Extreme drop in VS population on Ceres server

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  1. Chiggerbite

    This really made me think about what's changed with the population on Connery. VS dropped about 5% as well. A few weeks ago, VS sat around 23-30%. Now, VS stands around 18-23%. TR has pretty much maintained their same population percentage... somewhere between 33-38% (though they can spike higher at times). NC seemed to fluctuate before, but could usually maintain close to TR's numbers. Now, NC seems to hover more around the 38-43% range... gaining the 5% VS dropped.

    I have no idea why the population changed, but I do find it interesting that NC gained what VS lost instead of the loss being distributed between TR and NC. Until SOE actively polls the community in order to get feedback on what happened, all anyone can do is speculate why the populations are in flux after the patch.

    To be honest, I haven't really noticed a drop in the number of magrider drivers (I didn't use mags that much before the patch myself). I primarily just run as infantry. It may just be that I'm not fighting where they are, but it does seem like the number of VS aerial pilots has dropped over the last several days (doesn't seem like we have the air support we used to) ... or maybe the number of aerial units that TR and NC is running has increased.
  2. YoXn

    No ****, VS are underpowered. NC right now is the God faction, and TR are balanced.
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  3. Kwanza

    Jaegers VS numbers have declined quite a bit over the past week or so as well, its pretty depressing.
  4. Rusky

    Ok, I'll feed the troll on this one:

    How is NC the God faction exactly ?
  5. YoXn

    Best max, Hard hitting infantry, best warpgate, strong MBT, okay air, and last but not least cool rock music.
  6. Rusky

    Yeah, I'm not seeing it sorry:


    That's 7:20 PM CET today (Thursday) so should be close enough to prime time in EU.
  7. Kwanza

    If by fixed you mean broke? And even stated as such? A sunderer is more agile than my mag up hills atm - how is that 'fixed'? Your tanks are more agile than a mag on some terrain now + all those silly buffs to compensate for your lack of strength exploitation.
  8. BadLizzard

    Plain and simple, zerg wins this game/capture point, if you don't have the numbers you will not be able to take or hold anything. Worst thing about this is that once the sever move tokens become available I will probably move my TR and NC characters to Connery and use them, and all my investments into VS will go to waste. I can only hope that some move their VS accounts to Connery and it gets a population boost.

    I wish there was a way that the populations could be balanced on a server/continent. You would never play BF3 with 20 players vs 40 because of balancing. But those are the odds we are faced with on a daily basis, and honestly with all the nerfs to air and armor, I see more and more infantry platoons (all factions) walking the maps these days than anything else. Air is almost non-existent for all factions now. (at least on Indar)
  9. Costanza33

    Same thing on Miller for me, VS population decreased heavily in the last 2/3 weeks.
  10. Wren

    VS has always been low on Connery

    Just keeps getting worse and worse

    Clearly Vanu is "OP" with the lowest pop counts. Those gamers are noble and never jump on a faction that's "OP"
  11. Rusky

    I'm sure VS pops dropping these days has nothing to do with the Magrider nerfs either :p
  12. Wren

    You mean bug that they're fixing?

    I will admit gamers do jump the gun when a perceived 'nerf' is coming
  13. Thaccus

    I'm one of the VS not playing anymore. I keep launching the game out of habit when I sit down, but I can't bring myself to log in. Occasionally I scan the forums to see how the rest of the community felt and sure enough I am not alone. I know that the game is still mostly the same, but ever since the patch I've felt like it's been one slap in the face after another. Gaming is my fun time, I will not spend it feeling bad. The rest of this post is an account of why I decided to play other games. Its long so you can skip to writing a cry more post if you are that kind of community member.

    When I logged in right after the patch I immediately bought the Eridani SX5. It was a great CQB weapon but I felt like it would shine best on the infiltrator. So off I went to flank with a fully automatic weapon on a class that goes near invisible. After about an hour of playing I had stopped bothering to use cloak because I now knew that it had no advantage due to being near fully visible. I wandered around as HA for a bit. The frame rates weren't as problematic if you had cover and knew where the enemy was coming from. I got bored and logged off.

    Some time later I logged back on with the mindset "Screw the infil, I'll just play some good ol'e LA" One of the things you can always count on is that people don't look up and behind them unless they are hit and don't see anyone on the ground. Again I realized that things weren't the same anymore. The frame rate meant that it was harder to drop what I shot at and the drop increase on the UBG made its reticle unusable so my insurance plan should anyone notice me that I couldn't kill was lost. "It was probably for the better" I thought, but the golden rule of the hunt is not to shoot what you can't kill and I couldn't follow it so easily. Flanking was now less successful than just shooting people on the front lines. Again I switched to HA and promptly got bored and logged off.

    The next day I tried to do the same with the magrider but with all the steep hills and strafe/magburn shenanigans there really is no taking a magrider at the enemy from an unexpected angle within our own territory. Moreover, the stat boosts to the other tanks mean we aren't meant to take them head on. I didn't bother with the HA this time.

    I logged in a couple more times and both times we were gate locked, so I stopped logging in. It's really not about the nerfs (my play styles have been nerfed many times before) I just felt bad every time I logged in. Sure I could switch factions but that would mean spending all that time being unequipped and clawing at the skinner-box which would also not be fun. So I'm off playing Skyrim, LoL, and TF2, Having fun with my fun time.
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  14. Dice

    As a Tank driver I can say the Mag has been hurt. I am not one to cry about it though. I jumped in last night, first time since the patch and noticed I really was stuck to being on roads. I can climb anymore. The burner was not helping me climb either.

    So I went back to using it how I always did. As a platform for a secondary sniper cannon. Got to say. Still working fine in that role. Movement might have been hampered but at range I still felt fine. I was never one to attack head on without support so I do not know what an unsupported head long rush is like.

    As for a Pop drop. Yep. Happened on Briggs too. Reds got the pop. Not a great issue. More people to shoot at. If it continues to fall I think issues will arise though.
  15. Blue Ice

    I am with you on that. I use mag (pretty since getting the Saron 2-3 weeks ago after testing it on an allies mag) as a mobile artillary support. The main cannon is a little too cumbersome for tank vs tank, but if I sit back and fight from the mid/back of the battle I can pick off some tanks/troops. Of course this is with support of allied tanks, heavies, and air support.
  16. 0402rasmus1

    Yes if People just looks at the Challenge list from the showdown they will see that Vanu has won most of the Challenges.
    But i Think that TR won the Challenge because of the votes.
  17. Prodigal

    Way to miss a point. The OP didnt say a word about the Mag, nor about tanks in general. So actually you're just trolling, by throwing in random magrider smack. People like you...really.

    Yesterday during prime time the pops used to be fairly even as far as I'm concerned. However pops noticably changed just since the Warpgate rotation. VS pop indeed dramatically decreased. But at the same time TR and especially NC pop drastically increased compared to how it used to be prior to GU2. Now guess what!

    Besides, VS still kicks our arses on a regular basis, sometimes even with ~25% population vs. a whopping 40% Terrans. We're gated on Indar at least once a day, even during prime time and with highest pops. All we usually have left is The Crown or Allatum while the VS collared Peris and adjacent territories and the NC literally ghostcapped Hvar and everything around it.
  19. Silver Pepper

    "Oh no, Vanu MBTs are no longer insanely overpowered, can't spam weaponised pancakes, time to quit!"

    Get used to being on the ground with your feet and being infantry. Your weapons are basically like TR weapons but with no bullet drop, anyway. You have high ROF stuff (equal to TR high ROF weapons) available to your infantry, and minimum recoil. It only seems like being underpowered by comparison.

    Any pain you're feeling against the NC is the same pain the TR feels. What you feel fighting our weapons is probably about equal to what we feel fighting yours. Big woop.
  20. Jex =TE=

    Well that is BS for a start - did you even see the graphs showing how OP the mag rider was? Now you look at the graphs and you can see it is way more balanced.

    Edit: forget this, I just saw the date this was first posted.