Extreme drop in VS population on Ceres server

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  1. Ariellus

    1. Namecalling ... no go
    2. a few in our outfit have connection losts it start with the effect you shown in your video and ends with a disconnection after max 5 minutes but i will check it, we don't need cheater in our outfit (btw the effect for the "cheater" is that he have 1-2 fps per second)

    Nah I've seen it plenty of times that Hvar got flipped by a couple of NC according to the activity radar. And each time i got there, there was indeed no more than one squad of players.

    As for our outfits: They might have the manpower to make a successful push and take away some of your land. But in the grand scheme of things they don't have a lot of influence. Territorial control barely expands when they log on and run ops. It more often than not only shifts to other places on the map because at the time they capture new territory we simultaniously lose territory on other parts of the map, since the rest of our players is non-stop hanging out at The Crown and adjacent hexes.
  3. Cull58


    Come say hi, we have many outfits represented on our forums and even some NC now, going to create a subforum for enemies too so we can plan epic fights.


    Its funny you write that cause I stated earlier that I barely recognize any major VS outfits though I know they are out there (seen u guys ofc). I think the warpgate positions pits VS against TR much more regularly.
    But NC has several outfits that are getter more and more organized : 418, the Realm, Warrior Nation, GBX. But its a slow going evolution ;).[/quote]

    The thing is we rarely feel like we hit a wall of NC. Our pushes north are only usually stopped by the TR taking advantage and pushing east, so we have to fall back. It's like when we go to claim Esamir and Amerish, we hit a wall of IPT zerg as they move to counter us. We have never felt that happening from the NC at all. We have The Realm represented on our forums now, hoping to arrange soom cool fights.
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  4. Markelot

    Yeah its hard for anyone to really defend the east. And I admit these days we prefer the west, maybe we are getting sick of the canyons after all :D.
    The Realm is everywhere ;) but I just registered on your forums (under Markelot as well). After the server merge we should really try to get all major outfits together.
  5. Cull58

    The subforum which gives access to both allies and enemies should be going up later today.
  6. ChopSuey1981

    Me is one of the Leader of the IPT if i will ever see a Cheater in my Outfit he will be banned directly, but btw what you have there as Clip on Youtube is not a Hacker this is a Lag Bug i saw this more then Hundred Times by TR NC and Vanu Enemys !