Extreme drop in VS population on Ceres server

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NightmareP69, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Grotpar

    Fotm kids are leaving.

    Is gud.

    VS for life. Technology is might!
  2. Xasapis

    Of all the hypocrites on the forum you're the biggest one. You've been making rubbish whining threads for weeks and now you come back and call others whiners? Priceless.
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  3. Jaquio

    Yeah, but it's a bug that hits 100% of them, because they never leave their Magriders. If you were a new player and didn't know the lore, you'd assume the Red and Blue factions were humans fighting each other, while also defending themselves against a race of sentient purple hover tanks.
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  4. JudgeDeath


    1: The ability to have characters on all sides on a single server.
    2: Flavour of the month mentality of certain players.

    Conclusion: People are just flocking to the next "Mad op wtfpwn we got them buffs yo" side. VS were the "losers" of this patch while TR and NC are the winners. Atleast in common opinion.
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  5. Xasapis

    Well, we'll see how you'll feel when they nerf your empire specific advantage, aka that imba NC max. It's coming you know, they do seem to cave to whines.
  6. Gisgo

    For weeks you had the best tank and the best warpgate, but you always refused to even DISCUSS the matter, now you are all leaving?
    Thats too bad, but dont ask me to comfort you. ;)
  7. xMihr

    Clearly the answer is to blast Barry Manilow from your mag riders and commence repopulating.
  8. Gisgo

    Whe had the worse WG for weeks, we still have by far the worse ESF; what makes you think we gonna quit if they nerf our maxes?
    We are not vanus, some of us might cry on the forum, but we dont leave the battlefield when things gets difficult.

    This is what you get for playing the "easy mode" faction, once it gets nerfed, all the kids are gonna leave.
    Lets face it, vanus dont like challenges...
  9. Maruun

    Nah there is more to it i think many like my self just waits until that horrible patch has been straightend up. Then the bugs from the patch to the Magrider. The whole lock on situation and bugs ect really hurt the whole game more then you think. But i bet many VS try out now the new IMBA Prowler :p.
    Those guys are everywhere
    Its a bad sign, when someone brings out a patch and bring in more problems then solving them. This 6month plan is nice and so but when every month brings a patch like this then no thanks.

    I myself take a break from PS2 until that ******** is sorted out. After that i will still play VS :p
  10. Jaquio

    *shrug* Won't affect me. I have never once run around with a ScatMax. Maxes are boring anyways. The only time I'll pull one is for Burster and that's only when Air is really annoying me.
  11. Xasapis

    I don't think you'll quit. I don't think VS quit due to the nerfs either. I'm not entirely sure what the real cause is, but it my come down to the poor game performance more than anything else.

    Btw, you're wrong about the best warpgate. You're sitting in the best warpgate right now. In a balanced server SW and SE holds 1/4 of the map each and the N holds the other 2/4.

    As for the magrider nerf, well ... I haven't seen a proper tank battle in ages. It all comes down to lock on missiles killing anything beyond visual range and long before tanks have any chance to engage each other. Long range belongs to the infantry.
  12. Vreki

    Exactly. The Magrider, Scythe and good Warpgates meant that the VS got joined by a lot from the infamous 4th faction.
    Now things have changed, or even are just rumoured to have changed, and they run like rats from a sinking ship.
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  13. MadRon101

    Lol, I only noticed this yesterday as NC in the past I pretty much usually fought against TR and didn't bother with the bothersome aliens. Rotating the warpgate on indar meant I had a few more fights against the vanu and blow me down it seemed to be just a purple glow stick tank fest.

    Never really understood the attraction of just rolling tanks, real honour is earned in cqc.
  14. Blue Ice

    In my observations I can confirm the population percentages on Ceres being TR 38-40%, NC 32-34%, and VS 24-29% in the last 24hrs for Monday February 4th. At about 2pm GMT I was with my Outfit and had easily 35-40 guys on Indar with still only 29% population. I mention this cause I know we aren't the only group on, but just to give an idea how outnumbered we really were. The TR have been keeping the Crown on lock down disregarding, at times, losing up to 90% of their territories just to keep the Crown. The NC have been all over attacking VS and TR, but rarely continuing far south near the VS warp gate. Maybe they had enough of that area?
    For the Outfit I'm in I have not really seen a drop in active members since the patch, maybe some don't play as long, but for our Outfit we are still strong. There is a TR outfit that seems to roam around the map cutting huge swaths of territories for themselves without much regard of an exit plan. Kinda funny to see that when the TR have a diagonal area of control in the northeast of the map with theirs closest territory being the Crown which itself is cut off.

    I hope it is a fluke and just bad timing for people as why the populations are so imbalanced, but time will see. I am Vanu, I do not have other characters. Prior to the patch I felt most things were decently balanced. In fact I think it is ridiculous to have three (or even two for that matter) races with unique backgrounds and history and to be balanced. I do not see a problem have one faction with strong tanks, another with great air force, and another with power guns. Expecting gun, tank, and plane to be balanced equally is unachievable (in my mind) unless you give everyone the same exact stats just change the shape/color/name of them to make them feel 'unique'. Example the lightning tanks. TR's main battle tank is awesomely powerful to be able to get off two shots before reloads. After about two reloads the other guys usually trying to get the hell out of the area. The Vanu's main battle tank was nice to be able to strafe around but its inability to move it main cannon independently I would see more mags get stuck trying to maneuver in battle. The NC's main battle tank I cannot comment much about because of lack of encounters or encounters where I felt they were nothing mentionable to note here. Not to say they aren't a threat, but nothing specific to mention. The TR's main battle tank, when I see that on foot or ground always have me running for cover. I have been conditioned to fear them.

    It is unfortunate to see how any mention of Vanu's main battle tank instantly starts very aggressive and hostile attacks on these forums. My intentions are not to continue or invite such further comments. I would like to discuss the differences in main battle tanks between each race, and this post's topics isn't the right place for that. But I am not saying any race's main battle tanks or over powered or anything, but just really examine your own factions strength and weakness (not compared to other races) for their tanks. Do the balance out well? (rhetorical question)
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  15. Vreki

    Basically, the current breed of Vanu are Daleks
    That does sound kind of familiar, right?
  16. Maruun

    Every developer that nerfs and buffs at the same time the same things. Like Buff AA/Nerf Air, Nerf Tank A/Buff Tank B & C needs to be standing against a wall and be lashed by our Lasher :p

    Thats not balancing that MAKING WAVES. They could ahve kept the Magrider how he is and buff the Vanguard and the Prwoler to see how this is going before making any nerf. Now the nerfed the Mag abit and buffed the other ttwo MBT with a imba Prowler anchormode.

    That Prowler is more dangerous then any Magrider with a Saron. 95% of all Magriders stand still to shoot with the Saron like a "anchored prowler"

    Prowler has now a ridiculus bulletspeed (and we still wait for a "hotfix" that takes its time funny isnt it?) double of the Saron, higher Firerate then any Saron and double the Amount of any single Saron.

    Wouldnt be there so many HA's with a Annhilator around we would see already a 3 Prowlers on a rdige shooting any tank that comes to near to death without any fear from other tanks.

    Just to link a video from "Compass" and his Prowler owning everything.

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  17. huller

    ****! The Terran Republic does not want spineless fourth empire cowards in it's ranks. While the ballancing might seem a bit extreme it is not, you say "the prowler was doing fine according to SOE stats" how exactly were they doing "fine" with a 0.63 armour K/D ratio where your supposedly "ballanced" fagrider had 1.7 armour K/D. Don't even DARE to pretend it was due to "l33t sk1lz", it was simply due to being the easymode tank and it still is decent. are you such a terribad player that you need to be OP in order to win? the prowler needed to land both hits in order to do the same dammage as one magrider shot. Now we are rewarded for being able to land both hits by some extra dammage. Are you so extremely terrified of some ballance and fairness in tank battles that you quit at the first hint you have to actualy work for your armour kills?

    I will finish this statement with the exact same words 90% of forumside 2 vanu players have said to us prowler and vanguard players.

    "You are not playing to your tanks' strenghts...

    Yep, this "fourth empire" mentality is kinda lame, few players still have faction loyalty and instead resort to "flavour of the month" empire switching, spineless cowards that they are. The sad thing is that this was the reason for decent VS populations: they were the OP, flavour of the month faction. Now they are more ballanced and the grass always looks greener... Because their immagined "l33t sk1llz" no longer result in instant win they think they should join the NC or TR instead now. I hope the awakening is rough, VERY rough indeed. Because let's face it, who REALY wants to play the purple spandex faction? This new generation of "gamers" seems to think they are invincible super-skilled ultimate players, everyone that kills them is either hacking, a no life or is using an Easy mode weapon or faction. Of this kind of players the fourth Empire is comprised. The fourth Empire always will glue a vanu, TR or NC logo over their blasphemy if said faction happens to be flavour of the month.

    The only kind of players I respect are those that stick to their faction no matter the odds stacked against them (aka a large chunk of NC and TR players pre GU2 and some VS tough those were hard to distinguish from the fourth Empire players) For the record, my faction loyalty is due to the lore fanboy inside me who likes reading lore.

    Those that sticks with the VS now (after ballancing) can considder having gained a measure of my respect for displaying faction loyalty (despitebeingfilthycultistscumbags), VS players that flock to the TR and NC now lose all my respect for being fourth Empire cowards.
  18. Vreki

    Didn't we see the same near the end of the Beta btw.?

    The Reaver vent from being "Perfectly fine, l2p noob" to what it is today, and the NC never recovered.
  19. Maruun

    We all know and you know it too, with what a prowler was equipt most of its time. HE for infantrie Farming, it was praised as a Infantriefarming machine and now you are complaining about a 0.63 K/D ratio against a Magrider thats mostly equipt with atleast one AT weapon?

    I cant take you seriously....
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  20. Xasapis

    Yea, magrider had double the k/d ratio vs prowlers while prowler had double the k/d ratio vs infantry. Assuming that magrider and prowler are now equally good at killing each other, where is the magrider's buff at infantry killing?
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