Don't Worry, I Found the REAL Tank Patch Notes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klypto, Jun 13, 2014.

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    Personally I actually prefer the 6-shot saron (as long as they could revert the 2 shots to kill a non-flak infantry, 3 for flak5).
    People seem to forget the serious drawbacks to the old saron. Things like the fire delay and the abysmally low velocity.
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  2. Mystogan

    Yeach I will join and try to make a Video of new "range" with AP Titan. Becasue I think you will cover Enforcer "update", since it is your favourite weapon.

    Jesus.... after harasser "update" I thought I will never feel this kind of desperate "face palm" feeling..... What is going on here?
  3. Chubrokoli

    If such a thing happens, i get back my hope for the game and may play the game again like 1,5 years ago :D
  4. vanu123

    Yea it had its problems, but I oh so miss it. If they keep the 3 shot then the magazine size should be increased to 12 or 15 and/or severely tighten the cone of fire.
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    Keep the mag size down, it's an AV gun after all, not an AI gun. Reward well-aimed shots, not spam.
  6. vanu123

    Yea, it should still not take half a magazine to take out a single soldier.
  7. Klypto

    Do note that with the notes I posted, Infantry dumbfire rocket speed will probably have to be increased at some point to keep up with more mobile tanks and strafing magriders. Hopefully this will also increase their horribly abysmal range, which is a problem for new players who do not yet have access to lockons or "stronger" AV options.

    Faster dumbfires might impact Harassers, Liberators, Galaxies, ESF's as well as Infantry combat and should be discussed by the community.
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    Remember when the G2A launchers had a bugged velocity?
    That was a nice value, so could possible give them that.
  9. Lepht

    These notes clearly are real. Clearly. How, you ask, do I know that?

    Only the devs would forget they removed the strafe addition to max speed. Max speed is normalized to top speed, AND you have to re-accelerate to it :p
  10. Klypto

    Yeah I goofed that up and then fixed it later :(

  11. LLancaster

    I like these notes, I might actually be tempted to drive my Prowler again.

    Well done Klypto! ;)
  12. Raap

    Thanks for reassuring me by posting these much more legitimate patch notes. Those fake ones the developers posted, they trolled me good with those, the bastards.

    But no seriously, the past two years they did everything they could to move vehicles away from infantry, they even literally placed 10 meter high walls around every base to try and achieve this. Now on the PTR there is a patch that essentially tells us "NOPE, now YOU get into that base.".

    What happened SOE? Did all the developers that worked on the game the past few years get moved to a different project? Because this is some really inconsistent balancing.
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  13. biterwylie

    Finally! SOE gets it.
  14. Wezdor

    Maybe one day.... maybe one day...
  15. Aesir

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  17. Brenold

    faster dumbfires mean heavy assaults become rocket snipers
  18. Klypto

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    Who cares ...
  20. PastalavistaBB

    SOE does. That's where the whole "Rocket Primary" debate came from. As they said, they would like to buff Dumbfire Rockets against Tanks, but nerf it against Infantry, so it wouldn't OHK. Why I'm not surprised? Tanks OP, nerf moar, Higby pleaz...