Don't Worry, I Found the REAL Tank Patch Notes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klypto, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Van Dax

    vector addition was removed a long time ago, check the ingame speedometer and it'll show that to be true.
    w+a/d caps out at normal top speed. As soon as you press a strafe key it drops your forward speed down and you slowly build horizontal speed until your gauge reads 66.
  2. Klypto

    I did before making the revision post. I went and did the math for vector addition first, and then tested it out in the VR & warpgates. The numbers match perfectly (within >1 KPH).

    Vector addition is still in the game.

    Of course I can't test Racer with 27 KPH strafe or Rival with 35 KPH since they aren't real, but the math will work out to be the same.
  3. RemusVentanus

    If only... But way too much sense in your version so it sadly will not happen.

    SOE will only stop nerfing tanks once they shot as far as a person can spit (ofc it will take at least 4 direct hits no matter what cannon is used to kill 1 infantry guy) and will be one shot by any AV in game. Ofc with such incredible/unfathomable power comes an increase in resource cost to like 600 or 700 and while at it liberators will get the resource cost cut down to like 200 everything else would be totally nonsensical for such an UP flying fortress :rolleyes:
  4. VHobel

    Another example of how the devs fail hardcore because they don't play their own game and a player who knows what he is talking about because he actually does play the game. Will SOE EVER listen to their EXPERIENCED community?
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  5. FBVanu

    Well, not to disappoint you, or make anyone cry... but, as we have seen, ... .uh, how do I say this.. ah, what da heck..

    NO!.. apparently, no, not now, not ever, not going to happen,

    sorry to disappoint.
  6. Aesir

    Even if RadarX or any body else from SOE would post this as the future patch notes ...

    I just would not believe it ... to good to be true. Yes sensible changes out of SOE are to good to be true ...

    In the meantime ... the future of tank warfare ...

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  7. Halon

    I once heard that the races in starcraft (2) performed differently balance wise depending on real world geography. Terran might be dominant on one continent, but lacking in another. It's an interesting concept at least.

    More relevant is that console controllers will never be on par with mouse and keyboard. It will be interesting to see how the game shifts to accommodate both platforms at the same time. I doubt they will have two versions of ballistic tables etc.

    Maybe we'll have to mark "We can't balance based on platform." together with Higby's "We can't balance around top players."

    Majority rules. For better or worse.
  8. Klypto

    I use to drive tanks on the console. I player Battlefield 2 Modern Combat for hundreds of hours driving tanks. It wasn't pointer precision, but it worked out pretty well.

    I just can't imagine what issues they would have.
  9. Halon

    Sign me up for less drop on my AP mag.

    Also, where in the F is the horizon indicator for tanks? It's not like it's been coded for aircraft since launch...
  10. Halon

    I guess we can thank PS2 on PS4 for turret stabilization. I wonder how long it would have taken otherwise.

    If it brings half the quality of life changes PC players have asked for since launch it would be awesome.
  11. EnsignPistol

    Gosh darnit, Klypto. Making me log in just to like a set of ideas that would get me hyped for properly certing my Vanguard (And from the looks of it you're doing a great job farming those likes). About the only thing I'd add would be a shift in gunner weapon effective ranges (particularly anti-infantry weapons) to have better ability to pick off infantry targets at range. Perhaps I'd feel more comfortable about creeping my tank into the infantry AV hornet's nest if I could count on something other than my main gun to hit any of them with as I make the approach. I actually liked the Kobalt on the Vanguard for the little bit I used it, but it still felt like I got outranged by a number of infantry threats that it's supposed to be good at taking out.

    I mean, the whole concept behind tanks was to provide an armored gun platform to clear a path through the no man's land of infantry swarms and machine gun emplacements, but Planetside sure does a good job making it feel like they've painted big targets on vehicles that aren't Liberators. Or making vehicles that can't fly in general feel useless once they've hit the giant walls around whatever base have you.
  12. Flag

    With all the other suggested changes, I'd rather they skipped the patch altogether.
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  13. Bindlestiff

    If only mate, if only.
  14. CNR4806


    A reasonable tank patch? You think I'm stupid enough to believe that?
  15. Arkenbrien

    Sorry, here be tankers. Infantry crybabies pros/anti tankers go somewhere else.
  16. Klypto

    I think his statement was more on whether or not it was real.
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  17. Hoki

    This is literally every vanguard encounter in gif format. **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
  18. ShureShot

    While obviously better than the real (pts) patch notes, the numbers for the Magrider seem a bit weird. 'Mobility' is supposed to be the Magriders trait.

    It (relatively) loses a lot of that when the other tanks get turret stabilization.

    It's already the only tank that can't look behind when reversing (adding freelook would help so much).

    And with the numbers you suggest, it will also reverse the slowest:

    - V: 41-49-55 (bonus:14)
    - P: 45-53-60 (bonus:15)
    - M: 43-48-50 (bonus:7)

    I just don't see why a heavier tank that already has an advantage in reversing by being able to look behind, should get a 14-15 kph bonus from rival, and the 'highly mobile hovertank' only 7. At least give the Magrider something for losing its one big advantage of being better at shooting on the move, it's now the low dps, low armor, low velocity, low inclination, blind AND slow reversing tank? Hill climbing, proper strafing, hovering over obstacles and good old afterburn jumping fun already went out the window long ago.The only 'trait' left is that it is the best at flipping.
  19. Alarox

    The Magrider can strafe in all directions. Can you imagine if a Magrider could move at 60KPH in all directions and freely change them? It would be absolute insanity.

    The Magrider needs a strafe buff to compensate for what the other MBTs are getting, but you need to keep in mind that the Magrider has omni-directional movement, which is entirely different from linear strafing.
  20. Flag

    True, but without good acceleration omni-directional movement isn't even getting close to touching upon it's potential.

    (No, I still don't support an omni-burner)