-20 Liberators and a ton of mosquitoes who only know how to spam hellfire missles and nothing else + the massive stuttering and low FPS this new patch added in, made it impossible to even bother fighting back at all.

    The only playable continent seems to be Amerish on Ceres, since that continent usully only has like 50-100 people playing on it only, so zergs don't exist at all.
    I even have now people in the outfit who are refusing to play the game because of how bad the situation is.
    The VS warpgates are complete ghost towns even during prime time now. The massive crying on the forums from the TR to nerf us basicly destroyed an entire faction.

    Good job TR and SOE, you just helped in killing Planetside 2 even more.
    Next up, nerfing the NC. Those vanguards are totaly OP, let's make the NC do only 1% damage and increase their recoil by 50% so those poor lil TR players can finally capture every possible continent known to a planetside player.
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  13. Punishment

    Miller lost about 5% of its VS population after the patch
  14. Xasapis

    Still holding on to Indar though. I can't wait until we lose it and see how long it'll take to recap it.

    (TR are getting a lot more of our love compared to what the NC were doing when they had our corner).
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  15. Blue Ice

    Prior to the NC's Capture of Zurvan Amp Station

    The call of the VS to retake the Zurvan Amp Station

    Earlier today on Indar, Ceres VS had a huge battle with the NC at the Zurvan Amp Station. We had manage to kick them out of the station. Most of the VS thought the battle was over and thing can quiet down now. We were far from that truth. It started on minutes after the base capture. A small group of 4-6 NC crossing over a rocky outcrop pushing into the Northeast main gate. VS fighters were called up to stomp out this minor resistance. After the first few NC were taken out a strange thing occurred, more NC were cresting over the rocky outcrop. Where were this seeming endless stream coming from?

    Examining the map it was quickly discovered that the NC still controlled the norther outpost from Zurvan Amp Station. A platoon wave point was set and VS began their counter-offensive. What started as a dozen or so NC units attempt to retake Zurvan Amp Station turned into 45min battle calling forth close to a 100 troops from both sides. Tanks from the outpost were spawning out of the pad one after another from the NC. The VS met them with tank mines, rockets, and their own armored division. The NC's tanks could not hold long against the VS. The NC called more reinforcements and dug in at the compound. The VS attacking from the south and east failed soon after. The VS maneuvered around to the South and west where two buildings and some rocks gave more cover from the NC's spawn fortification.

    The battle of the northern outpost. (Notice the blue dots, they were blinking all over that area)

    Close quarter NC Max's help the control point backed engineers, medics, and heavies. They as well were covered by snipers high on the cliffs and light assaults flying over rocks and walls. Still the VS ground troops pushed into the flood of bullets. Finally a wave of drop pods lands on the roof the capture point and a team of VS overpowered the control room with reinforcements coming from the ground floors. The control was captured and the NC were quickly dispensed.

    No sooner did that victory come did the next battle ensue. A red tinted sundy comes speeding to the flank of the VS western side. Soon tanks and more ground units are see streaming down the from the citadel, The Crown. TR, it seems, has seen this opportunity to sally forth from the safety of the Crown to retake the Zurvan Amp Station they control only a few hours prior. With the VS done cleaning up the NC a column of tanks from the newly captured outpost and Amp Station rolled out to meet the TR. The momentum was high for the VS from the previous battles. The VS within only span of 15 minutes were able to stop the TR's goal of retaking the Amp Station.

    The VS's attempt to assault The Crown

    With most of the VS's tanks still intake after the battle, overconfidence took over. The VS pushed hard into The Crown. With TR freshly respawned and well fortified on The Crown this battle was not going to be so easy. VS tanks pushed from the deep canyon Southeast of the Crown and others pushed up to the steep road to the bridge crossing. The VS canyon force was quickly destroyed with volleys of rocket fire from the high cliffs above by the TR. The VS's other force on its way to the bridge was met with the same TR troops that took out the canyon force and has now turned its attention on the bridge crossers. Already well established in front of the bridge the TR halted any further advance of the VS to the bridge let alone the Crown. Bullets, rockets, grenades, and light assault troops dropping in with C4 the VS were stuck. Hiding in a small bunker with their sundy under constant repair from explosions. Any attempts to leave the bunker was met with rockets and sniper fire from above. Eventually the TR flooded down the hill like water sweeping away any VS that made the vain attempt to hold their ground.

    The TR continued their decent from the Crown once more now backed by their impressive dual cannoned tanks and endless firing MAXs. After a dew air drops behind enemy lines to take out some MAXs, I as well as other members in the platoon knew it was hopeless to continue the push. We turned to face the NC with took this opportunity to take the Rashnu Bio Lab and surrounding territories.
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  16. Xasapis

    I'll keep monitoring the situation on Miller. From an observation during prime time yesterday, VS lost about 15% of their population while TR gained 10%. We still have enough people to give a good fight on Indar though (probably still holding Indar unless night capped) and we have a minor presence somewhere else (Amerish is preferred post patch, the warpgate seems the best for controlling that continent).
  17. BadLizzard

    Connery had VS population problems before the patch and they got worse after, tonight was 24% on all 3 continents, all night.
  18. Zapon

    Jaeger took a VERY hard hit - the patch took us to 20% + xp....


    This is getting really bad for the Sovereignty...Especially when the TR are able to have 4 + platoons running around and keep pushing out more.
  19. Sifer2

    I would say this is probably correct. The Vanguard is the only tank built for that head to head canyon warfare. And considering Vanu are notorious for relying on their Tank spam this patch hit them hard. Even more so with the lock on rocket super range. It's basically a faction of tank drivers doing a silent boycott lol.
  20. Soylent

    VS population on Ceres has been dwindling for a while now. Before the Empire Showdown thing, long before the GU2. While GU2 may have caused a few extra to quit or take a break it was something else that started it, or instead of VS players leaving maybe it's the TR and NC that actually gain more players than VS.