Dec 8, 2013
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    Damage type label
    Give tools to combat medic so they can do something else than just revive.

    How alert work for people that live in groto :
    To start an alert, you need 25k cortium + 41% territory
    You can see those on the map menu (keep your mouse on your faction "territory control" point, on the middle-top on the screen).

    Alert Reward :
    -Win (started the alert) : 300 ISO + decal cosmetic
    -Win (didn't started the alert) : 100 ISO
    -Lose (second place) : 100 ISO
    -Lose (third place) : 50 ISO

    Why I didn't get the (full) reward ?
    -If you've played less than half the alert, you won't get the cosmetic.
    -Your ISO reward is based on alert time played on the continent of the alert. If you play only half the alert, you only get half the ISO reward.
    -Changing continent / relog restart the your reward timer to 0. (if you played 40min of alert then relog, you will get around 10% of the reward).