Don't Worry, I Found the REAL Tank Patch Notes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klypto, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Paqu

    Yeah I have a strong feeling he just made it all up. Because these changes would be awesome. And for that reason alone it cant be true.

    Now going back to read the PTS notes...
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  2. Van Dax

    hop in the VR, I tried taking video but it didn't work. Strafing plus going forward actually slows you down and you gradually accelerate back upto normal speed(66).
    It hasn't worked as you suggest for like two years now.
  3. Sebastien

  4. Alarox

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  5. Sebastien

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  6. Jetlag

    I dont know who should get the most credit for this successful troll.
    SOE for posting a bat **** crazy patch log, or Klypto for posting a well thought out and reasoned patch log.
    Stop preying on tank pilots disillusionment and dissapointment please :(
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  7. Hajj Podge

    Now the Magrider really will be the worst MBT. Still waiting on those Liberator resistance nerfs, too.
  8. danielpxp

    And for the Liberator in the future patch notes:

    - Reverted all Composite Armor buffs (Now AP tanks, Decimator & Dalton can kill you again!)
    - Increased the Engine Sound (Falloff @ distance is also increased)
    - Reduced Shredders damage against MAX Units heavily and against Aircrafts slightly
    - Increased Vektor damage and Spur damage to come in line with the Tankbuster (They still have the range advantage! Tankbuster still busts tanks in point blank range)


    As you can see on your tankchange patchnotes, I wonder why SOE need to do these drastic changes, even if the feedback they get says it all. I like your Magrider buffs in the trade for the turret stab. on all tanks -> They are not SOE like mega buffs, just slight buffs and tweaks.. On all tanks.. Just SLIGHT buffs and tweaks..
    Just copy&paste this into PTS patchnotes and SOE won't have a problem with the community anymore.
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  9. BeyondNInja

    The RadarX-style comments were a nice touch, but I could tell it wasn't legit because there weren't any smart-alec comments about the Vulcan change.
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  10. BeyondNInja

    You forgot to fix the Duster.
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  11. Klypto

    Well that and there are a few flaws. I posted it pretty late last night.

    The Magrider actually reverses at 32 / Racer 36 / Rival 41 currently (made a typo copy-pasting it), I forgot to mention the lightning / Magrider HEAT would be increased from 200 to 230 as someone pointed out, and there is no info about the lightning reverse speed.
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  12. FaLI3N

    The biggest flaw being that most of these changes were reasonable and made sense.
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  13. Wargrim

    Hire Klypto. Fire that other dude who made the other patch version. :p
  14. danielpxp

    SOE says it is an AI weapon.. It is "future" balanced.. If it would kill Infantry as an AI weapon, people would complain that they get killed by the lib - Future balance xP
    Funny that the Zepher should get it allrounder stats back and not pure AI.. Finally after they nerfed it enough to make it only AI, they want to make it everything again.
  15. Halkesh

    Guys, do you think after 100+ like on Klypto's first post SOE will consider to change their mind about MBT patch ?
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  16. McToast


    Maybe, if the devs played their own game a bit more, they'd come up with changes like this on their own.
    I like it, but it seems to good and balanced to be implemented by SOE.
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  17. Botji

    Can someone bother to bring this to redit and twitter etc so someone like Mr Hair sees this?

    Perhaps they will realize that what Klypto just made up one late night is so much better than what the dev team made up in weeks/months, you cant even compare them.

    Klypto for tank dev 2014???
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  18. Klypto

    Well, there has to be a reason for the notes the devs made. "exciting and interesting tank game play" can be done many different ways, but I think they are doing it for the PS4.

    What I want to know is what issues are they trying to fix in tank gameplay for the PS4 version?
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  19. Posse

    It's funny because the Magrider would still have the worst main cannon by far
  20. Klypto

    I believe it was to prevent total domination of long range engagements. Not sure how it would work out with tanks moving and shooting now, which is probably why the difference was only reduced and not eliminated.