Connery/Indar is broken

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  1. rickampf

    Its hard to balance Quantity x Quality.
  2. Borderline

    Again, you are blaming the outfit simply because we are large. Yes, there were likely 666 in the area. Does that mean they crashed it? No. I remember that same stretch of time we suspected that the TR would crash a hex if we showed up in force. Of course, we didn't have any proof of that. The devs have since banned, or at least temp banned, anyone that had a record of using that exploit.

    Also, please speak for yourself. We have not "lost all respect on connery". We have good report with many of the larger outfits, TRG especially. Today we had a joint op with Azure Twilight, where we rolled VS characters on Matherson. It was a ton of fun. A few weeks ago they did a similar event on Connery. We may have lost your respect, but I can only say that is because you have made your decision based on bad information and confirmation bias. Why don't you get the VEXX leadership in contact with ours, maybe we can do something similar with you guys and you can see how we really operate.

    From what I've seen, the CCG guys are in the same boat as the Devil Dogs. People judge them without seeing how they really operate. I for one am glad to have them with us, along with many of the other NC outfits.
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  3. Armored Gorilla

    The hex crash exploit would crash EVERYONE, not just 1 faction. There were many times where we attacked a Biolab and we ALL crashed out. Its hard to believe we would do that to ourselves
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  4. Garlock01

    *sigh* Well I guess the 666th will take the moral high ground on this. We have not bashed any outfit or trolled anyone... I was told this forum is filled with trolls and whiners and alas... I have to agree based on what I have read here... to be blunt... If you are VS and TR we as an outfit don't care if you hate us... you should hate us (in game) because we fight each other constantly. Hackers and exploiters?? come on folks, we experienced the same thing as you guys did but did we whine about it..nope. As a commander I broadcasted.. reload and carry on. Hackers? report them... your arguments are weak, generalized and trivial... I wish I could track all the people in my outfit like most of you can... having 24 guys is easy to track.

    BTW CCG congrats on your 1000th member and congrats on your continued success... people will be whining about you soon... ;)
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  5. Armored Gorilla

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  6. Richy33

    To break this "666 is so noobish! They is alwayz zergin'!" attitude many have, I watched a few hundred TR infantry charge out of Quartz Ridge yesterday. THAT is a zerg in the first degree.

    Also, thanks for all the kills you infantry zergers! I loved all the certs I got and I am sure the platoon I was with did too! :D
  7. rumblepit

    lol i know you guys are in good with the vs they have to help you all the time on connery. keep up the good work girls :)

    as for the ever increasing amount of hackers in the 666 and ccg we will continue to report them , youll see our handy work when you login to find members missing on the roster.
  8. forkyar

  9. PirateTinman

  10. HawkBlade062

    I loved those certs Richy :)
  11. Westy543

    That's called target practice. :D
  12. Pengalor

    Until you can provide irrefutable proof for these claims you are just blowing smoke.

    Same to you. I see plenty of people making claims about the actions of our outfit but conveniently haven't seen a single shred of proof. Without any kind of evidence or proof your claims are meaningless.

    Believe me, we tried : /. Not sure about the other squads but my squad attempted to bring a full Gal in, we made it about 15 seconds in the air near the base before the aa turrets and Maxes brought us down : (.
  13. Tenzin


    If Connery were full/very populated it simply wouldn't be possible to have 50% population on one continent. It would cap out at 33% for each faction.
  14. Whalenator

    I swear, the KIDS these days.
  15. Wombat

    Joining up with the Devil Dogs completely changed this game for me. The sheer scale of the operations, teamwork, coordination and comradery in the 666th blew my mind. Anyone that thinks we're just a zerg simply has no idea what they're talking about. Think I'm full of ****? Roll an NC character and apply for our outfit, if you're over 18 and are genuine in your application, you'll likely get an invite same or next day. We're not elistists, we don't care if your K/D is 2.0 or 0.2, if you're here to have fun and can respect our code of conduct, we have a place for you.

    Yea, you see 666 tags everywhere you go on Connery. There is a reason for that, people have fun when playing with the 666. It's not just a squad or a platoon working together. It's multiple platoons of infantry, armor and air power all working together, laughing together, drinking together. To top it off, there is a large contingent of prior and currently serving military men and women in the 666th. We use modified infantry, armor and air tactics, as well as tactical radio communication to coordinate assaults over the *entire* NC front line. I think a lot of people miss that point when bashing the 666th. Yea you might be getting hit by the 666th at TI Alloy, but we're also pushing west highlands and Hvar, Rashnu and palisades. We're coordinating with CCG, NCGE, HT, X and countless other great NC outfits over /orders, or leader chat, even in our own TS channels. We're staging events with TRG or AT. We have warpgate races, galaxy destruction derbies, Max crashes and knife fights. We hold training on every aspect of playing planetside 2 on a weekly basis. We do weekly give aways. We play other games with each other, Starcraft, Battlefield, Borderlands, Sins of a Solar Empire, Smite, LoL, etc.

    Those are some reasons why I love being part of the 666th. Can you say the same for your outfit?
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  16. SE7ENofN9NE

    mmmmmm. the tears of our fallen enemies has entertained me once again with this troll thread. these guys have no idea what they are talking about, they simply see the numbers and cry. and i love it. qq more while we sit by your warpgate on a daily basis. they don't see the different squads/platoons operating in different areas, achieving different goals, not through numbers, but through tactics. they see 24 nc roll up with DevilDog tags and take a base so quickly there wasn't time to ring the alarm, but they didn't see the sweep and clear tactics we used to do it with. They see the lesser-skilled member get killed by them a few times, so called the noob outfit, but they didn't see the better-skilled member that took out half their squad without being seen. We have pros and noobs, and we don't care. we aren't a 'noob' outfit, we have all skill levels. this is a game, and not even an e-sport (yet) so no one cares anyways.
    oh yeah, keep yapping like lil girls because we haven't capped indar yet since the wg change. because obviously the updates only changed the warpgate positions, and didn't make every single base more defendable. didn't give your tanks very nice damage buffs. it was ONLY a wg rotation patch.. oh wait....
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  17. Zazwon

    Heh 666 sorry this Forum post turned into a flame war over your outfit, my posts on page one were just poking a little fun. When i saw what happened 5 pages down the line, i literally said WOW. My outfits at almost 200 members so i know how it is to be called a zerg.
    I appreciate your numbers on the battlefield, keep up the good work on connery.
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  18. Wombat

    Quick shout out to TRG, TXR, TPLR, Op4 and the other enemy outfits on Connery. You guys bring it hard, and we know we're in for a fight when we see you on the field. Organized outfits make this game truly epic.
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  19. NyaR

    Here's a video of 666 not zerging (multiple galaxies liberators and reavers over undefended location seemingly afk) and actively looking for a fight (afk hovering over undefended location).

    Seems like you are deluded in internal outfit propaganda. TR has never given up indar, we held it for months without challenge, and held it under challenge - pushed back to warpgate, for almost a week.
  20. Armored Gorilla

    All this video shows is you, hitting the ground and almost dying trying to kill one guy, then hiding in your warpgate running from Reavers and trying to scavenge infantry kills. It should be named 1 rocket pod farmer vs infantry, you didn't even try to engage the Libs/Reavers, you just tried to snipe them with your A2G rockets. Smart

    Also, is this like your prized possession? You use this video every time there is a discussion about the 666th. You even spam our outfits recruiting forum with it (Hard on much?) before all your posts got deleted.