Connery/Indar is broken

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  1. Westy543

    Gonna echo in here with Garlock01. I run with the Devil Dogs often, they are a great group of people to play with. I like to roll with armor and we get great synergy with our infantry teams. There are times when we (lo and behold) are outnumbered or need to regroup. Y'know, maybe they aren't made up of the best NC on Connery, and we don't claim that either. We claim to be a powerful force and that's what we are. The difference between having 24 NC at a hex and 24 NC at a hex in one platoon is that those two squads all have the same idea. That's what I love about the 666, that level of "on board"ness you get when playing with them.

    I have a lot of fun in armor engaging with enemy armor and air groups. I can often hop in with our infantry, air, or other squads and they'll take you under their wing (in the case of air, literally) and teach you how to play with them and how they run. A lot of the time it'll just be a squad of you guys rolling around. With coordination you can be really effective. Overall I have a blast playing in the Devil Dogs. I tend to play in the evening and not during Ops hours, so take that as you will. Great crowd. We wouldn't be the presence on Connery that we are without outfits like NCGE, X, HT, SMF, CCG, NOVA, ODIN, SMF, LOTD, PG, and some others.

    FREEDOM is our FUTURE!!
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  2. zizeff

    Last nights fight was fun as hell it was one of the best tooth and nail fights that ive seen in a wile as to bashing 666 why lol who cares if they have numbers it just means its a target rich environment they gave us a good challenge and we knocked them back props to 666 for the good fight.
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  3. ZoeAlleyne

    The problem with the 666th is the fact that they are notorious teamkillers. To'd as NC on connery? Chances are its a devil dog. Mana turrets blocking a door or vehicle pad? Probably 666. I cant count the number of times I have been teamkilled in my deployed sundie so 666 can roll up and deploy theirs. Massive zerg with no respect.
  4. Zhul

    I've been running with the Shadow squad in 666 since I joined, and they're a great bunch of folks (for "quiet-killing sneaks" ;)). Being an infiltrator is so much more than trying to snipe on a ridge somewhere, and training with them really opened up the game for my favorite class. Like Garlock said, we're not concerned with K/D, we want to get the job done through coordination and teamwork. That's not just with the 666th, that's with all the NC outfits.

    As for the claim that we bail/deconstruct air & vehicles... that's pretty funny since I see a lot of the TR and VS doing this when I'm shooting them with rockets as a heavy on the front lines. I don't do this myself and I haven't seen any of my squad-mates do it. But we have over 2000 members, so I don't know everyone.

    As for the teabagging comment, I have NEVER seen a Devil Dog do this. However, with an outfit this size we're bound to have a few rule-breakers - so if we're not told about it they will get away with it. We have strict policies about sportsmanship (because this is a game after all) so you need to get in contact with us with your proof and we will discipline the offender.

    Rule 1 of our Code of Conduct:
    Being a part of an organized force that still knows how to have fun is what keeps me playing. Joining the 666th was the best decision I made in this game.
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  5. TTex11

    If you're going to claim this sort of behavior happens with 666 then you need to provide some proof of it rather than just saying so. No teamkilling is one of the biggest rules Devil Dogs are reminded of on a regular basis. We are, in fact, instructed not to even retaliate when we're teamkilled first. Even when stray bullets accidentally kill friendlies (which happens to everyone now and then in the middle of a furious fire fight) we generally try our best to at least whisper a 'sorry' or something to that effect to the person who got splutched.

    So if you're getting teamkilled or maliciously treated by someone in the devil dogs then you need to, as Zhul said, get in contact with someone there and show what you've got. Believe me, there's a 'zero tolerance' policy with the higher ups for a lot of that kind of behavior, but they're not psychic and they can't be everywhere at once with a 2000 member outfit, so they need information with appropriate evidence brought to them to act on something.
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  6. Dreadnaught Wrex

    See what I hate on connery is it seems that the VS would rather attack us TR when we push north than push north themselves. Dont know why the VS hate us so much.
  7. Thorindar

    Meh, the 666th is the "zerg" outfit on Connery. They always push us back to the warpgate but they can never cap us. And once the TR outfits log on we push them right back. They rely on their massive numbers to do much of anything, just yesterday they locked down the Canyon leading out of West Highlands with at least 2 platoons. They did not even attack the outpost of course, they just sat on the hill west of Seabed and farmed TR with lock on launchers until they got bored it seemed like.

    I did laugh when a 666th armor column coming to counter attack our push NW was destroyed within seconds though.

    Also a shout out to those VS/NC who fought us at The Stronghold yesterday, well done, that was quite a fight!
  8. FCBLiebe

    666 aren't the strongest, they're just the biggest. They send 14 Galaxies 6 Sundies and an armour column to a small base. So don't say their the strongest, just the biggest.

    And the NC still can't seem to cap it anyway ;)
  9. Drebyn

    "Zerg" outfit? So the TR/VS doesn't ever zerg? Please each outfit has a Zerg, the reason why your outfit doesn't is because it probably consists of 50 players. It's going to be called a Zerg if 2 of our team speak platoons take a warp gate. BTW CCG reinforced the 666 and manage to hold back the vs!!

    Congrats NC, andtrvs, for Indar certs
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  10. NyaR

    666 can zerg, they cannot tactics. Figured you would be a traitor, Goden, whats your NC name?
  11. DarkVoidBoy

    I think 666 get tagged as zerging because when they show up in numbers, it becomes a hot spot and then all the pubbies show up, too. In my experience, every single time we've arrived at our assigned AO and find out there's a swarm of blue already there, we all groan. Most times, we figure out where the zerg is heading next so we can peel off from it.

    Similarly, if we're talking about trying to finish up the last hex or 2 to warpgate a faction, then OF COURSE there's a bunch of 666 representation--those are the only spots left to fight for, after all.

    I'm also so used to being out-populated by TR that I expect it now. I was surprised this week that NC had that advantage several times. VS, though, seem to be low pop on Connery overall--sometimes lowest on all 3 continents simultaneously. We were actually talking in outfit about hoping that would change after the event-that-shall-not-be-named, since the Vanu "won" and the main event was on our server. (If that's not a draw for recruiting, I really don't know what is...)

    Anyway, I'd just ask people to check their assumptions. We do large Ops, and we often coordinate with other NC outfits. But if we focused on zerging, people simply wouldn't stick around. Being in the zerg isn't fun after the first "WTF is going on?" time, and you don't need to be in an outfit to do it.

    We do have a Code of Conduct, and it's taken seriously. It's in the application, it's the first thing covered during the interviews, and it's reinforced constantly. Please report violators for your sake and ours.
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  12. BigMacDeez

    Ah yes, the 666. I always love killing those guys, it just seems so right. They definitely aren't the best outfit by a long shot, just the numbers they put out is what makes them successful.

    And their "Code of Conduct" is hardly enforced. Every one of my experiences with them has been less than cordial.
  13. Zeekez

    You're TR, we generally find killing TR acceptable.
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  14. hellaskan

    I've never had a problem fighting against the 666 zerg (as TR).. they are often very uncoordinated, use mostly numbers and have a "straight ahead attack" approach that is easily beaten. In fact.. I'd say more often that not, the TR side beats them back using better gameplay vs sheer numbers.
    This is during the hours of 6-10pm MST most nights. OP didn't get a true picture of Connery at prime hours.

    I've seen two TR outfits that i can recall that rolled the 666 zerg. One was a name .. like a short 3-4 letter name, and the other had something like DXV or whatever. Both were very well coordinated and had superior tactics by far. When either of those two outfits come around, people latch on to them and roll to victor more often than not

    Code of Conduct is enforced constantly. I am a division XO and I and the other Officers are always making sure our guys show respect to other players. We have the most dedicated Officer Corp of any outfit I have ever been involved with. Every time we roll a Platoon out we have several Officers in the operation and they activly enforce the Code of Conduct. We also have Officers on almost 24/7 due to our number of Officers and the various time zones we live in.

    As for us being a "Zerg" ? If fielding on average 100 players and 250-300 during major Ops in a coordinated effort of Air ,Armor, multiple Infantry Platoons and two types of Special Operations units under the leadership of a top notch Officer Corp makes us a formidable fighting force of organized and well trained fighters then is that not the complete opposite of a Zerg ? Zergs are unorganized masses and we are anything but unorganized.

    We spend hours training and practicing and coming up with new tactics and if our enemies can't evolve and learn a good way to counter our tactics then they resort to calling us a Zerg. Come check us out yourself and see what we are all about. Judge for yourself instead of listening to the foes we have vanquished.
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  16. ToggleSwitch

    It's what you stand for....
  17. DarkVoidBoy

    This comes across as 100% trolling, just in case you care.
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  18. LahLahSr

    Why all this imaginary hostility towards any other faction? Each faction is the same - it has it's share of fine representatives and it's share of players we'd all like to forget.

    Enjoying PS2 requires a functional symbiosis - everyone suffers if one faction is too numerically dominant. (Let's not even consider "skill" here - no one faction is noticeably more skilled on average, than any other.) What's the fun in going through all the organizational hassle if sheer numbers alone will decide the outcome anyway. We've all tried to be part of a large group and roll over a numerically inferior defense force - I don't know about you all, but I have better things to do with my precious game-time.

    Conversely, what's the fun in optimized organization of a numerically very inferior group? "Organization" is a force multiplier for sure, but it will not make up for a 2-1 or 3-1 numerical inferiority. It may delay the inevitable, sure - but not overcome it.

    In short: It's in everyone's interest to have three - roughly equal - sized population. We should turn our attention to SOE and be more insistent on a solution by which the ratios between factions is kept with a variance of say 10%.
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  19. Dreadnaught Wrex

    So VS completely ignore the bigger threats just based on in game fluff? Seems rather stupid.
  20. RovingDeath

    Good day Forumside 2. I just thought I'd chime in and share my thoughts on the 666, and how much I enjoy this outfit.

    I never ran with a huge outfit in PS1. I was part of Aries Division (TR) and briefly with Blue Lions (NC) toward the end of the game's life. When I was with these outfits, we never fielded more than a platoon or two. In PS2, I decided I wanted something bigger. When servers went live, I quickly noticed 666 tags all over the place, and when I learned they were the Devil Dogs I absolutely had to join, being a Devil Dog in real life.

    So I asked around and was directed to the 666 site,, and hit up the forums to apply. They require that players read and acknowledge the Code of Conduct, and each application is reviewed and, barring something major, approved by one of the officers. It became clear to me during this process that this is NOT an exclusive group. The 666th are an open group. They accept players of all skill and experience levels. In fact, the numbers are now well over 2,000.

    After my application was stamped approved, I logged into TS3 for the first time and was greeted by ProfessorMeowington for my interview, where we talked about what I like to do in game and where I might fit within the outfit. We discussed each division and he suggested I join the RRT. I asked, what is an RRT? Rapid Response Team. I thought that sounded like QRF (Quick Reaction Force) which sounded like my cup of tea. So I hopped on their TS channel and jumped in game. I was greeted by some very cool, friendly people who welcomed me immediately, and seemed to approve of my pouring another drink before getting in the Galaxy (they weren't in a major hurry at the time). I had found a new home.

    You might consider what the RRT does as "ghost capping" and if you never respond to us, you might be right. But if you come to resecure, you will find a squad of capable warriors waiting to fight back. We will fight tooth and nail, often against overwhelming odds, until we are pushed out or the enemy gives up. Usually, we wind up drawing an enemy force twice our size with full complements of air and armor, and get rolled. This is our job, you see. But for some reason, WE are the ones called the zerg. I laugh at this hypocrisy. When our mission is accomplished, we redeploy and go on our next objective. We are a fast moving, hard hitting, small unit that's at the complete beck and call of command. When we receive an order, we follow it immediately, no matter the circumstances.

    In a group of over 2,000 people, you are bound to run into a few tools. Unfortunately, the screening isn't perfect. And not everyone in the outfit runs with ops. We do not forbid people from soloing or running with pubs. This is not an elitist group. The first objective is fun, because it's a GAME. I'm going to say it again. THIS. IS. A. GAME. Sadly, the internet gives trolls and jerks an open forum to go around and trash talk with impunity. They will say things online they wouldn't dare say to a person face to face, unless they want their face rearranged. I am appalled by the sweeping generalizations I see in this forum. If you have a problem with a 666th member, take it up with command. If your complaint is legitimate, it will be heard. But anonymously trash talking a large group of people you don't even know? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    At the UES in Los Angeles earlier this year, eight of us Devil Dogs were on the NC team. We got to meet all sorts of cool people, and we all got along quite well. Azure Twilight and Black Widow Company had some really cool dudes with them, and we enjoyed drinking and BSing together. We even kidnapped Whisenhunt, Danicia and the cute redhead who runs the wiki (sorry I forgot your name but you're adorable) and went to BJ's the night before UES for mass amounts of alcohol. The ladies had to go join the dev team when we got there, but we were determined to have Whisenhunt hung over like the rest of us (dirty TR lol) at the UES the next day.
    This is the kind of camaraderie I like to see in a game. We are all there to have fun together, even if we are on opposite sides.

    To my honored opponents: I look forward to facing you again in glorious battle. To our detractors: I suggest you find a new outlook on life and gain a little maturity. To my fellow Devil Dogs: Keep up the good fight, don't feed the trolls, and Cry, HAVOC! And let slip the dogs of war.
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