Extreme drop in VS population on Ceres server

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NightmareP69, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. NightmareP69

    Iv'e noticed a HUGE drop in VS population over the past 2 weeks, majority of the time VS bearly have 28% in the server, while TR have around 40%.
    More and more VS are getting frustarted with the fact than we have bearly anyone in the empire anymore, only during downtimes we have a fighting chance, while during prime time we can bearly even move from all of the TR zerg everywhere.
    It used to be fine 2 weeks ago in the server, we would usuly have 30-35%, TR and NC would also have around 30-35% but now it's very rare to see that number even hit 30 for the VS.
    Pretty much on every continent we go, we have the lowest population.

    It seems ever since the empire showdown , most of the VS player base just vanished into thin air somehow and the TR playerbase doubled.

    I'm just confused on how we managed to lose so many people in such a short time period, did they all give up from PS2 or did they switch to a different faction ?
    Even the NC are getting more players while we're losing players.

    Has this been happening on other servers too ?
  2. ScrubbingItOut

    game is dying and the population of this game is dwindling and the 6 month plan isnt going to save this game
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  3. Blackweb

    Seems the VS on your server might be onto something... I have no idea what? :rolleyes:
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  4. NightmareP69

    They're most likely planing to leave the server when the server transfer tokens come out :(
  5. MasterTater


    ALSO Massive drop of Vanu population on Woodman - from 33% to 20-24% on average on every continent.

    Just shows how badly SOE ****** up the game balancing by destroying Vanu Hover Tank and completely Overpowering TR/NC tanks.
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  6. ThommiX

    Oh,haven't noticed a drop in population. Had great fights with my outfit almost any time of the day.
    Currently though most might be waiting just for the fix to the latest patch.

    @Mastertater Just what exactly has balance issues to do with people leaving VS,which is claimed to be most OP faction...

    @Scrubbingitout This game is far from dying,mmo's dont die that easily. They will lose customers and money of course. Not everyone ragequits the game with one messed up patch. Most wait for the fix and return.
  7. NightmareP69

    I just hope the player count for VS in Ceres won't drop even more. It's getting extreamly hard for us to fight here. We usully had Esamir under controll but ever since the Empire showdown, we spend most of over time on Esamir being warpgated by the TR.
    Only reason TR isn't dominating on Indar at the moment is because they lost their warp gate location to the NC, however Esamir and Amerish is always red.

    Also master tater is right about the low population on Woodman, i got an NC on woodman and the VS there bearly have any players too.
  8. Jac70

    Seems the VS are usually in the minority on Miller too. Which suits me as I play on the continent with least friendly pop for the bonuses.
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  9. {joer

    I wish we had that on Soltech but the VS zerg remains ;)

    What a unusual "unnerf my over powered magrider" thread.

    The TR and NC tanks didn't even work for most of the weekend.
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  10. Kache

    Same here, we're usually at 29% on Indar, NC's from 35-40%, and TR is usually around 33-35%.

    Even then we still put up a very good fight, often we push the NC all the way to their warpgate.

    >Server: Lithcorp
  11. Gav7x

    I think what might happened was that since the TR "won" the showdown (actually the VS won) all the cool kids want to play whit the winners, so they join the TR
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  12. Iksniljiksul

    This game lost a very large chunk of it's players yesterday.
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  13. ThommiX

    Do you run solo or in outfit? Because even if we seem to have lower numbers,we have been rocking our fights pretty easy. TR dominating indar? Not from my perspective,they start losing ground really fast as long as people keep away from crown,which we usually do. They haven't had much defense usually elsewhere.

    Wasn't questioning was mastertater right or wrong,was questioning him adding balance issues to the discussion which in my opinion has nothing to do in it.

    Oh and btw currently this will also affect those numbers:now that prowlers seem OP,people will flock to TR. Also they nerfed our Magriders so bad that they are barely useful anymore,which also causes people to not play or change faction. Majority has no clue that those are bugs which will get fixed,hence they jump the bandwagon.

    @Gav7x Oh yea,what BS is that,its even on the launcher,yet from results i saw VS won,not TR. But true,that will get a lot of players playing TR.
  14. PaperPlanes

    It has always been this way on Jaeger, NC often hold 40+ percent of the server pop, TR is between 30 and 38ish percent usually, VS is often under 30 percent.

    It was this way before the recent patch, but after the patch I fear it is getting worse. Once in a while during peak hours we get some more even populations, but the vast majority of the time, VS is outmanned. Now we have the worst MBT in the game which can't compete with the others and now lost its mobility advantages, we have the worst MAX weapons in the game, all our infantry weapons are kind of in the middle in terms of balance which is fine, but TR clearly has superior weaponry for all ranges, which has always been true. The only 'advantage' VS weapons ever had was no bullet drop, which has always been negated by the fact we have some of the slowest projectile speeds which makes us need to lead targets more. So the empire specific tradeoff is really just whether you want to have to lead people more or fire slightly above their head.

    And yet the bulk of this game still insists VS is overpowered, because it's easy to complain about the faction that has the unique stuff.
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  15. NightmareP69

    Actully i said NC are dominating indar because of the new warp gate location , also i usully play with my outfit but if no one is online i just stick to a large group of players.
  16. pisu

    Yeah, the TR pop on Ceres is above 40%, VS with lower 20ties. But when I left today the TR were almost warpgated on Indar by us and NC, NC were pushing on us from north, Esamir was under TR control, Amerish was ours.
    I don't see a problem here, bonus XP is always nice.
  17. NightmareP69

    Yeah it's pretty sad than cry babies are making the VS basicly useless now. First we started losing people and now we're getting nerfed.
    According to some Planetside 1 veterans, the first PS had the same problem. Vanu was extreamly under populated too back then.
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  18. rickampf

    Same on Connery. Seems like some of VS joined NC for some reason... NC population is higher than before on that server.
  19. Izriul

    I never understood all this "everyone plays VS!!1!!" on my server they've always been the lowest population. Sometimes it is identical to NC in the mornings but at prime time it's the lowest. Strange thing though, before on one of the rare times it was balanced, I saw like VS 32% TR 34% and NC 33% yet VS had 1% extra XP and NC had 2%. Doesn't make much sense to me, so I wouldn't really trust the stats anyway..hell, I wouldn't trust much in this game.

    That said, I do like being the lower pop, more XP that way
  20. ThommiX

    Oops my fault then for reading wrong.sorry.
    NC didn't dominate anything before but yeah,they are doing well now. Still wouldn't say they dominate,though haven't got much playing after the patch with all the lag. Maybe they finally learned to organize better?