Don't Worry, I Found the REAL Tank Patch Notes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klypto, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Arkenbrien

    Oh. Oops, misinterpreted that one, if that was the case.

    Sorry (if that was the case)! :oops:
  2. EliteEskimo

    Lol, did you make that yourself? All I can say is that SOE is oblivious to what happens when tanks try to get closer while infantry AV is present in any medium to large sized battle. The outcome of coming closer to enemy tanks when infantry AV is present is show below.:p

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  3. Klypto

    I already explained this here:

    The Magrider will be just about the fastest reversing tank within 1KPH, just not in a straight line.

    I can't make the Magrider reverse faster or just as fast as it drives forward because that will be odd.
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  4. vanu123

    We could only hit 70 going down hill. We average about 63 w/ racer.
  5. WTSherman

    I was talking about after the speed buff in Klypto's "patch notes". ;)
  6. Flag

    67 at an angle.
  7. vanu123

  8. Halkesh

    I laugh when I see Klypto's false patchnote having 70 upvote while SOE have only 28. (I suppose these +28 are from engineer's ammo pack change)


    Hey, just a question about magrider.
    Actually, the tank advantage are :
    stabilized turret
    better backpedal speed (~45kph with rival and strafing)
    (other ?)

    What will be the advantage / disadvantage of the maggy after the patch ?
  9. PastalavistaBB

    Being "Fabulous".
  10. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Dam, i spend certs for Rival Combat Chassis just for better reverse speed..
  11. MajiinBuu

    Is this real life? Are these patch notes genuine?
  12. vsae

    I wish SOE would actually see this and think.
  13. Flag

    No that was on flat terrain.
  14. Klypto

  15. Mystogan

    Eh..Klypto, I would love this patch-notes to be true. Vehicle designer from SOE can learn from you.

    Hope you will be guys there (you and Alarox) to test "changes" on PTS this weekend.

    Maybe devs will get some sense back
  16. Alarox

    I plan on making a comparison video of two side to side clips for each weapon. Comparing live/test versions so people will really understand the difference in drop/lead.

    Of course, I plan on testing the stabilization and also laughing (and/or crying) over the absurdity of the reverse speed increases.
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  17. vanu123

  18. vanu123

    It confuses me why our 1 shot 1 kill saron was taken away without any imput or testing and it was turned into a spammy POS that no one wanted, only to be nerfed again.
  19. Klypto

    That's this thread. It's a parody set of patch notes.
  20. vanu123

    ok thanks I had a suspicion SOE would never do anything this nice for tankers.