Don't Worry, I Found the REAL Tank Patch Notes

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  1. Slandebande

    Why doesn't SoE just reduce the damage dealt by dumbfires while tweaking the resistance of tanks towards them? :p This isn't rocket-science, and sometimes I truly wonder how hard it could be (at least if SoE had people with specialized knowledge of the various areas of the game, instead of "Hey, you are a Dev, fix this!")

    Note, this post isn't aimed at you of course, just used your post as something to answer :p
  2. Ransurian

    A reverse speed increase would definitely be the most beneficial buff to tanks out of any hypothetical changes, turret stabilization notwithstanding. A high reverse speed would dramatically increase a tank's overall survivability.
  3. Alarox

    Against other tanks as well, which is the problem. You have to slam your face into your enemy's if you want to kill them, which reduces tank warfare into a simplistic mini-game.

    Many times during the tank event on PTS I found myself able to reverse at full speed out of situations I would most certainly have died otherwise. Situations I should NOT have survived. The only times I lost my tank were 3v1s (and even then I had times where I could easily get away).

    Plus, you should have seen strafing. I was practicing it quite a bit before the event, and during the event anyone who was strafing ended up as untouchable passed 200m.

    Tanks do not need this buff. Some reverse speed increases? Sure. Drastic reverse speed increases like on PTS? Most certainly not.
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  4. FourTwoFour

    It will hurt the Prowler the most. Have fun finishing targets off at range. I'd just shield up with and reverse into cover (with my Vanguard)

    Reverse speed + velocity/gravity nerf. What a bad idea. If anything, you should buff the velocity if you add those reverse changes.
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  5. Alarox

  6. Jake the Dog

    Its funny you know how no one complains about a buff to tanks. But if you try to buff anything else the forums explode into an inferno, too bad planetside devs focus on the wrong stuff. ALSO wtf do yall mean controllers cant pull off a longshot thay craps easy
  7. Flag

    Actually, I'm against a general buff to Tank velocities.
    I'm in favour of making it more even across the board so they'd all end up at what the Prowler had before the nerf (225 for heat, 250 for AP).

    Sure, now it would be a buff but that wasn't the case the first time I aired the idea.
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  8. Jake the Dog

    I would personally like realistic velocities. For infantry weapons and tanks weapons
  9. PastalavistaBB

    For that to happen the render distance both for Infantry and Vehicles had to be increased drastically. No PC could handle that.
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  10. Flag

    The only thing that would do is push engagement ranges out, and that's just boring.
    Not to mention the rendering issue PastalavistaBB mentions.
    Also, the maps would suddenly be very small, as tanks (as an example) in RL engage at several kilometres.

    Yeah no. All things considered, making bullet velocities "realistic" would make the game worse.
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  11. Jake the Dog

    I would like to disagree. Given how it doesn't stop people with tanks. I've driven vanguards and prowlers (I have a thing against vanu tbh) and its never stopped me from taking things out at render range. I just feel its ridiculous.

    As for infantry combat. That is how it should be. CQC shouldn't be what all the infantry combat is. I don't want Rust from COD I joined planetside for epic fights over huge fields of battle. Im also not saying make them pinpoint accurate but i would like to see a tighter cone of fire or increase of velocity instead of the current state. Besides I run this game on a $550 dell laptop. I know all about render issues. I've had people appear in front of me in CQC filling my face full of lead/lazor. If anything it would just increase the variation of battle allowing new ways to play the game. but thats my 2cents and the devs don't read this so this post is prrrreeeetttty much a waste of time.
  12. Flag

    I'm not 100% sure about what you're trying to say here...
    But anyway.

    If the velocities were increased (to realistic levels) the only metrics that matter for tanks would be relative damage output (damage-health ratio).
    That's it.

    How in the blazes is that better gameplay?

    And that bit about infantry? Couldn't care less, this is the vehicle sub forum.
  13. Jake the Dog

    My friend because as someone whos job is to know how shells fly, it irks me. Just like unrealistic movies about the military make me want to bash my head into a wall... or how the protagonist in every horror does the stupidest possible stuff.
  14. Flag

    Gameplay > realism.
  15. Jake the Dog

    Im not asking for total realism or i wouldnt play the game i do not believe it would be detrimental to gameplay imho it would male infantry combat more intense and more fun cqc would be virtually unchanged. I would prefer the velocities from beta... actually there was alot of really cool stuff from beta i want... and some i dont
  16. Flag

    If anything, because every AV hit = damage there's enough of a reason to keep things as it is right now. However, if there was a way to bounce shots (like World of Tanks) then it would be a different matter. But that's not how PS2 works, and as such low velocities on tank guns etc is the better solution.