Don't Worry, I Found the REAL Tank Patch Notes

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  1. Botji

    I am fairly convinced the reason for their changes are: little to no experience with the game itself. Also, insanity.

    These changes will if anything make it even harder to drive and hit tanks on the PS4, more moving tanks that you have to hit with crappy guns?

    On PC im sure we will be able to compensate fairly easily for the new velocity and drop but with a controller? not so sure...

    I still think they are insane!
  2. Jeralamo

    haha glad your not in charge.
    you didnt nerf Coyotes
    you didnt change to non-composite armored liberators resistance to tank shells and dumb fire rockets.
    you didnt remove the daltons splash damage
    you didnt shorten up all belly gun ammo reserves
    you didnt nerf the tank buster a decent amount. (you did buff the other 2 noseguns though, good job)
    you didnt nerf the air hammer vs liberators and slightly vs ESFs
    I bet I missed some too.
    all this, and yours, is just an opinion and I mean no offence :)
  3. Arkenbrien

    Klypto was talking about tanks, not liberators. Tanks are, you know, those slow-moving xp pineatas you see driving around on the ground, and liberators are those big flying things than fire big guns?


    @ Klypto - Don't believe it. It is too good to be true.
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  4. Jetlag

    Its quite simple really, console kids cant aim with controllers. This means precision adjutments cant be made for long range engagements.
    That is why SOE wants us to fight in close range.
  5. PastalavistaBB

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  6. WTSherman

    It actually kind of makes me wonder if my earlier prediction about them addressing the "render gap" by reducing all render ranges to 300m and nerfing the hell out of weapon ranges will end up being true...
  7. Rhaegal

    This makes me sad.
  8. Flashtirade

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  9. Klypto

    You were right. I forgot to include vector addition or speed-strafing as a factor, and this throws off all of the numbers of what I posted.

    I'm sorry, the Magrider does need to have it's Racer chassis reduced by 5 KPH and reverse speed to be 75% of it's forward speed like the other tanks instead of 85%. And unlike SOE I will fully explain why with a valid reason:

    The current Magrider moves forward at 50 KPH and strafes at 20 KPH. When you move in two vectors at the same time, it increases your speed slightly. You can read the basics about it here.

    A Magrider will be able to achieve about roughly 52-53 KPH as it's max speed. (2-3 KPH gain)

    Currently with Rival (50 KPH) your strafe speed goes up to about 27 KPH and allows the Magrider to achieve 56 KPH as it's max speed through strafing. (6 KPH gain)

    When you use Racer (65 KPH), it's less noticeable. At most your will probably achieve only 67-68 KPH. (2-3 KPH gain)

    So to list it simply:
    • Stock (50) -> 52 (2 KPH gain)
    • Racer (65) -> 67 (2 KPH gain)
    • Rival (50) - > 56 (6 KPH gain)
    Revers behaves somewhat similar.
    • Stock (32) -> 37 KPH (5 KPH gain)
    • Racer (36) -> 41 KPH (5 KPH gain)
    • Rival (41) - > 45 KPH (4 KPH gain)

    With the changes I proposed, the base Magrider strafe speed will be 27 KPH with being able to go up to 35 KPH with Rival. This makes a notable difference.

    The stock Magrider will be able to achieve in forwards movement:
    • Stock 50 -> 56 (6 KPH gain)
    • Racer 65 -> 70 (5 KPH gain)
    • Rival 50 -> 61 (11 KPH gain)
    In reverse:
    • Stock (43) -> 50 (7 KPH gain)
    • Racer (48) -> 55 (7 KPH gain)
    • Rival (50) -> 61 (11 KPH gain)
    This is a bit too much on Racer's part, as 70 KPH is something that is supposed to be for the Prowler. If racer was brought down 5 KPH, it will mostly level out with the other tank speeds. (Rival may still be a problem, but I'm ok with it I guess?)

    There is a reason why the Magrider's forward movement speed is less than other tanks. The importance of it was mostly lost since they nerfed the strafe speed a long time ago, but if we want to buff it back up, those parts have to factor in again.

    In review:
    • Magrider Racer speed reduced from 65 to 60
    • Magrider strafe speed increased to 27 KPH
    • Magrider Rival strafe speed increased to 35 KPH
    • Magrider Reverse speed increased from 32 KPH to 37 KPH (45KPH)
    • Magrider Racer Reverse speed increased from 36 KPH to 45 KPH (52KPH)
    • Magrider Rival Reverse speed increased from 41 KPH to 50 KPH (61 KPH)
    Combat ranges on all weapons, including infantry weapons have been constantly reduced since Beta.

    Tanks use to have 4x zoom. Most infantry guns use to actually have decent killing range and accuracy.
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  10. Posse

    I still don't understand why the Mag's main cannon can't do the same DPS and velocity as the Vanguard's if now they'll both be stabilized, that's just stupid. It's not like we would be able to win a straight 1v1 against the Vanguard with his ridiculously OP ability (at least compared to the crap we have for an ability) and his higher default EHP (even without the shield)
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  11. Klypto

    I wanted the cannon to have less gravity if none at all, but apparently that's not interesting enough for Magrider pilots.

    I can't just come up with higher DPS to counter other empires ESA's up close and then make it hard to hit the tank at long range. If anything the velocity would be equal to the Prowler's, but I'm not sure what all the factors are for making the Prowler have higher velocity than the Magrider since I don't use either of the two against each other regularly.

    Also, high damage and power is supposed to be a NC trait, but DPS goes to the Prowler.
  12. GaBeRock

    Not quite. High alpha damage, low sustained is supposed to be the NC trait. The only place NC have flatly better DPS is in the air, and that's a fair tradeoff for having the worst hitbox, less bullet speed than VS, and less sustained damage than TR. ESF noseguns are one of the few things in the game mostly balanced against each other that actually hold faction flavour (with the exception of the mossie rotary, which only needs 5 more rounds stock to be balanced.)
  13. NDroid

    It's worth noting that Magriders can almost never actually use that extra speed in combat. It's fine for traveling from place to place but during a fight you don't have the time to fully accelerate and align your shot due to the hull mounted turret and the awkward angle you would need to put yourself in to gain that speed boost.
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  14. Klypto

    This is why the Enforcer change from a high powered rocket to basically a fracture max arm confused the crackers out of me. That seemed a lot more like a TR weapon than a NC one. Maybe if it did have quarter of the the mag size, a quarter of the fire rate and 4x the damage like a medium-type cannon it would make more sense.
  15. WTSherman

    Well since SOE apparently decided that wire-guidance was also an "NC thing" to go with shotguns (ie Phoenix, Ravens), it'd be kind of interesting if the Enforcer was an ATGM like the TOW. It would still be different from the Halberd because the Halberd isn't guided.

    Though I could only imagine the QQ that would ensue if we basically had a tank-mounted MANA AV. Though unlike the MANA AV the Vanguard would still render, would have limited ammo, and would have something like a 4-5 second reload.
  16. Klypto

    It use to be. They decided that wasn't interesting either, along with having it a lockon rocket launcher or a launcher with no drop.
  17. Hoki

    Interesting, I thought they were going to normalize based on 200..
  18. Frozen-K

    It was in the beta, but they nerfed it because vanguard drivers would find places to camp out, switch to the secondary, and go nuts on things. Kind of like how the initial release of the phoenix was.
  19. Hoki

    Which is funny cause VS is the no bullet drop realm.
    The real no bullet drop AV weapons are all guided.
  20. Jeralamo

    I was replying to danielpxp's comment not Klypto's. you know replying to someones comment that isnt the OPs?